every person who is through the transformation becomes a liaison for their domain - think retrieval - think victory for the light - god has the most incredible capacity for miniaturization - it can put its whole self into its purified microparts - which is the secret

ours is a universe of abundance - the mirror is the means whereby we retrieve and reassemble all the microparts at a new assemblage point of universal abundance - this is the power of aeronautics - weight lifting the people to the upper realm

this testing of the strength of a cosmic being goes back to the powerful globe-lifting mythical characters of olympus zeus and hercules - the gods run a wide open competition - the prize goes not to the physically swift or to the physically strong but to those with power of tenacity born of purity of motivation and true will intent

the role of the director is to get the big show on the road - to master all challenges - to direct the universal event - to expose the reality of the second coming - we need an operational lighthouse to assist those still struggling through the fog in its various degrees of density trying to reach our dimension

in retrospect it seems almost impossible to believe that life before our transformation was so prosaic so commonplace so very monotonous - spiritual intervention takes us into the fast lane where the inner world is moving at the speed of light - we have set up sovereign networks to recruit our whole earth army a brotherhood of light for this great day of fulfilment

for rapid results we need emotional energy and talents in the form of purely motivated volunteers - we need access to natural resources in the form of food clothing and shelter - we need canned energy in the form of local currency - in the upper room of mind the control tower of the mothership all energy is one - money is just one part of it - we are energy beings and money is part of that same energy striving towards manifesting that which is good and right for all - each form of energy needs the other to complete its destined life circuit

what is the computer without the person - what is the telephone without the connection - what is money without a vision of the light at the end of the tunnel - what is man - he/she is the mediator between all these aspects of the one god mind - the overseer of his/her personal wish for this planetary system

lets tell the world about it - we have spent the past three decades foreshadowing this event

there is a built in block in humans who have followed the ash - absolute spiritual humility path - they tend to confuse spiritual humility before god with humility to ones fellow man - they think they are unworthy - this is not possible for there is a place for everything that god has created - straight talk is the tone this window is - the axis of the harvesting circuit in the wheel that turns the world from 666 to 999 where evil reads live - we alternate between action and reflection always making sure that we have yinned very carefully before we yang - this means doing your homework and research before making a move

if you have reflected carefully in passing through something strange will have happened to your auric fabric - i am imprinted with the stamp of a star ship commander - someone has changed the resonance of my bar-code - once you hit the magic golden triangle you can turn your house into a space ship and live in total freedom of mind while at the same time having your feet planted firmly on the ground

lets drop in at the reception room of our local ark-dome and meet the director

good evening ladies and gentlemen - we are looking for partners in the upper realm enterprise - up here we run a friendly family business in the unified field for our common interest is one

things down there and things up here run pretty much the same - god the universal bank manager is the ultimate capitalist - his first mandate is to keep the universe alive and growing - all life energy is directed to that effect

right now we are seeking out the earth movers spiritual giants the planetary elect - we offer them a 50-50 partnership in the whole earth enterprise - the sooner you become an active agent the quicker we achieve whole earth revitalization and settle down to ongoing prosperity in all dimensions

to be a good agent the first thing you need is to know your product - our product is making gods in the image of the divine parent - yet these can be as uniquely diverse as the snowflakes in winter - the first thing you need to know about being a god is this - a god never goes back on his word for his/her word is his oath of honour the heart of our holy bar code

once you grasp the value of the product you will become rich both spiritually and physically - for you will have a territorial stake in all realms

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