i owe nothing more to the past - i invest in the perfect future - every person on the face of the earth is a cosmic cadet - each cosmic cadet is designed to be brought to their maximum human and spiritual potential - to be cherished and nurtured in earthly and cosmic wisdom - this is the theme of 11.5 when the critical mass of humanity acts to bring this state of mind about in 1993 - except ye become as a little child ye shall not see the kingdom of heaven reads the script - this means we have to be born again into the new dimension - only the pure and childlike heart can activate the world of magic - we are back to being little children in the land of eternal innocence - hopscotching across the mirror to any time-space we fancy - we can hopscotch back to camelot which is alive and well on this side of the abyss - magic is all around us - we need to learn how to harness that magic to functional requirements - magic is divine energy manifest - it can only serve the highest purpose of our being - learning the art of invocation to align the power wires from self to source is the place to begin

the ancients were aware of tides and currents - the ebb and flow of the celestial sea - their calendars are based on zodiacal charts which run from hour to hour - age to age - til time shall be no more

there is a visionary in each of us - like merlin we can peer into the crystal cave of mind - seeking clues as to what will be - we have different goals at different times of the year - there is a time and tide to all things - we call it biorhythm - it is exhilarating to ride the cresting waves of time in perfect synchronicity with nature's moods - which respond to the tides of the cosmic sea

the seasons of the year reflect the growing seasons of the heart - they correspond to the life cycle of the electron - the growth cycle of the male vibe in the human race is a fascinating phenomena once you see how the play was set up by the master psychologist in the garden of eden - whispering winner take all - there are many paths all leading to one common path of cosmic awareness - the script tells the same tale in every culture and every language - animal virility acts the same in the male of every specie - it is without any form of human reason - just the dominant male sex drive - every molecule of intelligence is brought into the thrust for dominance and virility - this is why the rise of death technology grows side by side with the flowering of the positive hi-tec tools for better life

the understanding of the final running of the bulls in the last days was viewed as terrifying days ahead in the wisdom of olden times - then 666 the number of a man would manifest in matter - when the chest beating of the ape takes on a new dimensions and the female of the specie waits and watches for the utmost in a virile mate - in the neu-earth era the concept of virility takes on a whole new aspect

each citizen of planet earth has both a divine and a human birthright - in the physical world this birthright is protected by laws - the time-gap between the statement of intent (the perfect holograph) and the crystallization of the theme is called - the abyss

brave men and women set out to bridge the mindspace between the perfect idea and the physical manifestation - these are they who lead the human race out of the cave and into the light of the vision manifest

in a single tachyon flash of light mind zooms above the abyss - the human consciousness realizes instantly that he/she is both a graduate master and an eternal cosmic cadet

11.5 - represents the educational program for eager and willing is our cosmic cadet of all ages - there is so much elixir to gather - we come as bees in nature's garden of delight (eden) to sip to gather and to distil the nectar of each flower and each bitter herb in our planetary heritage - this is our human birthright - our growthright - our right to be humane - 11.5 will let us drink from the crystal river to fulfill the fullest identity potential of every one

no more tears no more pain is the promise - as a race we are infants on the threshold of eternity - so very young so much to learn so far to go - life is always a journey not a destination - and so it will be - the new age is for the abundance of forthcoming generations - these will live in peace and prosperity not by the sweat of the brow - the new wave of spirituality floods the earth plane in a wide variety of ways - separative styles of religion are passe - lets just do it and be it as one earth people

transformation 2000 is not a time-slot on the axis line of time - but rather a positive altitude - a socio-cultural-theosophical attitude towards wholeness - the arrival at ak-ka-ba - we have no interest in hate war and greed - earth has undergone a period of massive change - all men are equal in a theo-democratic society run on neutral fiber optic specs - earth is designed for our collective pleasure

11.5 allows children of all ages to reconnect with source - our lady goddess - mother of all - the whole world has signified that it is time to make this change to three dimensional human thinking

our cosmic way program is based on the physics of a single unified field force in which all natural creatures are part of the whole - natural life is based in divine love - there is a place in the sun for everything and man is only part of the picture - mankind alone can understand the laws of ethics and of cause and effect - man alone can reflect on the beauty of a single world entity and appreciate the gift of consciousness

there is no trace of negative criticism of anything or anyone implied in our program - the universe unfolds as it should

positive active solutions towards maximum personal growth within a system of ethics teaches how to live in harmony with both nature and our fellow man - this brings joy and knowledge of the self worth to each member of the cosmic community via personal indepth communication with fellows of all nations ideologies and creeds

there is a golden nugget at the core of all religious philosophies which have opened new windows of the human soul - this divine essence should be part of every child's basic ideological repertoire - poems which reflect the culture of the aboriginal peoples - then the little hiawatha learned of every bird its language - learned their names and all their secrets - where they built their nests in summer - where they hid themselves in winter

time is precious - we can spend it like money - how we choose to invest time and the intensity with which we do so determines who we are and what kind of personal talents we will gather in our lifetime on earth - cherish each hour for it will never return

in each precious moment an individual is either making or breaking their own golden city by either capitalizing on or rejecting cosmic law - cosmic or universal law is inviolable and inevitable in its cause and effect syndrome

learning to live in partnership with the holy spirit - expressing healthy hedonism in harmlessness as they frolic along in the eternal vibe of spring (joker in tarot) through the eternal now is the key to love and happiness both in worlds finite and infinite

cosmic cadets - there is nothing to join no membership fees - in being born into the human race we are in that race and the end goal is spiritual natural and social perfection - in that order of merit - find the point around which life turns and you will receive a hundredfold return and be a winner in two worlds

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