radio teleportation

all things come from the one and to the one all things return - direct second coming information will end man's painful planetary probation - the light force uses flashbacks to steer the administrator through via radio teleportation - this describes the massive airlift from egocentricity to theocentricity which got underway when the mothership began broadcasting communiques in 1983 - the unifed space network has recorded continuous contacts to multiple earth radio and modem stations from 1973 forward... and for many years before that

those who have successfully teleported to a higher sphere are now incarnate elohim - all mothership messages had a common content - they spotlight a path from a world that had gone berserk to a land of common sense - they announced that the mothership had entered the climax of her voyage in the time-space dimension - they explained that people were being weighed in the balance according to their capacity for that which decides ones degree of subtlety or degree of density - in this way each person is allocated to a specific place on one of the multiple planes of consciousness

the nature of the universe is a duality of light and darkness with pixels cancelling each other out to (+1)+(-1)=0 - where the wall of light - the product of teleportation - stands erect and glad before the wall of darkness - here ends the old world - this where the morphogenetic vibration - love - the mutual ecstasy of the cosmic lovers causes the collapse of the illusionary facade between dimensions

through the mirror - we can read the book of genesis in reverse with the snake as our lady's hero - for the snake in the garden of eden represents the great train of humanity - its key segments teleported by inner radio now arriving at its promised destination as the ark of the covenant is fulfilled in the harmonic convergence of parallel dimensions

members of the 8th plane of consciousness - we have ended all prevarication - we have been teleported into the upper realms via inner radio and spiritual humility to fulfil the promise - blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth

stop time: time returns to light upon the completion of the life cycle of the electron - we can see that the nuclear power that fuels the snake train of time is much like a centipede fueled by millions of tiny human feet across aeons and dimensions - this process continues for a specific length of light years - as our star trek ends the last veil of the social fabric is so fatigued that it disintegrates - partiality is the abomination

now we can put the crystal cap on the whole earth pyramid of civilization - we exit from the time warp of cosmic education into the 8th plane of consciousness finally free of the house of bondage back into infinitude - here power = worship of the one all-father and equal all-mother - this is isis & osiris in the egyptian - these are the cosmic lovers - egocentricity and theocentricity force and source parents of all planes times and dimensions

their (+1) male, and (-1) female duality is resolved back into the one - as time returns to light

there are different planes of consciousness through which we each pass en. route to returning home to mu the motherland of consciousness - metaphysics deals with this ultimate reality and shows us how to break away from the surface world of the illusion and see things as they really were are and evermore will be

there is no religion higher than truth - truth alone can set this planet free from the law of sin and death and bring the neu earth era to all

telepathy and teleportation is a natural outcome of higher evolution - anything modern technology can achieve mind can do better for this is how the heavens below the abyss are shaped to match the parallel world above

this is done by releasing diamonds - psi particles or star crystals into the atmosphere to be processed through the human mind and turned into dark crystal or utopia on earth in the ice-cube world of matter

this function of the holy ghost or spirit is revealed in modern times as unified forces - modernizing the name does not affect its eternal function of leading the virgin bride of the true human up the garden path to meet the cosmic groom

come on snow white out with that last bite of poisoned apple - banish all negative thought which clouds our mirror reflection of perfection - its time to wake up

love is energy - truth is order - wisdom is perfect equilibrium

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