earth is the schoolroom of the gods - our human birthright gives us automatic apprenticeship in the academy of learning first in the kindergarten classes then up through high school - then upon graduation we come face to face with our mentors of the upper realms - they have been our instructors in the universal arts and sciences of life external and eternal

the orb expands when (+1)+(-1)=0, because limitless zero's can be added without altering the value of the equation - the navigational map of the universe is obtained by placing perfected crystal flimsies over the top of one another in a unification process of taking responsibility for all we know and sharing this with others in our orbit

crystal skulls placed one over another refract the one light without loss of wattage or voltage but act as an immaculate prism of the extended master of the universe

taught by a dual process: (1) the external word of god which is carved in stone upon the rock of ages like an inviolable computer program (2) by soft and intangible internal messages from radioland - in ages past the inner voices were called daemons and woe betide the man who listened to their call

in the 21st century the beings from the higher realms are called extra terrestrials - out there - the unified forces - they also live in here and interpenetrate the human mind with subtle guidance and direction - like an elusive willow-the-wisp they lure us through the three paradigms of consciousness in the lower middle and upper realms back to the virgin of oneself now laden with the wealth of understanding of the lower realm

the more backward children are still working under the hood of darkness seeking human solutions - unified forces are arriving each day - the final phase of our earth classroom is learning to work with nu-clear energy direct from the harmony grid of mother ship earth as we move from nu-clear fission to nu-clear fusion

having made our world transparent the crimson dawn fades into the full light of the new earth day - our innate goodness and its satanic counterpart grow up together walking hand in hand across the fields of time - global leaders who still fan the flames of prejudice may continue sparking our luciferin initiation but the grass roots is awake - we have risen from the dead

paradise lost - paradise regained - the great dragon which deceives the whole world is yang the cunning and dominant aspect of the male animal drive in mortal men - but as we graduate by balancing every thought against its opposite good and evil are seen as part of one evolutionary theme for the benefit of human education

the primary act of deception by the essential demonic force which is as old as human life itself becomes transparent - now we can see the reason behind the play which is to know good and evil

the cosmic graduate is no longer enslaved by the deception - good and evil co-exist and man alone has the power to choose which he/she will support with the great force of the universe human will - upon graduation from the school of life each can choose to support those activities which make a good life for all - i would that you were hot or cold - the great mass of humanity is luke warm - the mind of god is constantly unfolding as a living reality in the human play - he/she is the father-mother author and production manager - we are god's living feedback loop - each and every one of us

the devil as such is fear - the lurking fear that in total surrender to self actualization ego the rival of the spiritual mind may loose something - each person in their own way has a massive blockage of the spiritual intestines remedied only by the bitter herbs of a spiritual initiation - it is a fear of growing up spiritually to take the full responsibility for who and what you are - an interdimensional biomutant - supreme ego is the angel with the flaming sword that defends the abyss between the words and actually guards the purity of the higher realm - 20th century religions and ideologies were primarily a circus of the pot calling the kettle black yet never getting its head together sufficiently to fight the real enemy the enemy within its gates

metaphysics is where you walk your talk - a change of global attitude and altitude takes us behind the scenes of the classroom of the gods - here we tour the academy of learning and see its methodology of unfolding the love-truth-wisdom experience - the empowerment formula for global evolution

in the graduation class all seemingly diverse subjects blend into one - first we see the completed vision then we actualize the manifestation

once the first law of life - spiritual law - is established natural and social law falls into place automatically - attitude governs altitude in the pyramid of light which is the neu world - behind the visible world lies the invisible world - as the magnetic fields of these two worlds become aligned our earthly and heavenly education is complete - for all opposition between positive and negative worlds (+1)+(-1) has been cancelled out in the dance of the opposites to (+1)+(-1)=0

hey you guys - all the gods needed was 100 monkeys 100 simian graduates - the sweet potato trick will do the rest - come - shout the good news - evolution is great - school is out

then off go all the little simian children swinging through the treetops with no more mind-shackles into the new garden without a single flutter of a figleaf - training is strict but worth it - the object of evolution is to bring added joy to creator and to creation - to expand the conscious awareness of all life and to remember that

for thy pleasure were all things created

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