unification (+1)+(-1)=0 the unified field equation

the time of the implosion back into the unified field is come - pop - pop - pop - the cosmic egg with all its microchips is popping fast from dimension 7 to dimensions 8 is just a tachyon flash of cosmic light for those who have prepared themselves - here we sing a new song one of positive glorification which is completely free of negative analysis and impotent re-projection

judge not lest ye be judged the man said - this is where the collective flash quantum wave function occurs - man and angels enter the glory eon - merlin wipes his brow - odin pretends to blow his nose while brushing away a tear of ultimate satisfaction - i ching tosses all his sticks up in the air in a gesture of - game over - showers of psi particles stream down like fireworks on a dark night and in the vault of heaven all the crystal bells start ringing

the celestial harp our ladys throat chakra bursts into the symphonic convergence of dimensions - each carbon unit carrier wave is hearing the correct audio signal with no more squelch or intellectual interference - the dark night of negation of source is ended

the rebellion is ended - man is the only creature on the planet who was set on a path of negation of matriarchal perfection - the chariots of the gods are manned by little feet who first begin to walk their talk then as their numbers swell the break into a trot - these are the horses drawn from every color race and creed of men to pull the chariots of the gods across the fields of human history - they come in all ages social molds professions forms and body stylings - the burden accorded to each of these is in keeping with his/her pre-set talent loading

the eastern moguls prefer to holograph the vision of a well loaded camel-train reaching its ultimate destination - then there are the precious donkeys such as jesus who carried christ into the sacrificial-winners circle and of course the famous western mule train with its wagon wheels rolling along into the new world - for it is the physical man and human intellect which carries the spiritual rider to our common destination - this runs from the matriarchal era through the patriarchal era to the yin yang era of balance and equilibrium - mankind across the ages has been the dust or carbon unit of transmutation of mind into matter - adam the macro-element medium between the micro world and megatron planet earths living-growing organ of higher consciousness

metaphysics - is the dark horse that links the conscious human intellect and the collective unconscious mind together with no loss or damage to the conscious mind

the meek shall inherit the earth the man said - yes at the end of the game its winner take all - anyone can play the power=worship game - worship alone can cancel out all particles of negativity in the human psyche to erase the flaw in the cosmic mirror as (+1)+(-1)= 0 and so end the era of negation of the one - the great cosmic adventure is complete

in the 21st century the chariots of the gods have an updated name - only the wording is different - the function of the chariot is the same - the original description of this function was the holy barque - today it is called the mothership of consciousness - it represents the vast collection of wheels within wheels and ball-bearings which are logged into the motherboard of the original intent now visible through the mirror

during the buildup of a planetary civilization the wheels turn in a centrifugal motion of expansion during the outward voyage of the electron - the hopi legend describes this function accurately as being the falling away from the light - then in a single tachyon flash of light the electron completes its evolutionary function - the karmic correction is done and we are home again - back in the unified field from whence we came

multiplication by division is the expansion concept - negitrons divide what was originally the unified field into many unique diverse and separate parts - during the outward voyage the megacosm is divided into many macrocosmic god-parts each of which is a mini-universe of itself cells working within cells - in the same way that god-man is served by kidney cells eye cells muscle cells blood cells and so forth so is the megacosm served by its macrocosmic bodies which are again served by their microscopic parts

then comes a meltdown of the negative divisive faction - this is the function known as the eye of horus in egyptian theology - it acts like a silent microwave oven - shaking up the cells dividing the heavier wheat from the lightweight chaff - then comes the implosion of the purified macrocosmic positrons back into the megacosm of the mothership and re-unification with the universal commonwealth

there are many states of mind and cultural treasures on the mothership all of which are guaranteed cultural protection within - run by a league of nations for the benefit of all - in this way at last each member of the human race can legally love his neighbour as himself and peace and plenty will reign - the metaphoric messages of global monoliths myths and legends merge into an harmonic convergence with the most modern and intimidating titles bestowed on the nuclear war-gods by 20th century physicists bent on a continuing psychotronic warfare to the detriment of all life on earth

words are still words - it is the words we have to alter to converge our whole earth mind into a unified field - the ancient eastern masters referred to words as dragons teeth - negative thoughts spring into negative words that act like knives thrown towards an enemy - this is how psychotronic warfare continues to decimate our specie - getting through the dark passage created by negative words spoken across time usually by leaders to control the critical mass is known in philosophy as crossing the river styx - but once one person makes the crossing it's game over for the eastern dragon and the western beast

all rivers run into a common sea - as negation of the one is ended - all words can do the same - we sing a new song of a new beginning with positive words - the left side of the brain is basically subjective - ie i am the centre of the universe and my world revolves around me - the right side of the brain is both objective and creative - history records how left-brain dominance has commandeered the productivity of right brain attitudes and altitudes to suit its ends across the ages

relationship teaches us that planet earth is one anthill - one hive of bees - one unified field - it is recorded that the priesthood of atlantis understanding the precept of the almighty power to be attained by union with solar logos tried to pass through the ankh thinking they could fool god

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