lost memories

true wisdom is being self-fulfilled in perfect happiness - where we have passed beyond the follies of adolescent gods and can now get acquainted with god the businessman - you and me working together as partners is the theme - as members of the light affiliates - this is where we assume our responsibilities as husbanders of the planet and go into an equal business partnership with mastermind

the judgement is finished and the vote is in - we can get on with our corporation earth affairs - we will continue on as a direct democracy with all earths vast intelligence and human resources having an equal vote - now elohim elementals and man the mediator take equal moral responsibility and become equally involved in local regional national international prosperity affairs - the prosperity process is perfect

we have gone with the violent society as far as the bridge - through the eye of the earth gods we can look back and see the pros and cons of our human situation - we start by having one mind-foot on the bedrock intelligence of our elemental kingdom and one mind-foot on tomorrows island in the sky - keeping an eye awake in each foot is the secret of victory in all dimensions - this is not at all difficult once you get the hang of it - this planet will now be run as a profitable business for the mutual benefit of all life forms

living in the best of both worlds - this is where intelligence applied for the mutual benefit of self and of all planetary life forms custom tailors the talents of the integrated man - energy and funds flow along a parallel pathway - quarks are like capital investment in the physics flip from light into weight into speed

once the mind is stretched enough to grasp the microscopic - megascopic scale and value system of this new dimension it can never shrink back into the old idea again - life in the fast lane is an exciting experience crowned with daily stretches and successes - we first began broadcasting in december 1983 - specific instructions on the conditions of entry to the unified field - having followed those directions explicitly and did indeed arrive - since that time many others have followed - you can too

our world is run on a merit system supervised by superior elemental earth gods and goddesses and supreme star persons with full elohimic intelligence - the new earth superbeing steps through - the abundance of all worlds is ours for the taking - lets get moving to completion - network administrators welcome

to facilitate your physical prosperity and spiritual success we the guardians of the tree of life have set up an entry code system that sincere persons can understand - we can help you determine your need and locate co-ordinating agents

now that we are set firmly in bedrock intelligence and have our clean white stone we can begin building the new earth pyramid to previously unimaginable heights of power and glory - this tower of strength unlike the toppling towers of babylon will rise above the former indwelling socio-ethnic time-frame of yesterday

the bedrock secret is built on the magic triangle - know your product=green - know the extent of your desire=red know your personal capacity=yellow in its limitlessness and its matter energy space time limitations - then all you need is the essential self-discipline to target and consume your destiny

the cosmic conspiracy can no longer be hidden - the sky gods who may just turn out to be the ancients playing games with children - namely left-brain educated man - we are led through the insanity band to clear up misconceptions and emerge victorious into the promised land

it really threatens the old order when we stop being robotic left- brained zombies - caught in the cement labyrinth of the planetary bureaucracy - rightly so - the emergence of the light beings is the fulfilment of the prophesy of the egyptian and tibetan books of the dead - which are in fact the navigation maps to this great emergence - the long awaited coming forth by day

we bring wonderful gifts for our brothers and sisters who are sick and tired of the old system - we heal the sick - restore sight to the blind -make the deaf to hear - and raise the dead

we bring a new unblotted copybook - a clean white stone - a lovely lotus pearl - we are going back to the age of innocence - all you need do is cross the bridge to set up shop in the unified field - we have ark domes for decontamination units refitting centres retreats long and short sabbaticals quick rescue operations placement and full employment in the register of golden guild builders

this is the neu beginning - work to be done to get our star ship shipshape and beyond that to her ultimate regal splendor - the only way to travel in this world - we have vast wastelands dry plains of desert and the ancient symbols which endure across our star-voyage to ensure that we get safely home again - all needing urgent and loving attention - we will revitalize the land - we will enfold the planet in a green nimbus of all knowledge - equal and free to everyone - this is the memory restorative elixir which is composed of the minds of all great men and women who have passed this way before - the mothership carries all lost memories


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