external affairs

although all human beings look the same appearance is very deceptive - people live in various magnetic spheres strung out between the world of the illusion and the real world - in the real world we vibrate at the same speed as the universal synchromesh - we perceive those that are still strung out in the lower spheres as spinning helplessly in transparent hyperspace caught in an endless vortex of roof brain chatter - also known as the black hole - present world leaders are looking for solutions on the same level as that in which the problems were created - problem solving is done by the elohim in the higher spheres with chain of command and the authority coming directly from the Throne Room of God Most High. From the viewpoint of the Throne Room in the upper kingdom all external activities come under the jurisdiction of the department of external affairs - the elohim are highly ethical well disciplined and completely professional in their dealings with the lower worlds - your wicket to the upper kingdom's department of external affairs is located within each mansinternal world of e-motional honesty

its all done with mirrors - this is the sun-moon principle in philosophy - every man woman and child on earth has a part to play as our internal affairs become externalized - we have seen the tears of joy on the faces of military men while on their mercy missions with the peace keeping army - we have seen the suffering of famine - away stupidity - passage through the mirror simply requires a heart of flesh and blood and not a heart of stone which is the rightful heritage of all mankind - when the external form surrenders to the internal directive muscle and mind become co-ordinated to civic unity and an orderly response to creation

once you have faced yourself with true e-motional honesty it starts taking over your life - you rapidly synchronize with the one will - the true will of every man is to do what is good and right - this is the primary focus of each personal desire - then the rest of your life just fits in to orbit around this primary focus - man you are home but must still render that which is his due - still think of chopping wood and hauling water like your fellow sages across history

participaction in the changeover is not for just a chosen few - it is for all the people past present and future - now is the access gate to timelessness - the minister of external affairs for the upper kingdom is, like all the rest of the ministers governed by royal principle - this means locked in solid to the bar-code of i am calling

the operations deck of the mothership is solid ice - it is like a sheet of glass - it is strong perfectly polished clear - there is no longer any flaw in the cosmic mirror that divides dimensions as the minister of external affairs presses reveal codes on the mothership's computer a holograph comes on screen

then the snow queen waves her wand and the snow starts falling on the ice - like quadrillions of snowflake-psi particles all electromagnetically groomed for the silent but decisive interdimensional battle between warring kingdoms - on the operations deck of the mothership men and angels form lines across dimensions in battalions nay quadrillions for a light force strike by the crack regiment of the heavenly host - strike force omega - under the command of levitron

it is obvious to all but the most diehard existentialists that human civilization is caught in the classical gordian knot - it is whirling in the vortex of an obsolete centrifugal circuit - light beings are out of this house of bondage free of the obsession with obsolescence - the old world leaders struggle to figure things out and try to escape the deeper they sink in the quagmire - the groundswell of the critical mass has already figured out the sole exit to this dilemma

the believers have obtained atonement the grace of absolution - the believers-receivers now rise up in the centripetal spiral vortex in the vacuum created by the supraordinate factor

as above so below the external affairs contract says - it shall be so

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