spidersilk is one of the strongest substances in the natural world - a single strand can support 5 times more weight than a similar strand of steel - yet spidersilk is so elastic that a strand only four millionths of an inch in diameter can stretch to twice its original size before breaking

how to make the hollow tube of spidersilk is taught in the #1 lesson - you can use it anytime to back through the labyrinth of time to see how you arrived in the here now - it is like a cosmic map that will take you anywhere you want to go - it not only gets you to the centrepoint but it lets you hang on to what you know while getting here

the honeycomb of mindcells is rather like a mosquito screen which gets blocked with the soot of toxic fumes rising up from the mind of biospheric man - members clean the dross out of this neuronal spiderweb of the planetary noosphere - the web is cleaned by making tolpoids act out their energies in the physical realm

a spiderweb of light comes into view as the dual components of the universal synchromesh one fixed one mobile freeze into the neu-tron at (+1)+(-1)=0 - partiality is the abomination - all other energy use is inefficient with no exception for man or any other inefficient specie - each either fits into life's original creative intent or perishes

the spiderweb lights up as the fixed magnetic and mobile gravity screen nettings fuse - this magnetic web of life extends across dimensions and across the fields of matter energy space and time - to its rediscovery

this same formula governs the universal synchromesh - it is what enables space vehicles to break the law of gravity as each light vehicle (mer-ka-ba/ak-ka-ba) has its own worm hole for exit and entry - do not be distracted by any other attraction - get yourself through the synchromesh

the carbon units in the negating mobile mesh get fried - as positive and negative micromesh energy moves from fission to fusion - as it hits the rock of ages

the spiderweb is woven by the breakdown of the one into a divine family for purposes of multiplication by division - divine Love is the gluon that makes fine strands of magnetic hair like a silkworm spinning its thread - in this way the one becomes a family with male and female parts having solar and phallic interactions - this is the adult version of the story of adam and eve en route to gaining self or cosmic self-awareness

every child on earth male and female is born of the stardust of this all penetrating universal parent - all are designed to become full and equal members of the family - family gets a high priced and mainly custom tailored education to fit them for their role in the neu earth era - this is bought in spiritual energy and virgin blood - moving from the kindergarten to graduation is a steep vertical climb into the pyramid of light

the closer one is positioned in relation to the centre of the spiderweb (the universal synchromesh) the more dynamic tension of tight bar-codes is demanded - the ascending intelligence of each thread in the structure is quite phenomenal - for the pyramid of light and its levels of comprehension are built from the top down on the other side of the black hole

the fixed mesh (-1) is frozen wave particles which act as the stainless steel infrastructure of the universe - the rock of ages absolute zero - this is the foundation - the final fusing of the (+1)+(-1) mesh is expressed as the magicians will to unification

the universe is a theocratic democracy - that is to say the invisible world is run on the principle of merit or spiritual atomic weight - the spiderweb measures our capacity to absorb and utilize the light of the central sun to maximum productivity - this is how the web is spun from the top down to hold pockets of hyperspace in varying degrees of orbit - this is how the singular one produces the constituents of one effective global government

the true human weaves a web of relationships - like angels wingtips touching around the globe providing an effective block of light cells to reach the realm of theocratic democracy - modern political corruption is an insult to public intelligence - the crystal chip is the neu tron which governs the sorting and balancing process

the numbers representing pi are a secret for spiritual power and unity - the 22 cards of the major arcana reveal the cyclical magic of human life death rebirth and methods of reunification with ones assembled company of identity distillations strung out across the fields of time

during our period in the time warp it is as if a brick wall is placed between the right and left side of the brain - this wall becomes transparent as we move from cave to starship and the completion of our education period in the time warp which separates dimensions - now we can move into orbit

the cosmic romance of the sun the stars and the universal virgin earth runs from alpha to omega - then its doomsday for negitrons and domesday for positrons - spider finally got the flies out of the ointment of domestic affairs

who pollutes our planet dies - there is no other possible conclusion - the law of life and evolution which is positive progression for all life forms does not alter for any stupid animal specie man or dino

the spider-queen of earth makes no exceptions - biotron has her own brand of ddt and her own biological warfare system - natures weapons make mans look like childs toys which they are - she has poisoned apple chips of every variety - check in with the earthquake and natural disaster events - check back to that sad accident with the challenger - too bad about vanity eh - the message of the sinking of the titanic was intended to convey the message - how often must the message be repeated before it gets across - it is she who takes the elemental secrets and weaves them into the universal synchromesh of (+1) the mobile web - when her work is done and she has eaten of her fill the nest of eggs begins to hatch - all the live eggs in the web get the same message though may interpret it differently due to their mythical programming in the world of the illusion - when they dreamed they were men and forgot they were cosmic spiders

while man is dreamsleeping in the world of the illusion he experiences the fantasy of being separated from the sky mother and all his fellow elemental creatures and identifies with the race of men - what a relief to wake up and find that the dream was only gaias way of raising a new biomutant specie with the combined knowledge of all the animals and plants imprinted in a magical formula called man - for life in worlds yet to become

as we get back to insect roots our cosmic egg hatches - the cocoon releases the butterfly - it wakes to its perfected original intent - many butterflies combine to make the rising phoenix - each has chosen its favourite flower essences in its self formation

mans spirit too has its favourite animal essences the qualities of which he does well to emulate - now the silver matrix can take all the silver spiders right to home base

the universe is always telling us something like a careful mother humming a nursery rhyme - the melody and the tempo get more elaborate as we get closer to the centre of the universal synchromesh - smart children listen - the psychological drama of the web or life and the secrets it holds is repeated over and over again as the message of the epochs and the ages of man tightens in dynamic tension - the universe is always happy when she gets an intelligent response to her cosmic humming

95% of the highly intelligent beings who occupy the parallel dimension in our galaxy are invisible to man - we can only see them through the trails they leave in their wake - for this reason they are called the men in black - it is like a dance between girls dressed in white and men dressed in black on a black background - but they operate within the same web of life - affect the same synchromesh - these are the influences that bring about the necessary celestial intervention to solve the enigma of the lower realms when the spider web is loaded

scientists call these concentrated light beings quarks - they come in families - each of which has a specific mandate in the scheme of things - others know quarks as the holy ghost - these are the influences that govern situations here on earth by implanting in the human mind that which will later manifest in matter - we demonstrate the mystical marriage of physics and metaphysics by exploring the unified field of psi particles known as quarks

you do take it with you - in the eternal world quarks are like money in the bank - they are your resume your gold tried in the fire - each physical person has an electromagnetic aura which can be seen with instrumentation - the aura is filled with microdots in varying degrees of density and wattage - this is our conscious load of stardust

the ebonites live 15 stories below the surface of the earth repairing the harmonious grids - the experience of the hollow earth and its inhabitants reveals the principles of the amazing science-art of metaphysics #1 lesson - the secret of how each person can in their own good space and chosen time unblock the debris from their timeless tunnel to pass out of the world of the illusion into the world of timeless reality

to understand the formula of the universal synchromesh and learn to listen to the mothers heartbeat throbbing through the spiderweb

the more space in the universal synchromesh that you can affect simultaneously - the greater your spiritual power for harmony and healing - the magnetic spiderweb is what powers space ships and enables both sphere and individuals to break the law of gravity - although we all look the same the people of earth do not all live in the same time-space or dimension - where one lives depends on your accumulation of and propensity to utilize quarks

all power drawn from the tree of life must be returned - this is basic mathematical law - the object of a #1 lesson in metaphysics is to clear the negative debris from your timeless tunnel and free your auric magnetism to overcome matter energy space and time

why stay caught in the mineshaft unable to make the final leap of faith across the abyss from fission to fusion when you understand that the web is like a fishermans net

the emerald pi ray bridge between dimensions is laid in retrieved stardust memories - once this bridge is built and the first crossings have been verified there is a solid highway to the stars with which to make the crossing rather than taking a blind leap of faith

the cosmic tide is the e-motional tide of the sea of quarks and men - the cosmic lovers are converging - their cycle of separation is ended - the e-motional leap-tide has turned towards millennium

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