star steps

every reflective mirrored circuit can be compressed and extended limitlessly like a giant concertina breathing in and out - first we secure a bridgehead in the hearts and minds of men - then we add good mind nutrient - it is like turning an acorn into an oak forest then compressing this sun evo-information into an even smaller acorn - it works the same way with the magic dna bean as jack found out when he climbed up the vine back to source

the taller the beanstalk becomes the farther the crown is stretched away from its roots - thus the logical way to find our way home again is to stop turning to face the light to forget the sunny side of life and start focusing on the fathomless mystery of the underworld from which we sprang - it is time to stop thinking we are a tall tree and check out our grass roots in a backward trek across human history

the starsteps go up and down simultaneously - this climaxes in a sunburst of understanding - the loss of natural and spiritual knowledge that has taken place over these past four score years is staggering - the decline in man's warm relationship to nature is really grim - no one sings kiss mine eyelids beauteous morn - on getting up these days - instead everyone goes for the mouthwash before heading for the god of jobs, jobs, jobs

the mothership creates its own vacuum (void) and its own air - meanwhile the cosmic troops create diversionary tactics which never fail to work due to the blind-man state of human arrogance

the starsteps to economic virility run parallel to the starsteps to moral and ethical regeneration - the relationship is obvious - this planet can no longer afford obsolete ideas of heroic masculinity in its multiplicity of deadly forms

modern infants are born into a world of uncertainty - our earth has slipped off the anchor of the rock - the former set of rules of social conduct have broken down - the children begin to drift like matchsticks on a stream whatever way the wind of peer-thought is blowing - they stumble on the shifting sands of time unable to find a firm footing by which to make their star steps - deadly obscenities projected from mass media are made to seem like male heroic virtue and virility - celluloid heros' try to make lawlessness a fun thing and the law is made to seem restrictive

to offset this trend each country has a group of fundamentalists who use every effort to halt what they see as the decay of their various religions - the ego-superego battle creates a thirst for blood in fundamentalism which wrecks havoc among its own people - because among its rigid leadership extreme fundamentalism creates terrorist monsters who believe that what they are doing is the right thing for their god - pain and blood sacrifice abounds

there is an equally dark cavernous situation that calls for great compassion - that is when a person has led their life without any firm conviction spiritual direction or personal philosophy and finds themselves adrift on the cosmic ocean on a raft without a rudder being blown to and fro like a straw in the wind

on the other hand star steps followed across a lifetime spent in climbing to the pinnacle of consciousness produces a race of giant interdimensional people who go beyond the lofty hyperspace of fundamentalism or the dismal fog of consciousness with no light-house in sight

star steps are intended to run parallel to the paths we travel in our physical life en. route from spiritual adolescence to spiritual maturity - star steps produce star people - these stand 100 ft. tall with their eyes on the stars yet have their intellectual feet planted solidly on the ground - this is the message of the ancient megaliths and monoliths of egypt in which the gods were depicted as 100 ft. tall with the mortal aspect like a tiny child standing beside their knees

for those people who are raised without specific spiritual rules there is a triumph of uncertainty - whereas star people know who and what they are and tread the star steps to abundant life and joyous living

star steps lead from self doubt to self empowerment in both the lower and the upper realms - the so-called men in black and the greys have vanished from your inner world and you can proudly say i am - our true will is to do what is right and good for all - we have moved from adolescent impotency to our full height of spiritual maturation and leadership in the neu earth era

our role is to see that negative blood-thirst is replaced by an overpowering positive thirst for justice for human dignity for equality for spiritual perfection - sovereign star people are the cosmic harvest manifest

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