streams of light

apparently unconnected events planted across the fields of time converge to become visible as the golden chain of hermes - metaphysics teaches that all knowledge is one in that knowledge is a solid state phenomena - we call it the state of atlantis - the instrument by which this is achieved in the minds of men is through the lighted tunnels opening in the reflections of the mirror - whichever reflection you enter is irrelevant - all open into timeless tunnels which now cleared of debris lead from the world of the illusion to a view of the masterpiece of the great reality of man-god fusion in the 21st century

words are the only form of separation between science philosophy psychology and religion - each of these facets has a light and dark side - the ufo phenomena is the summit of this knowledge in that it demonstrates that mind (light crystal) precedes manifestation in matter (dark crystal) - it too has a light and dark side

for example - the golden egg is laid by the primeval goose or bird of the spirit - this is the claim put forward by isis - mother of all who says the fruit i have brought forth is the sun - egyptian theology affirms that ptah the lord of truth emerged from the egg that came out of the mouth of amun-knepth the true and perfect serpent - this serpent of the time warp bites its own tail at (+1)+(-1)=0

the truth that emerges from the egg of amun-knepth the serpent of true and perfect wisdom is the sum total of all previous knowledge - our revised magic dna bean so to speak - this is the sum total of the akashic record or mothership of consciousness

the cosmonaught ptah says... a single second in the timeless - amounts to many million years in normal space - this refers to the moment of passing through the black hole which was accomplished in 1973

the patriarchal wheel of the unfoldment began when the priest adept moses began diverting the life-water from source to force - this is the metaphorical story of the babe in the bulrushes left in the river of life - bul is (+1) in the universal equation - the paddle wheel of many tiny feet that powers the holy barque around the invisible circular nile

in a universe that rests in eternal equilibrium - every action every tort has an equal and opposite reaction on the other side of the veil in the invisible parallel universe - what happens in the external world below the abyss is the polar opposite to what is going on in the real world at the centre of the earth - in the control room known as shambhala or valhalla

in the beginning was the word by which the separative lie was spread within the priesthood - the priesthood labelled matriarchal festivals and rites as pagan - its simple earth-connected people were wiped out in manners cruel beyond imagination to the glory of baphomet (+1) the force of evolution

the force is with us is the battlecry of sin and death - ra = sun = heat & light = photosynthesis = microwave oven = creative and destructive force - war and other male heroic virtues offered to the honor of a patriarchal deity are aspects of the force of evolution and death - go with the patriarchal wheel or die was the common mans option - but the seed of its own destruction is built into the function of bul

the matriarchals were the fodder for the patriarchals in the building of our 20th century kingdom - this is a matter for immediate correction - once the motherships land based cosmic computer companies run a correction tape through the holistic play we can see how much the force owes to the source - this is item #1 in regaining global equilibrium

the matriarchals have served in silence - they speak on her behalf - let us join them - lets give the lady a voice - one hierophant card from the top of the card deck does it - mirror reflections are pulsating - it is the crystal of atlantis - the cosmic eye of thoth the all seeing eye - it opens as its fiber-optic nerve fibers are rejoined - its command molecule is blinking in a digital pattern to signal all its component parts to open and reconnect - for some earth people the eye is closed - for some the eye is open and flashing like a lighthouse in the centre of minds midnight blue sky

christianity is one way in which the priesthood commandeered the Light of the holy spirit to maintain its power over the mass - the symbolic swastika/swavastika holds the secret key to making cosmic correlations in the 20th century - it correlates to the eastern thesis of shiva dancing on the dead bodies of his devotees - it is the symbol of hitler and the coming of the aryans prior to the arrival of the atlanteans

the swastika/swavastika represents the turning of the centrifugal/centripetal wheel of the mills of the gods - we can turn the time clock and cause it to revolve in the opposite direction by correlating modern symbols with timeless reality - roll back the scroll

jesus saves - only when we extract the baby from the bathwater - cosmic good is the underlying principle of the universe - once the negative overlay is peeled off we are home again - we find the elixir of timeless reality as taught by all the cosmic elementals and elohim across all time - here mind and matter merge as one idea manifest in the physical world

jesus represents the 90 degree turn away from the patriarchal back into the matriarchal age - this culminates in the sabbath day - with our entry into the yin-yang era of sexual and spiritual equality - moses instigated the patriarchal system to the western world in genesis one in order to stimulate rigid left-brain growth and increase the population growth that was essential for the next forward thrust of human evolution

the reality of god is the dimension of all human knowledge - each soul is part of this singular cellular configuration - timeless correlations which can end the human curse and restore our neural sanity can best be understood by taking the egyptian creation thesis (brought to the israelites by prince-adept moses) the bible and modern physics - according to genesis one - god said to adam (the left brain) go out and conquer the earth and to eve (the right sided female brain) be subservient to man and bear children in pain - how's that for the makings of a topsy turvey world

jesus son of mind and matter was the foreshadowing of the turning point where the forward thrust of left-brain evolution peters out - his teachings were the polar opposite of left-brain force - he represented the conscious advent of the right brain poleshift which would save the world upon the completion of the evolutionary agenda - man is a citizen of two universes - he is composed of mirror particles - one of matter one of anti-matter - these have opposite electrical charges - these originate from a common source of pure light energy - the spiritual mind reaches heaven first - then the whole earth body follows - streams of light delights the connoisseur of consciousness and leads to the pinnacle of spiritual ecstasy - the fabled coming forth by day in egyptian cosmology

new age channellings ufo philosophies and formal religious teachings blend with the very latest scientific discoveries into one magnificent whole = metaphysics a-Z - whichever path you have chosen to climb the holy mountain you will love the view from this window - especially when joined with its completing circuit

life is like a deck of cards being played by the invisible higher forces of the supernatural kingdom with energies of the material world - yes there is a cosmic conspiracy - a conspiracy requires a conductor - one who orchestrates the symphony of life - the reflection where that force puts its cards face up upon the table - it is where the crowning of life occurs

it would be a great asset for every reader to take a sabbatical and study a metaphysical course in esoteric philosophy - the upper classroom of the gods - in which are concealed the wonders of interactive worlds - infinitely more exciting than any fiction stories of the present day - it deals with an understanding of the elohim interaction with key men across the ages and how east and west finally coincide - regardless of age profession ideology or cultural preference you will thrill to be consumed by it

esoteric philosophy contains the indepth correlation of mind and matter across time and space - in the upper kingdom people are not people - they are aggregates of swirling quarks and psi particles being magnetized towards the universal synchromesh of the original creative intent

a study of esoteric philosophy reveals that synchromesh - from the universal point of view there are three interactive and interdependent kingdoms - the upper - middle and the lower - why not enjoy the best of all worlds

the egyptian gods (and no doubt all the rest) are huge super- intelligent spheres of life energy - some people call them ufos - they are comprised of magnetized clusters of intelligence reaped across the ages of man since genesis one began - they act as vortices to raise people up in the final days

the world of micronesia is the lower kingdom - a dimension of whirling psi particles each with a specific intent towards its homespace in the universal synchromesh - mans spirit is the magnetic synchromesh for colonies of microparts which compose the blue kingdom of the physical i am - this is the world that takes care of your personal inner kingdom's domestic affairs

the man who occupies the world of macronesia is he to whom the master of the universe has given the power to explore and experience all worlds - for it is only the human intelligence that has the power to appreciate all worlds - this is the gift of god-consciousness across dimensions

the upper kingdom is the mega universe - god is a snowman is the theme in esoteric philosophy - it is composed of the driven snow of perfected universal people from all the planets and galaxies - it looks forward to adding new specie to its universal repertoire including 20th century man - much time and effort has gone into the development of this new universal specie which was pronounced good before the action began

the operations manager of the triple kingdoms is the triple goddess - love truth and beauty - she manifests in all kingdoms for those with 20/20 vision - quadrillions of quarks at her bidding speed and post o'er land and oceans without rest - whatever your state in life intelligence or education you can see love truth and beauty the supra ordinate triumvirate in operation

creation is a self portrait of that which made it - to this wondrous lady gaia-galaxia matter is like a house of cards - dust which can be blown away once the neu earth is set

the open eye of human intelligence has the capacity - first to view then to experience all worlds - it clearly sees how history repeats itself in ever tightening circles towards its intended goal of global enlightenment - the repetition of the events preceding the french russian european iranian revolutions - the end of an annas horribus precedes an annas glorious

apart from metaphysics the egyptian tarot is the best map for those who voyage between the three kingdoms

a problem cannot be solved at the same level at which it was created - attempting to correct the ingrained error which has been imprinted on the human psyche for generations calls for a series of logical correlations between finity and infinity - as our grandchildren will suffer the loss of wild life and a harvest of ecological disaster brought on by grandparental life views - so the sins of the fathers are passed from generation to generation - the solution lies in finding a higher frame of reference by which to make correlations between past and present woes - in this way we can win a second chance based on a superior scale of values - one which holds that stupidity is the only unforgivable sin

for those with 20-20 vision the cryptic writing on the cavern wall gets clearer every day - whether it be through casual conversations in the supermarket or on newspaper headlines radio or tv the ferment of the critical mass is obvious - the dark labyrinth of lower kingdom despair seems to have no positive ending in sight - the wheels of commerce are grinding to a halt - cops and robbers is the fastest growing industry - political scandals erupt with each passing day - the basic family unit is kaput - invisible killer diseases stalk the planetary system - professional integrity is a farce - people cannot walk the streets in their home neighborhoods with impunity - roving bands of criminals live off the land while the controls on decent people get tighter - the only cognitive consistency is that our civilization is crumbling

those with 20-20 vision who have awakened from the dreamsleeping state notice that the social fabric and the natural fabric of our planetary system disintegrate in direct proportion to the collapse of the spiritual fabric of inviolable universal law that holds everything together

those who have risen from the dead having balanced their duality see the correlation of the unified field conspiracy as very good - from the positive aspect we can watch god the actor playing its game - dancing the dance of shiva at an ever accelerating pace - every hour of every single day

allah the merciful is the lord of the ascending stairway who develops the method and technology for running this starship ad infinitum on maintenance free specifications

zalzalah - the earthquake which ends the world as we know it - is allahs classical mate - we learned memorable things and techniques to keep us on track and organized on automatic - we put all cosmic input on our main drive and into directories and into our archives at the end of each celestial month

this automatically and systematically outlined a monthly biorhythm chart which emerged as our diary - the patterns were startling in their similarity - correlations poured into the system - we can feed/spin our wheels logically and directively - we could work up our big guns to cover any position or trajectory

war is the most important thing to learn in any kingdom - ours would of course be bloodless - we learned to use our calendar productively in dedcohedron quantums - crystallized starbursts matched to the harmony of the spheres - reflections evolved like facets of a diamond

the correlations were completed - the universal core is visible from many angles once we apply the secret streams of light

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