fire and ice

the ice-cold reflection from isis on the holistic earth play is the catalyst to end confusion and move to fusion - light is the irresistable force - resistance to light causes heat - internal heat within the deepest mind - the tidal wave of light now pouring into our planetary system will destroy us if we fail to turn fire into ice - each within our own inner being via the method of absolute truth - the ice-man cometh

the big show is on - here is where we unzip the truth from the fabrication of lies that holds his planet in bondage to the beast - the war of right vs might now parades up front centre screen in the full view of public attention - which are you full of - tolpoids or jinns

the motherboard flashes signals *** all jinns on deck ***

as the worm turns we get the full reflection of the fire ice identity of the universal hierarchy - this is the circuit where we move from nu-clear fission to nu-clear fusion - it represents the union of the elements of fire and ice - the point where heat becomes light to demonstrate that this planet is built and run on a simple binary system of opposite particles - black and white pixels - biomass and mind

concepts of good and evil are relative to the position of the observer - each reflection in the mirror represents a relative viewpoint on the global situation which allows the viewer to cancel out each idea of good against its bad counterpart to arrive at the conclusion (+1)+(-1)=0

go to the end of the divine thought where passion and compassion blend in cosmic unity - the cyclopean eye shared by earth's biomutant starpeople sees all - only the time frame changes in our cyclical journey across infinity

the whole panorama of gen one sits like a crystallized jewel in a sea of ice - the forward thrust of patriarchal turbulence stills before matriarchal serenity - the smoke of her burning has cleared away - now that this process is complete in full conscious awareness we may enter the sanctuary of the immaculate conception from whence we came

starcrystals are as unique as snowflakes - no two are alike - now we can see the care and effort that has gone into our making - and how each elohim be they above or below the abyss is unique - each has been exquisitely crafted for a specific purpose - all is wisdom - all is beauty - all is based in theophysics

the spiritual techniques of compressing the hydro-carbon unit of our being acts like fashioning a sword excalibar (these days it might be called a lazer ray-gun) - our spear of destiny is drawn from the clay of the rock of ages, and especially sculptured for each special starperson - this is where the snake of time bites its own tail - the modern hero is composed of fire and ice passion governed by compassion for all life - this quest is the theocentric core of every human being - the theophysics process is completed in the combustion fires of inner worlds of each and every one - anonymity has been the best disguise in the external world - patience is concentrated strength - it invokes the power of silence to the ultimate degree

once the biomass is transmuted into mind - ego relishes the role of superhero and rightly so - it learns to enjoy its outer disguise when operating in the external world of the illusion - while in the internal theatre - self love transforms the cave into a star ship beyond the ravages of matter energy space and time into a world of self actualization in two dimensions

fire is desire - ice is mind control - these work in yang-yin partnership to attain the common goal - for this reason it is not necessary to court external vanity by advertising our superbeing status publicly or cast pearls before swine - just knowing what we have to do and doing it brings its own reward of inner rapture

at this window we step off the wheel of karma and can understand the principle of the life cycle of the electron - synergism - this represents the end of your genesis one cycle - ego-death an instant rebirth into genesis two - cold nuclear fusion or interdimensional bonding is understood by the geometry of two parallel lines (as depicted in many of the ancient mammoth drawings) which never appear to meet - but at the ultimate understanding we see there is no such thing as a straight line only wavefield thought

interdimensional bonding takes place at the electromagnetic middle pillar - the natural mind has been coaxed from its reptilian origins and left brain dominance by irritability to the light - this super-intelligence titillates the animal mind by inflowing light waves or holographic images which quicken the imagination - as time returns to light

mortals live in the centre-band of energy where heaven and hell meet - the social fabric is stretched to breaking point and beyond as the ark of the covenant is completed - it is like a butterfly stretching its wings to break free of the gravitational drag and bondage of its cocoon

all knowledge is one - mother nature is all intelligence seen in the polished reflection of her living cells - love is the reason of the universe

the complete bonding comes as man understands that the promise of the ages is fulfilled - the second coming of the divine ppirit is not just for one or two or few or even many - it is the coming of age of messianic man or god incarnate in its macroscopic parts

completed emotional fabric is the inertia system bonding matter to mind which is rectified of error during earths passage through the algorhythm or solution band - this is called the wormwood star in biblical metaphysics - increased light stirs all the negative worms within the old wormwood of our civilization - out they crawl to challenge each other and create furious fission towards the end of time

our dimensional cave is riddled with wormholes - these wormholes in the human mind are the transmutation (escape) force from mind to matter - life energy passing through this negative band from one dimension to another is how the material world is built during the luciferin development period

at the completion of the life cycle of the electron when nature is deplenished - we scour the black holes in the wormwood band which represent the law of sin and death and flip to the solid state intelligence of steamy passions - now turned to ice

in exactly the same way that a broken bone reknits its broken ends together so the universe restores itself upon the completion of the circuit (+1)+(-1)=0 - this is the legendary archetype of the snake biting its own tail

during the phallic erection of the patriarchal period - the end of time - the old social fabric is frayed then ripped apart - but the tearing apart is the crushing together into a neu earth era - this climax of the fire and ice interaction is the result of worlds in collision - this creates a tremendous and ever accelerating social friction - technology provides us with a mirror to review the system again and again till the illusion becomes like transparent glass and reality registers the conclusion

the limited reptilian snakeskin of our mortal-mind-scales brush away the veils of the illusion which have dimmed our vision - we no longer see through a glass darkly but face to face - we can clearly see biotron - the red queen active in the 21st century biomass - or - in the hindu version we see the dance of shiva taking place

there are four states in the life cycle of a planetary electron - the electron is like nutrient honey which nourishes the young until it is time for their emergence - ie come Home e.T - and the ancient books of coming forth by day are two ends of the same story

they mean that the honey of our archetypal honeycomb the nutrient (mother nature's milk) is exhausted - the electron is all worn out - then the old world fabric automatically disintegrates as we open our eagle eye with millions more visual neurons for input as we hit this reflection

visual acuity is the secret of success - for it is written if thine eye be single - then ye shall enter the kingdom - as the smoke of her burning dies away we attain 20/20 vision across ages and dimensions - the moat in our eye melts when the applicant has attained a certain atomic weight of grace through will to good - this is when the tree of life gets back its investment in this particular molecule

the molecule is then ready to be accepted in through the centre of the fire-quark the central sun - it is like being eaten up in an implosion and knowing all things in the same instant - it is called the needles eye in christianity and the ankh - the universal eye in the egyptian

it is journey's end for the bouncing molecules - the molecule centres it passes through the black hole in the central sun - this is the fiery furnace and the angel with the flaming sword described in genesis - fire and ice brings us back to the central viewpoint of (+1)+(-1)=0 - the meltdown of the cosmic egg-shell of the adolescent cocoon lets the eaglets see the parent face on - they also see that it is time to face the music

starwars or worlds in collision are other terms for the fire and ice reflection - during worlds in collision the electromagnetic gridworks of swavastica (+1) and swastika (-1) hit maximum fission in the 21st century - the living social tentacles are then detached and are entwined around a new beanpole as the tree of life sends out new electromagnetic shoots

it is like the fertilization of the fruit of her highest branches by vital new (+1) male energy as nature shows us in a million ways the marvellous and mysterious way in which her system works - we are all of it and more - we are the inheritors of human history - the causal factor of creation and the ultimate effect - we are biomass and mind in fusion

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