energy specs

love is the energy specification with which to transmute the wealth of mind into practical matters - to know and love another human being is the basis of all knowledge - love alone can neutralize the fierce animal driving force male electrical energy and bring the male-female mind (+1)+(-1) to its completed circuit zero - we halt the mud-slide of human degradation and move from turmoil to progressive serenity in the yin-yang era

this is where we cross the bridge from the internal esoteric world to the external world of the physical manifestation - how we pass from the illusion into the world of reality by the power of love over material gain

here is where we roll up the scroll of human history and get back home - not just one of us or two or few or even many - love is the solution for the whole world and love begins at home

but first we must eat the strong meat of god - history repeats itself - the culmination of the battle between beauty and the beast - i will make you fishers of men - the bait to catch each fish is unique - glamour sexual and spiritual jealousy and so on

in the egyptian thesis - the opening of the eye of horus at the summit of human self-consciousness - but any one of the parallel themes can be used to obtain the same result - that result is the attainment of the crystal skull which makes all matter and all compensatory motivation transparent - it represents the release of the energy from the confines of cultural programming - and now emerges into the eighth dimension

ego the rival having been raised to a point of considerable understanding by drinking at the same stream of light as the spiritual mind figures its time to make its bid for the throne depicted in modern times in the scenario of the new world order

by this time the beast-mind is a pretty powerful monster and sufficiently sophisticated to conceal its true motivation - the only real difference between the animal and the spiritual mind is the power of love - love is kind - love is not puffed up doth not behave itself unseemly...

changeover scenario begins with the crucifixion of the matriarchal mind - repeated victories for the left-brain animal mind has got the beast feeling its balls so to speak and ready to give god a little workout in the gym of life where every eye is glued to the screen of the daily writing on the cavern wall

for tarot students in this final scenario god the actor wears the robe of the hierophant which traditionally only makes one move on the chessboard every 2000 years - to express this move in its lowest common denominator it is the move against the enemy within - within self within your organization profession culture national identity global sphere - it cracks the cement

speaking esoterically - the hierophant is king of the world - a master i ndustrial psycholigist expressed in the 21st century through millions of his macroparts - in the flesh we might expect to find him laying nude on a couch enjoying his sensuous massage from one of his favourite concubines - the location might be in a mafia hq or in any mandarin palace anywhere on earth

there is tremendous competition among the courtiers to please the top dog - he uses global leaders alternately and usually at random to keep the energy specs at the utmost level of male sexual jealousy at its ultimate competitive height - light my fire - the diabolical hierophant says

dance for me on the head of a pin is the real theme - black magic at its finest - as it has been since the beginning of time spiritual wickedness in high places rules the land - the united nation assembly is a handy front but powerless before the golden calf of stark reality

meanwhile on the eastern horizon the silent observer lord of timelessness hands clothed in black and white gloves sits before the cosmic chessboard following the diabolical scenario with an inscrutable smile on his face - it makes no difference whether the scene is on the banks of the nile with the jealous seth tricking osiris into his death box to be cast upon the river of life and eaten by the little fishes and or the sanhedrin tricking the authorities into the calvary crucifixion to the silent observer it is the same scene - let there be no light in the prisoners cave

but the consuming power of left-brain sexual jealousy is insignificant before the awesome grip of spiritual jealousy which represents a lust for power which is incomprehensible to the spiritual mind - this is the esoterics of the crucifixion of the light - it is the mind of animal man in its ultimate erection - this is the culmination of the beast at the foot of the throne spiritual wickedness in high places - it is the polar opposite of divine love the supra ordinate factor the lust card in the egyptian tarot

as the red eye of horus opens to project the cosmic fire into the world of matter civilization melts - as in a microwave oven effect like the four states in the life-cycle of the electron - retribution has its day - then the ice-cold star of bethlehem appears - this is the traditional opening of the cyclopian eye of thoth lord of equilibrium - male ego flashing its potency is acutely aware of the waves it is making in the still pool of human consciousness - like a giant stone thrown into that pool - all global leaders have to dance to the music for who pays the piper calls the tune - in short $$$ is god

yet of this time it is written all things that are hidden shall be revealed - here is where sexual and spiritual jealousy merge into one - i am potent says the challenger in his final heyday - i am good - man was warned about making this statement

the cement-effect in a land that is governed by zombies is determined by the cause of intellectual impotency - stupidity - stupidity is the unforgivable sin - ego has to keep patching up his facade to stop the light of truth from slipping through the cracks - but the cracks are getting wider as the cosmic egg begins to hatch - ego can sense the walls of jericho trembling as the house of cards collapses under its own weight and comes tumbling down in a final implosion

light beings alert - tune up your energy specs - shovel the last of the left-brain debris from the tunnel between dimensions - adolescent light beings want to face the light and bask in its healing rays - mature light beings turn their backs to the light and peer into the darkness to seal the place where evil dwells - these toil in the darkness but the song in their heart is in resonance with the mothers heartbeat - the signal for all the homing doves to take flight

the flight of the eagle is not like the flight of a dove - the eagles eye is a thousand times more keen - its vision is infinitely precise and locked on target - it sees right through the smiling mask of the man-beast and the true intentions behind those white and shining teeth - it is oblivious to the professional looking exterior that is highlighted by the pychotronic tie and the enhancement by a circle of devotees with similar psychotronic ties and social trademarks

the material left-brain success symbols are draped in and surrounded by the symbolic tools of its trade - this front image is no longer making an impression on the planetary fabric - now like the king in an invisible suit the syndrome of the titans and transparent tigers fades - rev up your light energy with positive action

we are the neu earth energizers - light my fire - the man says - the personal thermographic specs of purity - the armour of righteousness in the ancient script - purity specs and energy specs are one and the same thing

god lets the beast have its day in order to get momentum - in order to have something to organize you first need momentum - energy momentum charge is the physics formulae

abundance of every possible kind will flow on this river of spiritual energy - we have the power to turn heat into light into speed - the conversion channel for left brain release to balanced brain healing energy - the weight of our knowledge is overshadowed and transmuted by divine love - divine love is always focused on those who have laboured in the fields of transformation

in nordic mythology it might be regarded as the valkyrie from valhalla coming down to the living souls down on the battlefield - heat turns to light as the valkyrie do the dance of the seven veils - they are part of our inner kingdom and know just how to undo the seals that lock human unconscious in the cave of time - father-mother god and the earth child of light - little flame - are the facets of the triple whammy we now bring to the earth plane - the mirror has a built in detonator and gives instructions on how to use it during the funfoldment

we are the point where human love and divine love coincide - this is what the yin yang era is all about - love and happiness for all and they all lived happily ever afterwards effect - peace and equality between the left and right sides of the universal brain

the harmonious magnetic world rests at all times in perfect equilibrium - it is the note or tone of the spiritual being that is consistent overtime not the multitude of personal left-brain explorations

our original energy specs are restored when they are captured in the perfected aura shade and wattage of the light-self - our passage through outer darkness - each one working strictly on the beep of its specific tonal lighthouse seems so very far - so very very far away - a million light years behind us - come home et you have been so very far away

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