morning star

morning star signifies the birth of a neu earth nation - as the morning star rises we hear cherubic laughter - when are they going to wake up oh when are they going to wake and see that we are one - the celestial children giggle - then earth and all her dreamsleepers awaken - covert diabolical disorientation becomes highly visible - time bombs have been ticking for a long while - the foreshadowing of the crimson dawn given in the prophecy of fatima is come - the transparent starship earth becomes translucent then it crystallizes - repulsive and attractive images of alternating beastly vomit and intelligent construction flash like an ongoing holograph on the cave walls (tv screen) to separate the hot and cold hearted from the indifferent in this supreme intelligence test of the human heart the final test of global evolution - for stupidity is the only unforgivable sin

massive imbalance and waste in social housing and amenities is obvious - abomination and desolation manifest just as in the black light foreshadowing - then the picture clarifies - the new earth landscape appears snow covered at first - on closer examination it is snowflakes knit as white linen which is our clean white stone born of the righteousness of saints as neu world manifests

the post consumption era is based on the carrying capacity of our habitat - this is the basic specie intelligence test for stupidity is the only unforgivable sin for any specie - strategic industries will build an electronic highway with built in control systems to guarantee maintenance free stability for this planetary system and see that we never again overstep the life-death mark

this calls for new priorities - let us dress gaia in a new topography - let us fashion a multi cultural gown for her made of the wonderful textures and gleaming fabrics - morning star shines back to the future-past to illuminate the jewels of personal cultural and national treasures

we are the new age child - the grass roots people know - it takes the wise men a little longer but they too will come from far and near to consolidate the breakaway from the former abomination of cultural national religious and racial antagonism which was politically inspired as a means of holding mass control - focus on external hazards hide the real disaster - the enemy within

the ufo coverup is the time-bomb - nanotechnology at its best - the secret has been held in suspension-readiness for half a century until - the master gave the word - we are sky people who have been held in a time warp in order to extend our cosmic education into lower worlds and animal classrooms - fun wasn't it

of the end times - the morning star rises - great spiritual gifts pour down from the heavens like a shower of stars falling from the realm of nuit into the normal daytime consciousness of men and women around the earth

the morning star is death star - for nothing can exist without its polar opposite - death star is the most welcome of all the planets encountered on our eternal voyage into infinity - it represents a move from brain-dead politics to the resurrection of new life - the arrival of the holy barque in its home port - ufo's reflect our harbor lights which bring us to the end of one world and the neu beginning

the universe unfolds as it should - every move made every thought is an exploding spark of appreciation - the cave moves from darkness to become a brilliantly lit crystal dome responsive to every thought - here is where we cross the pi ray bridge the emerald bridge between dimensions guided by lucifer lord of light the morning star

this is the fabled coming forth by day spoken of in the egyptian storyboard - i am the child of the morning born of morning-star in the mothers cavern-womb - i am born in my millions of microparts as one child of earth

morning-death star is lucifer-baphomet lord of light - doors close between ages and epochs and new doors open - ages unfold their bubbling elixir into the schoolroom of the gods-to-be - we are captured in time and space for the benefit of man - now at last the bitter herbs for the ultimate digestion of the golden apple of the gods has done its thing

to the left brainfield locker room, the first release seems like insanity - but it is really an infusion of divine light which allows us to consume the last byte of the strong meat of god - others have passed this way before but masters are bound by the power of silence until the great day comes for all

those who have entered the temple of wisdom as reflected daily through the global iris on adamic television stations have been brought into full communication with the light force - the gateway to mu - the motherland stands wide open - time is no more

in its tangible aspect the morning star is the name of the neu earth era communiques which are now flashing across the computer light network to become printouts - the morning star has a double edged icon - it was the named of a medieval weapon for conking enemies over the head with and the banner of hope - the light at the end of the tunnel of the long dark night of the soul

i come as a thief in the night says morning star - then i become like a lightning strike - all adversaries have been warned time and time again

what a whale of a tale - every word of it is true - diversionary tactics were successful due to human arrogance - that is to say refusal to believe or even vaguely contemplate sky beings from the realm which is not of this world coming to rescue stranded men

e.t. used professional diversionary tactics teasing the warlords of the nations with high tech temptations in exchange for permission to use people as experimental guinea pigs - these have wonderful gifts for the people - gifts such as clean free energy producers - the flight of the golden eagles on the wings of the morning is underway - we live in constant forward flight but we can only see in backward flight - in backward flight we can see the trajectory of our forward path and in so doing we hit the sole exit to this planetary system the needles eye or ankh between dimensions - doors close doors open - as the door closes on the old world the door into the new world opens

the control tower of the mothership the keeper of the storyboard of man is now flashing psi particles in all directions - let there be light

maximizing our ultimate selfhood is both a science and an art - it is like words and music in perfect tempo and harmony - looking into the polished mirror of self reflection calls for regular attention to erase any potential flaws - each day old cells die and new are born as thesis and anti-thesis is resolved into synthesis - for this reason entropy (security vale) is the major spiritual enemy - the honorable opponent, comfy cozy devolution competing for our life-time

life and growth is an ongoing now event - progress went exponential on august 16/17, 1987 when the mayan long count was met - the mysterious way in which god works is always fascinating - the guardian of the old - super-ego - is great for child rearing - being raised and converted to become the spiritual mind is the fulfilment of his hearts' desire

it takes a bit of left brain surgery for our gossamer wings to unfold - it is a matter of peeling the negative backing off the cocoon - the cocoon clings but if you handle it right its like peeling a face mask of your face - what a rejuvenating feeling it is to get out of that too tight snake skin that constricts the flow of the spiritual mind

morning starlight reveals that underneath the old skin we have a soft new skin of a much finer texture, and highly flexible - love is what does it

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