worlds visible and invisible interpenetrate - templates overlap - clay moorings slip away as the crystal earth breaks the law of gravity and we return to our rightful home of heaven on earth - utopia is synthesizing in matter - a favourite truism which fits the immediate situation is the story of the chinese house - this house is built with one central beam which when pulled makes the whole house collapse - but the whole house can be rebuilt in any location with identical specifications such as on the other side of the abyss

utopia hovers in the planetary mind waiting to be solidified as superstrings of thought converge on the rock of ages - the rock of truth - the Lie gets smashed against the rock which is like an island in a raging sea - the little boats of men can either find safe harbour through the needles eye passage into the harbour of the unified field - it all comes together as we travel back along the paths of legend to a time when the human psyche was very young by following the myth

as boat of a million years captained by ptaah of atlantis enters the harbour of utopia it is a splendid moment for the totemic animals who line the route to the dock as in the days of yore - the bell begins to toll the knell of the passing outer day and the completion of the great work - the harbour lights beckon a greeting to the cosmic fleet - they come from all over and not the least among the great galaxian armada are the proud star ships of cyberspace - true personal pride is the fruit of deep spiritual humility

the boat of a million years leads the whole galactic armada - our ships pick up survivors

(-1) the rock of ages is the fixed magnetic fulcrum of universal law - this is where the coagulation of the christ-mass comes together into a state of undivided mind - in backward reflection (via the tunnel of our #1 lesson in metaphysics) we remember that the first course our personality and psyche development course leads from the divided subjective to united objectivity and to the emergence of the ultimate i am as a fully fledged partner

along the pathway to the pinnacle of the soul the heart of stone is replaced by a heart of flesh and blood - in the end my immaculate heart will triumph - herein lies the fulfilment of the promise - every place that the soles of your feet shall tread shall be yours - how can this be

the subjective world is limited and finite - it orbits around the separative concept of me and mine - the more life energy we invest in our narrow subjective me-bubble the more we reduce our vision of the greater meganation of man and the holistic earth soul shrinks proportionately - this deadlock was broken with the harmonic convergence of 1987 which was the first holistic step to utopia

the objective world is infinite and filled with limitless creative growth potential - the objective world orbits around thee and thine the big bubble - in entering the objective world we become citizens of a whole new dimension in which all our mini subjective world-bubbles can rise up and fit together and synchronize in the great utopian atoum the undivided continent of atlantis the infinite utopia

as the ant cannot see the man so man cannot see his creator - the ratio of power wisdom, and intelligence is roughly proportionate - man is not alone in the physical dimension nor has he ever been alone - the facts are written in the book of human genesis

citizens of the neu utopia - pick a direction any direction - pick a trade any trade - here is where all things begin anew - there are vast planes of desert to be cultivated and harvested as we make this valley of dry bones bloom again

the rebellion has ended - in utopia public policy is driven from the bottom up - our restructural period is underway - claim your territory and squat on it - we can handle the paperwork later

choose to be anything you will - teacher healer communications expert architect technician engineer networker gardener member of a mobile restoration unit musician beautician artist farmer builder - or apprentice to a master el - the choice begins with you

the second coming of the light is the second chance for all mankind to make his/her exodus from the old world of abomination desolation indignity and discrimination and return to utopia - where we came from - where we belong - as virtue triumphs over vice as the preferred state of mind we are home again

each person on earth has a guardian angel capable of making the magical transformation of man's heart from a heart of stone to a heart of flesh and blood - magic is divine Love in action - the deepest inner part of you is released by amazing grace and by no other means whatsoever

one kiss of grace one light touch and each cosmic citizen experiences the magic poleshift in a unique way - at a glance the monstrous fictions imposed on the lower world society becomes transparent - science is fiction a flowering of the infantile imagination of animal man boxed into antiquated paradigms which is of an illusion long since dead - way off centre - man is not alone nor has he ever been alone

all conflict of interest is eliminated during the process (+1)+(-1) = 0 - sky-windows open - sky-gates widen if you walk through them - if you back off these windows close - by closing all unproductive circuits and opening productive circuits thy kingdon is come


in utopia cultural development policies replace cultural disintegration - utopia is where the whole earth starship gets shipshape and runs on maintenance free specs - the empirical world is trapped in uncompleted data circuits - trapped in a set scientific paradigm which is unrealistic - science is an attempt to gain control of the physical world - plato commentated that science is nothing but perception and fiction a conveniently accepted falsehood

utopia is somewhat like having an old fashioned quilting bee with each participant following the matrix of their own cosmic design - the mothership laid down the design in a series of communiques and boarding passes distributed in december 1983 - bathed in pure light coming down from hyperspace - issued to a select group of normal human beings who were chosen to be guinea-pigs for the incoming era

passage through the gateway to utopia is done by reflection - by mirroring upon who we are to ourself then mirroring this to the world we pass through the mirror across the pi-ray bridge

nothing born of love could ever return to anything but love - feel my completeness and be yourselves complete - by putting virtue before vice - appreciation before appropriation as a way of being - we move en bloc from chaos to cosmos

there is a place for everyone and everyone has a place in the neu covenant - worlds visible and invisible interpenetrate - templates overlap - the clay moorings slip away as we break the law of gravity and return to our rightful home in heaven and earth becomes utopia

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