bias is the abomination of a god
what is the outcome of the dark taboo invoked

taboo - is an imaginary dividing line or sacred box designed to divert the normal analytical flow of human intelligence into the controlled tributaries which are most beneficial to the taboee

taboos were primarily practised in primitive cultures to induce a favourable climate for agricultural or warlike actions - sticking pins into the forms of taboo-victims is a favourite form of voodooism - it has great psychological advantages and offers excellent cover for the tabooee (s)

virginal sacrifices tossed into volcanic fires is the classic expression of taboo - the first fruit of each nation

taboos are used primarily for intimidation - they are technical extensions of the primal ape in its dominant male stance - they originated by the placement of oversize stone images placed in keyplanetary positions apparently by alien or extra-terrestrial intelligence skilled in astronomical observation and intergalactic travel

the u.s.a. $1.00 bill is a subliminal extension of the original exobiological symbol and the sphinx which beside the pyramid is a declaration of intent to return for harvest

the implication on the USA $1.00 bill is that the tabooee is benevolent - in actual fact the tabooee (or tabooee's, for it is probable that the invasion was made by a federation of forces in multiple locations) has conquered the earth - by bestowing a false value system using sea shells beach stones locally mined minerals such as the abundant supplies of gold and silver - the invaders succeeded in causing the local inhabitants to work in quantum ferocity to develop an atmospheric envelope most suited to alien ecologistics and most detrimental to the isle of man by the technique of limessence ie. using the taste buds like categories to cause excessive sugar fat chemically treated meat eggs along with highly refined natural chemical substances to promote an illusion of benevolence in the pepsi generation and to reward its goats - this, along with the introduction of non-food diets and the systematic stripping of arable land and elimination of global species considered valueless to the invaders

taboo utilizes vanity (basic narcissism) to capture the tribal imagination and allegiance - primarily by the waving of palm leaves or other flag leaf symbols denoting superiority - polished stones medallions crests are given as rewards to the most faithful tabooees - fish bladders and crossed sticks are among the most popular tabooetics, as an effective evaluation of tabooetics will verify - solar and phallic ceremonials were taught as a timeless reinforcement of the omnipotence of the tabooee - categorical stratification of captives into an inviolable hierarchal structure known as the pyramid technique skewered labour to management and executive directorship of monarch-priests and secret orders of society

taboo justifies the bypassing of all normal moral ethical and axial verities which are the human birthright - taboo chains man to adolescent dependence on bloody rites wherein the sacrifice of the flower of human youth predominates - starvation decimates - planetary resources are stripped and earth is like a huge brain with its neurons disconnected

i love every vampire and voodoo preist as i love myself - an awesome reflection

the actor and the observer is one

long may we be - one crowned kinfolk - serving the tree of life

applying the law of sirius evolution ..... love one another