the point

one singular omniscience light point governs everything - from this point time travels out in two directions - past and future play out in a continuous record - we call this golden thread of light the golden chain of hermes - along this golden thread or river of time glides human consciousness until it circles in the ring of thoth or the snake of time biting its own tail - on all its tiers the universe is consistent - once this cognitive consistency is understood the frontier between dimensions dissolves - the light showers grains of life energy to nurture two parallel worlds - it showers grains of energy into the noosphere to be magnetized to an intended destination - like the myth of hal of 2001 - he's got the whole world in his hands - modern technology allows the digital point of view because we can time-travel in two directions to be cross referenced for accuracy from countless different angles and constantly quality controlled by vigilant cyber-folks like you and me

the point is the origin of the life-germ of fertility - the cosmic phallus - the life germ is like a virus - it spreads quickly at the speed of light - for the threads of creation are magnetized to its wake as each declares the father and i are one

those with the life germ virus live in a jewel-chest reality - they carry no useless earthly baggage only the crown of life - the jewels of human and other love relationships that they have snatched from the lower world of harsh delusion - pointers - live in a two-suitcase reality like an army on the wing

we can reach in and take our laser gun of light which is a mini image of the mega cosmic phallus - we are now part of the heavenly host - the magnetic pull to serve the tree of life exceeds the gravitational drag of mere mortality

the holy trinity is composed of the sky gods the elohim who govern universal evolution - the earth gods the bedrock intelligence of the elemental kingdom of which the natural body of our planet is composed - and man the son of earth and heaven held in orbit around the point of relativity

the universal female yoni orbits around this singular magnetic point which might be called the great i am - the phrase dance for me on the head of a pin describes its magnetic location as many angels who can dance on the head of this cosmic phallus pin shall enter the kingdom

the point is where we join in the collective orgasm of the newly risen earth gods upon the phallic penetration of the sky god - this is depicted in the symbol of the ankh or entry through the needle's eye which represents the male and female organs in coitus - it is where the spirit and the bride say come and we come

the dominant male and the submissive female elements synchronise - our spiritual-sexual identification is both as a neutron and a sexual duality of vibe - here the earth goddess gaia becomes the queen of galaxia - our lady can only stay barefoot and pregnant so long - then snow white just has to wake up and say yang-off lower kingdom of king kong - this is the completion of the inter dimensional union circuit - it is depicted in the icon of the snake biting its own tail - it means yin and yang are no longer separated and the cycle of life is completed - the two is one

the celestial charade of the sky gods (e.T. the heavenly host) ends when the curtain goes up and god the producer takes centre stage - star ship earth is one of the celestial dancers along with all the other planets - now that her upgrading and refurbishing period is complete watch her sail out of the time-warp to rejoin the starfleet - the lord of the galaxy is in command - this is the magnetic point which breaks through the inter-dimensional shield - this breaks our star ship free from her moorings in the gravitation drag of the lower heavens - the dynamic tension of this force field and the happiness of all life within it is the responsibility of the lord of the galaxy - the point is the place where the physical and etherial worlds are held in synchromesh

these grids were welded together at the point in 1983 - this is when the mothership first began broadcasting communiques and the bar code standards required for various classes of citizens to board the mothership - these boarding passes were sent to leading citizens around the world

all timeless passageways lead to a single point - this point is the centre of gravity which holds the universal synchromesh in orbit - it's the central sun or solar logos - as each mirror reflection opens a spotlight of the mind lights another timeless passageway - whichever path you choose to follow if you make the completed circuit and go to the very end of the idea you will arrive at point - the throne room of the one - the place where the house of god and the ark of the covenant meet in the universal synchromesh as one being

the point is also the operational centre for galactic affairs - the home of levi axis of levi-tron - it is the place where the mega micro and macro units of the one come together in the holy trinity - here the wellspring of desire (+1) and the root of law (-1) are wed as one idea at (+1)+(-1)=0

in the kingdom of heaven blood race creed and all the vanities of the flesh are totally irrelevant - the point where the separative factor of carnality ends and the integrated god-being arrives into the holy city of the whole adamic man

the fruit-fly flash of understanding who and what you are is only the beginning - then you begin to build a platform of credibility - this platform of credibility is what establishes the kingdom of god on earth

i am a professional god the man said - as you lose narcism you gain hardware and software with which to build thy kingdom come - issues are more important than persona - discipline is more important than knowledge

passage through point requires a 180 degree turn - thor throws his hammer thor gets his hammer back - as the greeks would say - it is the turning point where things change forever - we have transversed outer darkness gone through the midnight blue - the phantoms of yesterday fade like an empty cloak as the embodiment is drawn out of it - the hounds of hell are transmuted to being the watchdogs of the light

at the point energy and matter are interchangeable - this is the assemblage point for the neu earth consciousness - the house of god is the source of all life energy - this energy is the csmic fire of limitless creativity growth and the regenerative power to awaken the dead

we are earth-people - we are star-beings in the process of reawakening forgetfulness - stargate point is where our memory of the future-past is opened

i do not give my life-sperm lightly - says god the universal bank manager - and the story of the little fishes in the river of life eating osiris' regenerative organs comes to view - ah so

the turning point where things change forever - here is where we pass through the midnight blue into the dawn of a neu earth day - the crimson dawn as the virgin mary liked to call it in her chats with the children of fatima

to summarize the point - by their fruit shall ye know them

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