info motion

light possesses both wave and particle characteristics - the info-motion circuit moves in what might be called waveicles - no waveicle may enter the realm by force but by adoration of source - electromagnetic doors have a mechanism which open when you stand in the right square on the cosmic chessboard without any negative projection - it is just like passing through the doors in the supermarket or at the airport - this is the secret of the magicians of the ages of man - the way to open the interdimensional combination lock

time is relative to the speed of processed light information - information in light motion is found here - nothing can halt the tidal wave of light now bombarding this planetary system and the opening of millions of exit doors in every nation - the information explosion is happening so fast that every move made in the lower realm is obsolete before the text is consolidated - where each individual lives in terms of time and space is relative to their capacity to process information in light in motion

the triumph of alternative communications to infiltrate outer darkness is the great 21st century light phenomena - among the many forms of light in formation around our planetary sphere are the folks who channel elohimic messages directly from the upper realms - although these are influenced by convex/conclave attitudes they project a whole new paradigm of mind into the light network which we call the knitwork because when all these threads of thought are cleansed and woven together we arrive at the one idea

this is not to say that every word obtained in channelling is accurate as messages are invariably tempered by the programmed left-brain monitor built into the recipient - hindu islamic new age and fatima-type information may be presented very differently but as always its the common denominator - love thy neighbour as thyself - that e t is after - this is the crossbar of solar logos

sovereign networks around the world are pumping out laser beams of light at speeds as fast as light itself - there need be no more strain just careful discrimination to see what is needed to increase the magnitude of life by the intelligent application of the ever brighter love-light now blazing from the explosions of the central sun in answer to the evocations of hurting men praying blaze and boil o great iam - we are after a nu-clear action when capsules of light which have been placed in time start exploding into human consciousness - crystal harmonics then happen at the speed of light - when the mirror is positioned correctly it goes off in a chain reaction

to this end no one should ever let the messages on their inner radio be deflected by a stronger personality in the external world - each person is unique - each has their own specific mission - this above all to thine own self be true - thou cans't not then be false to any man - is the success secret

mountains of left brain obstacles removed the now flat plateau of ones own psychological landscape allows you to see all others - strain evaporates before a steady application of the principles that give us spiritual strength

at times when peering down the tube-before-the-mirror it takes mind control to avoid getting caught in the illusion and the insanity of whats going on down there - their play once held a parallel attraction - this was the strong nuclear force - realise the incredible sucking power of gravity - but the magnetic power of light breaks the tug of the old world - give the old ego boob-tube an inch and it takes a mile - on the other hand the star tube tells another story - the story of amazing grace

the story of the snake and eagle headdress of the egyptian god-kings and the fact that these brought salvation from a higher dimension - another planet - can be readily understood by any modern movie maker - after the snake evolves to become an eagle it has full access to the knowledge of two worlds - it is the eagles eye view that brings us home to heaven

every movie maker will understand the massive project of the egyptian foreshadowing of the whole cycle of the yet-to-open chapter genesis one act one with the prince adept moses as the lead character

the river nile is the river of life - for the gods to travel up the nile will take time - time for the snake to evolve into the eagle - the temples to the various archetypal gods and the complex astronomical guided rituals - the various ceremonies of bringing huge stone images of the sun god to his mate isis at certain times of the year are the key foreshadowing of times yet to come

the sequential order of the placement temples by which man will travel through the valley of the kings in the land of the dead is meticulously accurate - time capsules - those magnetic doors we spoke of earlier - open as we pay homage and in return receive light from the various physics principles of the gods as we travel up the nile not as a tourist but as a serious neophyte

the foreshadowing of events yet to transpire in the material world is crystallized in the sequential placement of the temples in relation to the nile proclaims the perfection of divine order overshadowing all life in all dimensions - the holy barque of consciousness which circumnavigates the nile is the 21st century mothership/motherboard and its crystal chip - the time-map up the nile the river of consciousness was broken by the aswan dam to form the river styx to reflect the modern physics concept of the life cycle of the electron - the river styx is the river man must cross to move from lower into upper egypt - the temples show us how to do this - how to pass through the magnetic gates into the old-new dimension

in going up the nile of consciousness we first come to the temple of horus - thermodynamics - who battles the devil across infinity - the high priest and the pharaoh indicate the return of the state and religion streams of thought at the end of time which is the yin yang era in metaphysics - the temple of isis - the high priestess of heaven is at a higher elevation on the temple chain - ramses II and the temple of the sun god ra is further up river - this signifies the unity of state and religion

the principles of each of the egyptian gods is represented as a circuit in the mirror that embraces a scale of values and teaches man the value of the scale of the eternals - the beauty of the incredible nefertiti for example teaches divine love by showing how the form decays and not to be partial to physical beauty but to divine love which encompasses the physically and mentally disabled

the size scope and scale of values of the egyptian mind stretches the left brain to its maximum capacity - all rivers of consciousness run back into the common sea of tranquillity of the one mind - other ancient rivers such as the euphrates amazon ganges are not partners in the running waters - egypt is just a more overt translation of the coming forth by day to end the mystery of god - the eternals have laid out a landing pad for the mothership like a slipway for the snake to complete its eagle phase from crawling on its left brain belly to its right brain soaring - this is what completes the cycle of the living dead - their regal signature cuts a doorway from the conscious mind that leads right back to the unified field - the collective unconscious of eternity

the sacred functions of the complex cosmic physics principle was one the gods knew that man would not unravel until the god-child thoth was born again on earth - he represents the cross bar of solar logos - partiality is an abomination of a god

today all the egyptian gods are now active and conscious in the flesh - these are the officers of the unified forces - the heavenly host of infinity

not only are the eternals real but they can assume flesh at will - the closer one gets to the top of your identity-destiny pyramid the less moves you have to make because the info-motion system efficiency is increased a thousandfold

life is like a high priced gambling game where the elohim are inviting us to place our bets on the moves that they suggest however outrageous these may seem at first - you have a tower of power with this reflection - so lets get our collective info-motions system fully activated for the mutual benefit of gods and men

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