by running an ongoing global telethon the rainbow bridge is built - crossing is just a matter of taking a leap across the abyss from the 3rd dimensional world of the biosphere back into the glorious domain of nuit in the mythosphere - no money needed no tools or devices - what a tribute to atlantean engineering and free speech - having ourselves overcome the enemy within we are now in a position to engage the enemy without - the violent society that is longing to be changed into a peaceful society - the mirror lights up the passages of negative time - they are floodlit starting from the dawn of the 21st century all the way back to source - once the clay veneer is gone the tree of life glistens like a crystal aqueduct

8-26-03 provided a global telethon like none other this world has ever experienced - the eye came into full focus

a short trip back down the neg-time tunnel will explain what we have been up to - moving from a small white hole to the full opening of the star gate - where all things hidden shall be revealed

governments have been out of touch with the will of the common global people - which has linked up on internet - then through word of mouth - into the final phase of crystallization

suddenly the dominant formal media have woken up to find the real forward thrust of public opinion has moved from the lower kingdom tzars - to the upper realm representatives

one of the major revelations in todays star gate expose was the political - media - bias - not a neutrino in the batch

unified force territory is a solid block of neutrinos and the math book says - you find one 0 = +t + -t = 0

now the star gate process works on automatic

we only need to trust the crystal chip source - the legal system has condemned itself as an antiquated and vicious process

this was the confirmation - the process called means chance expectation

love in balance - an eye for an eye - a tooth for a tooth - and all that - equality of all creation

only the legend is real - it is just the scenery changes during our planetary lifecycle - then pouffe - the implosion

heartiest congratulations to all members - asking the right questions gets the right answers - probing the mystery of god is the key to eternal exploration

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