getting rid of the flaw in the mirror that separates dimensions is the work of brilliant interdimensional technocrats - we can observe their convergence into absolute cognitive consistency - this is where the big bang bites its own electromagnetic tail

man needs new economic forms - a change in the structure of gross domestic product - every move in the present system serves the violent world order as wars promote social breakups like family violence divorces and lawyers - the more people split up employ child care workers and take up separate residences the better it is for the violent economy - crime employs an army of workers - all evil things are good for the gross domestic product and the growth of the demoralized society

the cosmic snake is a marvel of celestial engineering - its scales shine like mother of pearl much like the reflection of the polished limestone covering the pyramids - this is the mothership - i am inside it - i interpenetrate it - i am the observer watching it move from the black hole into this new dimension

the snake is aware that i am admiring it - power = worship - this is the christ child of planet earth emerging from the cosmic egg - mind at a whole new scale of magnitude slithering forth from the rivers of bloody placenta in which it was nurtured

it has not been an easy delivery - here has been tremendous travail on our lady-mother - but like us - the mother has implicit trust in the fathers omnipotence - all the forces of the universe are subject to the masters touch from time to time - the master of the universe comes to institute the messianic age after reminding us of who is who and what is what - he even provides a workout for the et too

let us negotiate a truce between dimensions - he proposes - which shall it be heaven on earth here now or oblivion - lets run over the contract just once more my people - there is but one god - the one - there is no other i am the cellular within the singular

during initiation each single negative and negating thought - each phallic prick in the initiates crown of knowledge must be wrestled with and cancelled out by its positive opposite - the task is microscopically designed to be worthy of the cosmic king it crowns - the more one has tasted of the golden apple of the gods the more complex the mathematics of the solution

all we lose is the sludgepot of the ages - the dried up old snake-skin that moved from being like cosmic mist to great hail-stones - as we passed through the algorhythm band - the skin gets a bit heavy towards the end doesnt it - as faster faster little feet our lady pleads - and who can blame her

planes of conscious awareness intersect as galactic technocrats from many worlds come from beyond the boundaries of matter energy time and space to the birthing of the new universal specie - mutated man - the plot was hatched in hi-tec realms of direct neuronal communion - millions collaborated to build the pi-ray bridge between dimensions - these came with varying degrees of conscious awareness of their task according to their altitude codex on the matrix of the master computer - the new beginning - needs two wings to fly - the harmonic convergence of technology and philosophy - since the beginning of time millions of technocrats have worked to put these huge platforms of knowledge together - these building blocks can be fitted precisely one into the other within the timelines to reveal a crystal infrastructure firmly based in philosophy psychology theology and physics in a light-dome that is seamless - there is no crack through which the slightest shadow of doubt may penetrate - in metaphysics we measure the invisible world by its effects in matter with - mean chance expectation

expanded consciousness is the connoisseurs delight - the shadow play is ended - we are back in the real world - god the cellularactor (+1) comes up front centre stage to take his bows - she writes the script (-1) he acts it out with the quark masters of the heavenly host known these days as the unified forces

like attracts like - mind signals penetrate the dark night of the lower kingdom like arrows of light - with the aid of the technocrats we can trace the path of evolution across time via the rear view mirror of modern technology - the light force represents the action of photosynthesis coming from the singular mind of god as ideas of cellular evolution

the rival - anti-light or anti-evolution is represented in the sons of darkness whose black magic rituals maintain the caste system and dominate much of the lower earth-mind - these provide the contrast which makes the cosmic play challenging and intriguing as we match thesis against antithesis of the original creative intent until we hit synthesis - to discover a theocratic democracy - the actors and the audience (+1)+(-1) are one - each has his/her say in the final shaping

literary technocrats peaked in the 1900's - evolution demands that waves of light surpass themselves in clarity with each succeeding generation bringing the perfect reflection into clearer and clearer view until the flaw in the cosmic mirror is gone and the parallel pyramid of the invisible etheric world looms tall for all to see

they are enjoying a hey day of revival with the same ideas done up in new duds - turning the time tunnel inside out is fun - the incredible wealth of our civilization is crystallized on film and video - from this mind-matrix modern technocrats are able to retrieve the timeless treasures of the higher consciousness of days gone by

backtracking and reduction highlights the sole exit to this planetary system - healing balance restoration emotional revitalization utopia its all here - but in passing through the treasure trove en route back home to source we must open and balance pandoras box of age-old woes and inequities

in hindu myth garuda gets its wingtips singed on passing through the central sun with its divine passenger load of man-gods - but once garuda makes it - ganesh the conscious mind is not far behind and soon comes plodding through the black hole with its precious cargo - each religion and philosophy has its unique cosmic map yet all are one - discerning the connection is the 21st century minds delight

the maturated person pursues a lifetime education - wake up man we left the industrial age of jobs jobs jobs behind two decades ago - the new economy is the idea-economy based on the exploitation of our own unique ideas for the mutual benefit of all - this is called reflective thought

spiritual intervention comes silently at first like the fine mist upon our first entry into the black hole like a thief in the night - each person who is called or chosen keeps the secret locked with his/her inner self - the silver rays of spiritual intervention fall softly to earth like a blanket of snow - this process continues until a great army of light walks the earth waiting for the father to give the signal that each silent light being awaits

this is the neu era manifest - all the rest of the play was compensation - compensation for the cosmic lovers separation from the time of the first big bang to when the neu child earth is born - to even glimpse the Love that this involves is beyond the boundaries of mans imagination

the singular one soweth both of the flesh and the spirit - thus reaps of both dimensions - the smart cell does likewise - after a person has been subjected to spiritual intervention each one is carefully trained to be a technocrat capable of operating equally well in the lower middle and upper realms

the technocrats role is to release the secrets locked in time and provide escape from the house of bondage where man has been held by the force of ego-in-motion which is the red queen hypothesis in biology - armageddon is a one on one war

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