first impression

first impression - every infinite being has a form - this form is the substance of the soul manifest first as a mist then as a solid human being - the first impression one gets of a soul is often of a colour deficiency - or missing spiritual nutrient in one of the primary atlantean colours of blue green yellow and red - massive injections of colour nutrient when properly applied can literaly raise a near-dead planet-soul to abundant health

a healthy implosion into the unified field has been planned by the extra terrestrials - the scope of the mirror is initially mind-snapping - then its simplicity is revealed - in human terms of reference e.T intel impressed a computer program called the mirror - the program acted like a powerful inner radio - the logic of which cannot be denied - light over rides normal free will

words are just words and words are confusing when the goal is to arrive at the unified field concept

the cosmonaught ptah had made the statement that a single second in the timeless amounts to many million years in normal space - also solid independent evidence that the human journey was leading man back to the future past into a balanced yin yang era

earth-life is the place where each of us comes to sculpt our new god-head from the bedrock of the whole ur civilization - what brings the clay to life is the connect with god the joker as in the pinocchio theme - all you will be left with at the end of the play is your sense of humour - the stature we sculpt is tall and strong or base and deformed according to our bone structure of truth and of the scale of values we evoke during the whole ur operation - ur is the work of my hands - pretty heavy stuff until we come to see that god regards the universe as one big joke

i am all in all the mother of the universe said - mega-god is composed of microparts and macroparts all orbiting in an harmonic convergence around a central magnetic point - this is easy to understand when you realise that each cell in the human body is fulfilling a silent and unique function within the human person

if any one of these functions were to break down say the kidney cells or the blood cells - the whole body would be thrown out of balance and eventually break down and die - paying respect to the mental anus is the key to perfect health

insofar as man-god and mega-god are interlinked when men fail to perform their vital functions in the whole earth body - human civilization breaks down - to heal the body then it was necessary to introduce perfectly healthy cells made in the image of the original creator - introduce these into the dead man's blood of the dying civilization to heal and revitalize the whole earth civilization - this is the role e.T and the biomutants that have developed over the past half century

mind-stuff delux is ours for the taking -with modern libraries and reproduction facilities the light can all be for free - we have developed a mutually beneficial barter system - by integrating our physical mental emotional and spiritual bodies macro-god has access to the both the mega core (kore) where it too can rest in a state of perfect equilibrium, yet still be highly god-active in the physical world at (+1)+(-1)=0

there is no stress or fission brought to bear on balanced microparts and macro-parts because love truth and wisdom are the lubricant that keeps all the wheels running smoothly - provided that the physical food intake and home environment is adequate - we may consider these three components - mega macro and micro god as the newly elected holy trinity of restoration

in our beauty the world will see a reflection of god's beauty - in our truth the world will see a reflection of god's truth - our wisdom will reflect god's wisdom - this is as above - so below in synchrony

as graduated caretakers of this star ship we are now free to move about the mothership mind at will - we can move up from the operation deck of the mothership to the observation deck and note what needs correction down on the poop deck (this of course after our own star-ship is all cleared up)

we will use our talents to their maximum creativity for the mutual benefit of all - we will initiate corrective actions both as an independent star ship captain and as common men

the first impression that we create is vitally important - it gives the range of bar-codes necessary to build the new earth infrastructure to imperishable stainless steel beam specs - our personal inner radio will give both finite and infinite direction of what to do and where to go

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