human transmitters

welcome to a world of virtual reality where solution is the only game in town - we promise you will never be bored - you can step in and out of the fast lane as you choose - materialise dreams of territorial conquest - become a celestial mariner sail in unchartered waters - scale new heights of mind - you can be any character desired run your own starship - spotlight the enterprising spirit of neu era who are the first permanent settlers to arrive in the neu world - we have made it here because of special qualities - we were called and were chosen - as the first we can each start any cosmic enterprise we so desire - just so long as it is in keeping with universal - once the model is laid it can explode into limitless avenues of possibility provided the codex is kept - this infinite win win win formula is inviolable for the benefit of all

this is the mutual benefit of the three sided light field triangle taught to members of the unified forces - the base of this equilateral triangle is the tree of life - side (2) is the merchants love of his/her merchandise - side (3) is the love of the consumer who will benefit from the product of sides one and two

by keeping ones eye in the exact centre of this triangle all will prosper - the centrepoint of this pyramidal structure is impartiality towards the common benefit solution

the titans have employed psycho-technology for social engineering and control of the critical mass since the beginning of time - in the moment of the awakening the sovereign person blows the cobwebs of antiquity from the mind - it is mindblowing to see how the ruling elite have robbed man of self love and respect - they have manipulated men to fight each other for their own benefit - they have bent man away from his natural instinct of warm co-operation with his fellow common man and out of harmony with natural and spiritual law - no anti-nature based intelligence can survive - the church and state use the religious goat to herd the lambs of god into the bottomless pit of servitude of the mass to the elite - the crop puts an end to this - no more virgin blood need be shed once we have woken up

bridgeing the fascinating world of high spirituality and down to earth business - the true man is essentially a spiritual being with untapped genius trapped behind the veil of bonded consciousness - transcendence has little value if it does not lead into an engagement with the dark forces in the world around us - this calls for a massive injection of spiritual enterprise

the analogy of the lotus blossom is pertinent - its roots are deep within the nutritious slime at the bottom of the pond - then it shoots up a long stalk towards the light and blossoms in the sun

the inner sun is shining and the liaisons of the realm - the most high are ready to receive the children - we can expect millions of immigrants in the next little while as spiritual encounters multiply and the exodus from chaos continues plans for the final assault on earths decadent system

we must alleviate all possible distress as a result of the planetary agenda to bring abundant life not further slavery - there have been many books written about new and innovative win win win priceless economic systems - it begins by spotlighting worship of the golden calf for what it truly is - death and despair

the upheaval of the fabric is shortly due to climax in a volcanic eruption - for all is one in nature and the spiritually awake person understands the way evolving man has been at war with nature and her process of retaliation - education in whats what and whos who

for the interchange of cosmic rhythms in the singular one is absolute - natural disaster is not co-incidental but a reflection on the interlaced paths of the iving universal process - the imbalance between the give and take between systems has reached a point of no return insofar as sentient nature is concerned and action to remove the offending parasite (man) is automatic

the unified field is valid across all systems and dimensions - every particle is affected by the will of the one - disease and natural disaster is all part of the apocalyptic message - i am all in all and i am one - the relationship between natural disasters and diseases is not coincidental - man is only a part of the system - he does not control it and the sooner we figure this out the quicker the solution will come

psycho-tronic social engineers and economists appear to have no understanding of the danger occurred in exponential growth - they seem blindly confident that repeats of yesterdays mechanisms in which less than 10% of the earths population consume the natural and human resource profits from the 90% who do the work will alleviate the symptoms of power lust and greed - this type of social engineering is obsolete

western communism has collapsed - next to fall is obsolete capitalism which reflects the head-space of the beast of revelations - modern capitalism lacks all sense of balance in a sustainable monetary system - this cement jungle practise of putting might before right in taking of earths bounty has to be eliminated

the drastic changes wrought in our social revolution (evolution) to neu earth enterprises will hurt the rich who tread the easy path of profits often passed from generation to generation - any government which has opted for monetary reforms has met with harsh opposition - the common man is kept in ignorance of damaging financial facts so cannot base his democratic judgement on reality but rather on the reflection of the magic lantern onto his mind screen by the money moguls

after the flip from 666 to 999 the first settlers of the neu era come into view - tribute to the titans who make the tree of life into a tree of lice no longer applies - take up new positions to become the entrepreneurs in the new dimensions - the flash of their codes is powerfully magnetic - within the golden triangle of triple benefits we can start a balanced system for the benefit of all where the exchange of goods and services is not necessarily based on money

as human transmitters of the good news - we have a mighty selling job to do - radiant possibilities for all the people when personal initiative is directed to a positive solution

money matters are a two way street - in early times money helps the flow of goods and services - in the end days it creates a formidable series of toll gates - the primary producer has to pay fees to sell his goods - this toll becomes such an unbearable top-heavy burden on the common people that they cannot buy the goods - this is part of the message to start the crystal bells a ringing

by keeping the covenant of the magic triangle we can each become a master salesperson in the neu era - in this way the small business person can reap rich rewards and bring abundance and peace on earth while doing it

raise your enterprising instinct for the neu earth is literally a place of new enterprises and new solutions all of which can be backed by neu earth physics - the carbon molecule is the carrier signal of the audio signal - we can translate this into silicone chips diskettes and all other ways to use our initiatives to each become like a clear crystal bell

each item fosters the concept of quality before quantity of lifestyle - quantitive growth rather than qualative mass - at the present time our biggest shortage is qualified teachers - this is a most dignified profession in the neu world

in our great crystal domed city its like living in a seamless crystal world that is all reflective angles - angles are angels at the crossroads of each thought - as we join hands it is the making of a neu phase of personal professional and business ethics - we are each claiming our piece of the fabric of the ark

it is as if your inner eye goes round like a searchlight in a circle looking at all the angles both favourable and unfavourable - this is how we exercise reflective thought - to overlook an angle in forming a decision is to be lacking in spiritual skills

this is where the host which is the guts of main frame kicks in - spiritual humility is the correction mechanism born of millions of computations based on all-time all people experience - main frame is the keeper of the akashic record - these balance the total facts of building the world of the dark crystal (matter) civilization on star ship earth - minute accounting is an integral part of the main frame refelctive thought

it is only when our debt to the tree of life is paid that we stop being parasitic - then we can enter as a neu earth entrepreneur with a clean white stone - an unblotted accounting book - square with god square with self and square with our fellow man

from the ashes of an obsolete system - to institute everything that is good and right for both finity and infinity

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