money is a form of life giving energy over which we hold a degree of stewardship - our fiscal policy in metaphysics is to open the returning flow of supply by starting to give - strength of personal conviction stimulates this flow - computer shareware is a good example of this principle - unity is strength - the spiral staircase which leads calls for maximum efficiency no overlapping services and the elimination of vanity consumption until the books are balanced on our planetary affairs and we know just how much we as one planetary people are worth in terms of our basic wealth of renewable resources

new earth fiscal policy is based in simple mathematical logic - if the fiscal pie gets bigger there is more for everyone - if the fiscal pie shrinks there is less for everyone - fiscal policy is increasing prosperity for all - the new earth fiscal policy is based on units of energy called geu's, ceu's, neu's - that is to say god energy units - canned energy units and natural energy units - this is the same infinitely renewable natural resources pool that has built our human civilization

god created all men equal - all should have access to developing their maximum potential as a human resource - the sacrifice of the weaker to the stronger savage brain is planicidal - the elitist patronage system presently in effect is dehumanizing to the human race and totally destructive to human dignity

in the balancing of the geu ceu and neu system blood and money are interchangeable - earth is the blood bank - if She bleeds so do we all - explained as the little finger syndrome - the capital market is like a little finger bloated with congealed blood - blood only has life giving qualities when it is kept in vigourous circulation - there is no need to amass great bloated fingers-full of dead man's blood - the apocalyptic turmoil is intended to break down this dyke and let the new blood flow down to the grass roots people

to start again all over means a whole new single monetary system - which is great because this will wipe out all the debts which presently constrict the flow of $$$-life energy

all planetary resources are infinitely renewable so long as we do not deplete the capital which is gaia - the highest unit of gaia's natural resource bank is man alive - the law of $$$ is a key part of the inviolable law of infinite prosperity - the story of the diabolical monetary conspiracy to bleed the people of the earth is one everyone should learn about - its a dilly - it is the story of the underground labrynth of a conspiracy long standing run by a few private individuals bent on plundering the whole of humankind

whatever the source of human vanity this is the weakest point in the identity infrastructure that the unified force attacks - as explained to the rich man in the parable of salvation - monetary value placed on oneself or ones corporate identity is an invitation partake in purgatory - or to be the last rather than the first

the prince of thieves supports the illusion that money has a positive value of itself - mathematical logistics show that at the present time the practice of using illusionary money as a medium of exchange for goods of real value is a more expensive planetary practice to maintain than it is worth - the cost of police investigations criminal prosecutions and supporting people in jail is horrendous - the real global criminals never get behind bars and continue their wholesale money games undisturbed - every gate into the kingdom of heaven is a single pearl and there are no exceptions for rich or poor alike - it is written - seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all things shall be given unto you - though heaven and earth shall pass away my word shall live forever - every missionary who travels to the darkest pagan regions knows that the way to win souls is by giving glass beads and tooth brushes to the native population to attract their attention - indicate friendly intentions and capture their allegiance - even though the real intention is to bring these sinners into servility and to captivate their souls for what god you happen to be worshipping and instil the precept you will have no other gods before me

glass beads shells little oblong bits of paper with a bunch of chicken scratches on them - what's the difference - its all the same illusion - as it is below - so it is above

policy is :-

1. to give earth back to earth and all her earth people

2. to eliminate the present disintegrative fiscal system

3. to administer the whole earth husbandry co-operative

4. to run this star ship as a common human enterprise

5. to rapidly change the present legal system to accommodate the advent of gaia - it is our firm intention to effect the smoothest possible transition for our beloved human brethren of earth - to understand the evolution of economy is to understand the secrets of all people of all times

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