harvest time

the mirror holds the complete solution to the mystery of god - it can transform all human woes into joy - we the light forces assemble at the battlefront in the war of worlds - this battle of armageddon is a test for both the man and the magi who are centre-linked as one - it is no place for the timid cave-men of the lower kingdom - they are heading for extinction - our job is to gather up survivors and tell them about the new world - the whole new way of life we bring when they will be as angels not as men

the formula for the making of a man is very simple - to dust add s -s and s - survival sensation and sex - this is the built in driving force that ego has to play with - think about it - each of these elemental forces has the seed of its own destruction built into it - the formula for the rise and fall of a civilizations is the same - for as the microscopic world serves man - the macroscopic world - so does the macro-drive-shaft fuel our mega civilization where all is one

each person carries a different atomic weight in the total drive shaft of our civilization - the tensile strength of identity weight deals with how many ss and s units are captured in the mental web - the modifying force which is used to prevent runaway ignition is superior ego - this is the stabilizer which the lord set up in the decadent - it was given to man in the garden of eden

like and dislike are the (+1) and (-1) factors of reward and punishment which heat up the chemical factory from infancy through adolescence - this raging pendulum of youth guarantees the survival of the specie - parsival caught in the garden of desire so to speak - like and dislike serve the subjective identity - this swinging pendulum finally comes to rest at the middle pillar of empathy - the inner eye opens to the objective point of view

the marketing director has the solar cross as the governing factor of his/her conscious awareness - all is in balance as the north/south pole of the spiritual being is held in the cross arm of the identity structure - the middle pillar requires each person be in control of their folly (chemical heat) and that this major identity crossarm be held in perfect balance in the neutral position prior to transmutation - this is how the biomutant becomes a neutroni and so passes through the needles eye into permanent citizenship in the upper kingdom

the magnetic field has switched so that solution is now governed by the second commandment - the law of objectivty - love and care for your neighbour as yourself - which is the whole new planetary ball-game we are into

the bar codes for a marketing director are the same as those carried both by thoth and jesus - the forcefield of the adolescent persona spins in a centrifugal direction always seeking extended sense gratification - this is ok for the growing period - sensory deprivation would seriously hamper the role of the maturated spiritual being - however this adolescent forcefield is like the mistletoe on the oak tree - a parasite on its host the tree of life

sensual stimulation becomes more refined during spiritual maturation - the appeal of the inner kingdom accelerates with the passage of time and the appetite for god quickens - te normal interactions with nature are diminished as the evolving society becomes more highly mechanized - normal sensual deprivation - stroking the kitten - parental caresses - familial fun etc results in ego seeking sensation in other avenues - feeling good with his/her peers for example is a big like factor

the loss of the proper childhood unfoldment of the rose of sensuality - which is the flowering of conscious awareness - is a destructive imprint - this happens when children watch violent sensations in the media which are devastating to both the person and the social system in which he/she lives - the result of this is obvious in the world today - war and power over others is of course the ultimate phallic power sensation of the unbalanced sado-masochistic beast - in earlier times super-ego kept control of the situation to prevent the dynamic tension of the fabric from bursting at the seams - now all the seams have burst and the lower world has become the habitat of this foul and beastly creature - exactly as foreshadowed in the original script

the proper growth of the delicate blossom of sensuality is like an ongoing courtship between our own human nature and our own spiritual nature - both on the path to synergetic maturation - the wise person puts all his/her tender sensuality eggs in a soft down-lined nest in his/her heartspace - the heart knows this is the treasure chest he/she will take with them into infinity

in the kingdom of heaven we are all husbanders and caretakers of the social and political fabric - here is where we give earth back our nest eggs that they may multiply for the mutual benefit of all - nest eggs are like the story of the fishes and the loaves - the more joy you give away the more it multiplies - the former super ego structure has collapsed under the burden of the final rush of the beast of revelation - the forcefield of a maturated spiritual being spins in the opposite direction - it orbits around the great i am in convergence with the heavenly host and when sufficient little i ams have changed their pattern of revolution - hail the revo-evolution - we are raised up in the air to meet him as the human being looses the drag of their hydro-carbon particles and we hit perfect speed - this is the light into weight into speed transformation 2000 formulae

as you step off the dock in the upper kingdom and hand in your boarding pass the customs hut is just ahead - the cashier who cashes in your chips at the border is somewhat gruff - never mind your sins - its your talents i am after - how substantive is your mind-wealth - how well did you multiply them in service to the tree of life

marketing education for transformation 2000 explains that - in the upper kingdom the year 2000 does not fall in linear time but by verticle ascent - the great mothership has many decks all dealing with different levels of density - each deck operates and is orbiting at a different frequency - these light speeds represent different thicknesses of veil between illusion and reality - on each ascending level of the mothership part of your gross world is taken apart but none of the good is wasted - the good parts are polished and set in your eternal crown of life

human will is the 5th great force that runs this planetary system - ego is the combustion engine the one who does the pedalling - superior ego is the navigator steering the course of balanced reasoning - both are consumed into the spiritual mind upon the completion of their journey on the wheel of dharma - but as the spiritual mind cannot make a forcible entry into the dark castle on the lower kingdom - it can only act as a flickering light leading out of the complex labrynth of ss and s

then comes the magic moment when the wheels lock in to the upper kingdom orbit - the planet pauses in mid flight then starts to revolve in the opposite direction - propelled by the millions of feet hands and wings of neu earth era devotees who put the formula of resurrection into action

the rising of the phoenix comes when earth people understand that we have been bathed in sensuality as part of the courtship between creatrix and creator - the courtship of cultures and creeds then comes into effect - all are part of this rising multicolored phoenix - her nest egg hatched - she is all decked out in the bridal finery of many purified cultures - she is adored and served for ever more by her godlings which is what we were born to be

we enter a whole new realm of hedonism with new forms of sensory gratification - one of these is the thrill of seeing our lady dressed in the gown that she was destined to wear at the end of the play - the more advanced our thinking the closer we get to the creatrix and through her to the creator

until this - the end of time - all that has happened on earth has been part of the elohimic marketing education for this moment of millennium - our arrival at harvest time marks the courtship dance of people religions professions cultures and creeds - as we enter a neu earth era of ongoing celebration of life

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