call our lady goddess mother of all matriarch of multifold splendour what you will - mary isis zalzalah gaia are facets of this one - let her glory unfold in the minds of men - in a world of balanced creativity in which every day is special and has its own energy pattern - one which the ancients understood - wesak which falls on the full moon of may is a prime example

adoration of the great mother helps us assimilate her wisdom as we gather in the global forum to share ideas and assimilate public opinion on how to apply short medium and long term streams of energy into upgrading her position as the queen of this great pleasure palace... planet earth

there are positive and negative aspects of to the application of human creativity - negative application can utterly destroy our specie - positive magnification of our lady gaia lands heaven on earth

hopping around from pillar to post serves confusion - the egyptian hieroglyphs portray this as a monkey hopping back and forth on a scale - while this magnification - minimization effect is present the mind is blocked from seeing things as they really are - the mind can never be truly at rest but is in a constant tort-retort/action-reaction vortex as it is blown like a straw in the wind - this heat of primal energy is now turned into light

to magnify the power of mortal people is to minimize the power of god - this is an erroneous paradigm - in phase one of our star temple education eT ran a correction tape through our perception - they explained that to look to the right or to the left was means to avoid looking more deeply into ourself - the code word for this exercise is mop = motivation orientation proportion

spiritual maturity arrives in that order - only then can we get into the phase of inner growth called the magnificat - it is this indepth appreciation of our divine parent that draws us into the inner kingdom - we also learn to have a sense of proportion when dealing with the external world - the completion of this circuit is paymaster - this is when we come to know the divine phallus

the divine phallus - moses vril stick is the magnetic pole which passes through the centre of the universe - this light pole fertilizes every molecule within the cosmic uterus - every sentient thing within that universe is created to worship god - this song of glorification is the echo system that keeps the whole thing rolling like a giant globe across infinity - together these are known a ra-atoum

this globe of consciousness atoum is what we call the mothership or cosmic womb - we pass from this uterine abyss (the cave in philosophy) as maturated spiritual beings when our tone of response-ability matches the energy vibration coming from the divine phallus - this is when our eyes are open our ears can hear and our heart beat matches the mother's heartbeat

when seen from the viewpoint of the upper kingdom matter is as fragile as the morning mist - while mind is like a steel-beamed electromagnetic infrastructure supporting clusters of matter - evolution is a painful process

it means the master (he or she) has to put his\her strongest weight against the inert mass of matter - it takes camel trains and mule trains and elephant trains of thought to levitate the mass - levi is the sphere of energy we call levitron

in earliest times this massive masculine virility vir in the tarot was associated with jhvh - the god of the hebrews (+1) - the same principle was attributed to ganesh the elephant god in hinduism who was also the father of the buddha - the male archetype is zeus in the greek - the same central magnetic phallus is the sacred bull of aphis in the egyptian - the name changes but the principle remains the same

all true religious ceremonies are solar and phallic - the christ principle of surrender is the polar opposite of these

we join in the universal magnificat in response to the vibration of the cosmic love song - there is a summit of consciousness a pinpoint pitch of rapture understood as we bathe in the symphonic energy beaming

as each bride hits to proper pitch amazing grace is personified in its millions of human microparts - we each become a unique and individual dispenser of amazing grace when we can truly say my cup runneth over - each person crowns another by exchanging crown jewels of relationship

tuning in to your specific place in the universal synchromesh is a solitary road - each unique snowflake-micro element with your bio-person has a specific place within the body and a specific job to do - the eye kidney and blood cells for example

the bio-mutant being works on the same principle - when micro is in harmony with macro - macro gets into orbit - it is like many moons orbiting a central sun held in orbit by the specific bar codes in the electromagnetic field of the universal synchromesh

pillar #3 in general deals with the personal qualities of the masters - each will tread in a place where no human foot has trodden before - the neu earth era puts all men on a level-playing field for the first time in human history - the cosmic warrior can come forth in full empowerment - revelations tells us how - the four beasts at the foot of the throne represent courage pulling power - the keenest vision to blend all their finest qualities within the intelligence of the man who thinks smarter not harder - magnification reveals the power source

power is worship of the divine phallus ra in all its aspects - that which is the alpha and omega - the creator and destroyer of worlds - to which end it is written - thou shalt have none other gods before me - this masculine and feminine aspect of one god is shown in mathematics as (+1)+(-1), active and passive principles cancelled out to zero when their child is born by her skill and industry in the reflection of the father

in plotting our ongoing course through the starfields of infinity - magnification is a note of resonance with all in all - my soul doth magnify the lord of light is the emotional response when we have moved from the bondage of the subjective world into the infinite co-creative world of objectivity - this calls for all the finest qualities we can muster - 99.9% is just not good enough

god says i want all of you - because anything less would defy the law of evolution - our fruit of the tree of life must be our very best - here we can see the scale of values and the value of the scale involved in the whole earth play - the rerfect process leads us into a perfect reprojection of the original projection - it erases the flaw in the cosmic mirror by which quite rightly scientists say the lower world came into being

connection to the universal synchromesh is made possible by the potency of our projection - an impotent reprojection gets an impotent response - god does not cast pearls before swine - to reproject a god in our own image is the ultimate ego trip - to limit the almighty one to our own mortal impotency is the supreme arrogance

potency comes through an engagement with the living god - every molecule trembles and is torn apart - it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living god - we can watch it happening in mass media - o paper tigers has god ever got a hammerlock on collective-you

one glimpse of god erect the all-father with his eld-up and it's game over for the new kids on the block - the human family is like a huge brain with its neurons disconnected

left-brainfield disturbance ends as we pass through the mirror - all reflections in the mirror lead to a straight-on look at the fathers eld in full erection around which all the 12 pillars of light orbit - this is the central 13th pillar of metaphysics

at the 13th pillar point we ourselves become erect for life and love and can truly stand up and say the father and i are one - going all out for what you know to be right and true is not quite like running for a popularity contest as previous warriors lives have shown to be the case - overcoming resistance to change is comparable to raising the dead

cosmic warriors are like vibrant white bloodcells in a dying bloodstream of our planetary body - our lady's holy and grossly abused body - the nuclei in such cells are attracted by the strong nuclear force which turns light into the density we call matter - united these cells can cause an instant flip of the nuclear poleshift as all the living cells are attracted to light

transmutation is like death and instant rebirth - blood vessels in the body are like the planetary plumbing system - they carry the water of life - but the pipes can only be joined when they are purified - which means casting no shadow on the throne of perfection - then the healing river can flow through the whole body - this is the second coming of the light

magnification is a two-way street - magnification in the pre- conscious can make molehills into mountains when used subjectively - or it can move mountains and turn them into molehills when used objectively in concern for the mutual benefit of all interdependent earth life on this planet

the nuclei of each individual cell must be tested in this rites of passage process - and as ever mind must precede matter

in a world of perfect equilibrium self-aggrandizement and self-abasement act like a sliding spirit rule on the horizontal reflect of the mirror - each state is equally disadvantageous to spiritual stability - to this end - new agers raise their arms to shoulder height to indicate alignment with the solar cross the common spiritual nuclei in all live cells which rests at all times in equilibrium

time spent alone in the great work is of the highest value - magnification is a key part of the perfect process as it leads to a perfected reflection as in the sun-moon tradition - anything less than a 100% focus and concentration makes this connection impossible by the impotency of the reflection - for in the final analysis it's all done by mirrors in the magic sun-moon-earth golden triangle

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