squelch correction

as we approach the second sun we find that intellectual deviation will produce the boomerang effect - you can see it happening in the rear view mirror - people rushing for more information - faster faster little feet, not having a heart at rest

the squelch correction mechanism provides our crystal of conscious awareness or i am with star-guidance as we are bounced around like a ship on a stormy sea - we are unable to locate the exact magnetic wormhole of our return to mu even though the totemic mother hen is clucking encouragement and the sunlight is peeking through the first crack in earth's cosmic eggshell

the function by which the mirror maintains a stable flight path to the central core and lets us remain in high orbit while in grounding action - guarding the steps into the control room - this master functionary circuit roots out contraband (any negative) thought, before opening to reveal sin and amazing grace locked into the dance of shiva in their ultimate mating reunion as yin yang the primal reproduction function of the universe

when we turn on the pink light of philosophy it is like the wedding dance the marriage of tolpoids and jinns and all the hidden workers behind the scenes of phase one spinning in an harmonic convergence - the jinns have been rounding up the tolpoids to get them through the gate

the yellow-orange light band in this scale is technics - where it acts as the squelch button - a fine electromechanical abrasive to chip off the last clumps of clay from the jewel which is you to reveal what is eternally right and true - it blows off the dust of the ages to separate the fire from the water-earth elments of clay - the fire is the spit so to speak - it is the polishers rouge - the surgeons knife in the healing centre of the mind - truth revealed to set man free from the house of bondage

there is a spin force that links gravity and electro-magnetism, where everything goes into a nice upward spiral - when this spin force predominates it is akin to gravity - anti-gravity works the same way - the degree to which we are influenced by this force depends on our degree of spiritual maturity or our vibratory number - this is where 666 the number of a man flips to 999 through the mirror to where evil reads live

to escape from the wrinkle in time and make the 666/999 flip through the mirror requires theo centric movement

centric 1) in at or near the centre of central 2) of or having a centre - centricity the state or quality of being centric - centrifugal 1) moving or tending to move away from centre 2) using or acted on by centrifugal force - centrifugal force the force tending to make rotating bodies move away from the centre of rotation it is due to inertia centrifuge - to be subject to the action of a centrifuge separate by whirling in a centrifuge - centripetal 1) moving or tending to move towards the centre 2) using or acted on by centripetal force - centripetal force - the force tending to make rotating bodies move towards the centre of rotation - eccentric 1) not having the same centre having different centres as two circles 2) not having the axis exactly in the centre - off centred 3) irregular - out of the ordinary capricious 4) - deviation from the norm as in conduct - odd whimsical peculiar unconventional - 5) a circle or sphere not having the same centre as another partly within or around it - egocentric 1) viewing everything in relation to oneself 2) in philosophy existing only as conceived in the individual mind - said of the world - theocentric: assuming god as its centre or centre of interest - not to put ones life's work to the ultimate test is not to live fully - 4.6 is the window of the cosmic function - this is the place where god says to his churches - i appreciate all your good works and i know how hard you are trying - but i have a few things against you - there are a few gaps in your interpretation of my holy word - discarded by ego selectivity - things such as judge not lest ye be judged - sell all your worldly goods to feed the poor - give cloak with coat - turn the other cheek - and so forth

why don't we do it my way instead of your limited version which tries to make me in your own image - i am a god of love - we have to see things from love's viewpoint, not mens - through the mirror from inner space 999 not simian space 666 - ok - 4.6 is where thoth the lord high chancellor of heaven repeats the magical formula of the coming forth by day on behalf of their cosmic majesty - isis and osiris

our job of global neurosurgery is ended

there are stainless steel and airtight doors between dimensions - you are in - you are out again as each flash of insight passes - hang on to what you know - to this end it is very important to record all your momentary insights and flashbacks - as these when carefully woven together are your own unique and personal stairway to the stars - be up front and truthful regardless of the cost - take the full responsibility for everything you know - confirm what you know with others - speak about it - cherish every revelation that you find has helped you negotiate your squelch correction

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