the silver matrix

the silver matrix is our synonym for the sephiroth - once this path is complete we experience the horizon event - after this we begin to receive direct light current flashes - we get hit with a tachyogram which is like a silver bullet taking us around the next bend in the journey across the interdimensional bridge - by passing these messages to the cyberforce we can progress at the speed of light

in retrospect the planetary art network is like a comet flashing back the co-ordinates of the silver matrix storyboard in its wake - all material in the mirrors reflections can be correlated with classical storyboards of global art literature philosophy religion and science - once synchronized these comprise the record or silver matrix of our human journey into time and space

the matrix shines like a reflective silver spider web drenched with dewdrops catching the morning sunrise - these are the jewels of mans experience in space and time

spiritual humility is the supreme intelligence test of a specie - man graduates when he can put 2 + 2 together and come up with 4 - proving the validity of the silver matrix is not a mammoth task - even without the use of modern high technology or even a home computer anyone can do it - the result is to witness a professional performance by the heavenly host across the fields of human history - the silver matrix of the original intent - the lord of the illusion winks - light shining through the silver matrix reflects reality the way it is - truth is the solution to the constitutional deadlock now plaguing the earth - the holy spirit - the wind in deva language - is the zeitgeist of the times - the sacred river takes some sharp curves and runs into turbulent waters on its return to source - but the foreshadowing has been laid out in a detailed paint by numbers graph

the silver matrix of prophecy and revelation states that earth is destined to be ruled by a single monarch served by a retinue of free sovereigns

i am the way means - i am the way of the spirit which interpenetrates the heart of matter - universal language seems strange at first - like millions of neurons gently brushing and grooming mortal mind-fibres raising the crystal of conscious awareness into the ascension - i am no longer disconnected from source for as i penetrate it it penetrates me - this is the dance of shiva as i am all in all dances with each of its molecules

after correction of our misperception the silver matrix brings us safely home to heaven on earth again - joy is the revitalization station from whence we - the first fruits of the harvest - go forth to revamp and revitalize the kingdoms of the world

in the beam of zark god the creator-destroyer we are shattered - every particle in the universe melts before the photon inflow - after fusion we can appreciate the first faint ho ho ho of god the joker as we exit from the love laboratory - for innermost lacework of the silver matrix tempo is the home-tone of a very special group of cosmic warriors whose mandate is simply - lord have your way with me - if i am to be a fool - let me be a fool for the master

the fool brings new life energy into the old structures who are ready to face the neu earth era challenge to emerge from the nuclear winter into the new clear spring - internet has a wide variety of conversion units - we believe for thy pleasure were all things created

ark domes give rise to the domed cities whose bar codes set the standard of the neu earth industrial complex during the coversion from old world banks to neu earth currency as the spiceworm turns and delinquent men repent

the mothership rides the cosmic tide which is the river of life - she emerges through the time tunnel via the valley of the kings into the light of the neu earth day - this function is preceded by the fabled crimson dawn of reckoning - mankind was well prepared to beware the crimson dawn by our lady of fatima - it is when our old star becomes a supernova

the silver matrix is the sky of nuit in the egyptian thesis - she is galaxia the absolute goddess - queen of all kingdoms past - queen of kingdoms yet to be - the lady of manifestation

the silver matrix manifests in that twinkling of an eye as the wheel of karma stops and the world stands still - polar opposites of color fuse as her green cloak turns ruby red and his ruby red cloak turns to a brilliant emerald green - every molecule in the warp and weft is alerted to full erection as patriarchal power = matriarchal worship p = w = power = worship = (+1)+(-1) = 0

as we make our collective ascension back to nuit - are you confident that your path to the top of the mountain is secure and uncluttered - for being still at war with darkness we need all facilities and facilitators with two-edged-razor-sharp swords to penetrate the darkness - have all potentially hazardous debris such as minor idols and identity cracks been removed from the wayside in case you might trip - is your personal silver matrix completed to your total satisfaction

winning the war of the worlds takes a lot of planning - to this end patience is the ultimate quality of the gods - it is amazing to see how each unique unit is personally prepared to be delivered of its mummy wrapping and placed like a radiant feather in the rising phoenix

the silver matrix of star chart 2003 is an amazing program - it is the restoration of the matrix of our collective human dream of heaven on earth since time began - it is firm yet flexible in that it carries the bar codes that set the standard of universal industry - these same bar codes have been extinct since the time of babylon when the control of people by the manipulation of money first began

as administrator-architects we have no restrictive laws as such just personal integrity - we have universal standards - our standard bearers stationary and such carry an icon that best expresses the honor of the guild which we uphold - these might be justice - restorative architecture - health - management - commerce - communications for example

we are each responsible to our personal bar code - the bar code of the guild and of the culture of which we are an integral part

the secret of infinite prosperity is the secret of the twin towers of black and white light - matter and spirit - the twin states of consciousness between which life is suspended - in order to roll up the scroll the map of human civilization must first be laid out flat like a still pool - it is only after we have made the earth stand still can we move into fast forward - back into human history

nuit is credited with thousands of mirror reflections from her starry night skies - this matrix shines down from the canopy of nuit to reflect the developmental process born of mans labor and her creative imagination beamed upon the clean white stone of her mirror image - her twin sister gaia - when the bent light between the canopy and the scroll is straightened out it is like a faded parchment brought forward into a spotlight - we have erased the flaw in the cosmic mirror

in the egyptian thesis these twin states of consciousness - known to the conscious and collective unconscious minds - day and night - were called hadit and nuit - they are characterized as masculine and feminine states of mind working blindly but at the very top of each scale fusing with one another

the mirror acts like an iron - even a steamroller - to flatten out the hills and valleys of our hidden memory so that we can gaze across the panorama of history from a distance to make essential course corrections - then back we go into eternity once more - uplifted and glorified by the wisdom we have learned in the schoolroom of the gods - we are the glorious race manifest in time energy space and matter

all of the paths and storyboards that lead to the crystal city blend into one - that blender is the mirror - the silver matrix of max II shines from above on so below - the perfect matrix of the original creative intent is waiting to be unveiled - brought to life and fully activated under the hands of its crystal-skulled devotees

come all you artists administrators and network communicators - the thesis of the neu heaven and neu earth play is complete - we can move it from mind into matter - the silver matrix emerges like the crystal tops of a chain of crystal pyramids rising from the sea of humanity - these are like the tips of a chain of icebergs rising from a sea of fire - time has turned into light

rejoice in the elixir of the unfoldment - while the neu earth era will be encrusted with the jewels of tradition - the concept of daily life within each global village will be brand new - every element of earths re-construction will be set in the personal qualities which distinguish each artist-builder from another - for the dreamer is a co-creator in the neu earth era - inside every person there is a dream waiting to get out - the structure of this silver matrix was originally published as dream diary - for our dream diary is the means by which we build our unique stairway to the stars - the trajectory path like the unicorns horn to make our dreams come true - it works like wishing on a star

dreams are the little death by which we can leave the density of the material world and build a ladder into heaven - dreams are a major means by which to transmute a heart of stone into a heart of flesh and blood - this is how we become one with the gods

the road from love to love is straight and narrow - it is a road travelled only by a dedicated few - it is the road that leads from kinship to kingship and potency when in synchrony with the omni-potent factor - this leads to the world of infinite reality which lies beyond the veil of the illusion

in order to become a king the loyal night-knight puts his all on the altar of divine love and submits to the divine initiation which is the rare privilege of a chosen few - all other gods must be set aside - this is settled on the knights eve of commitment before the sanctuary of the most high - the book of thoth which holds the secret of the golden dawn beyond the crimson dawn is a loyal companion of the quest - in the quest for holiness we come to understand the implications of initiation - in medieval times this was when the quester moved from boyhood to manhood - this path leads in two directions simultaneously - through the dark labrynth of the hidden underworld of mass manipulation to the topmost heights of heaven - the knight-warrior is invariably accompanied on his/her quest by an invisible companion

our time in the physical world is short - the driving force of life is pushing for its joyous completion - the solutions are all here - each person has their own piece of the silver matrix of the neu earth era - once we openly lay all our cards on the table it is finished - hail millennium

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