there are two sides to each coin and the coin of human life is no exception - from birth onwards each psyche is fitted with national social and religious blinkers and hammered into place with popular cultural information - concepts of right and wrong are heavily censored - whether the theme is cowboys and indians or star trek - its us and them in a world that thrives on the concept of human separation

if you are not seeing in the flashback mode you have your head screwed on the wrong way - great care is taken to keep a spellbound population seeing what they are intended to see and to know what leaders want them to know - being a dissident is now and always has been a threat to the establishment - various methods used for dissident elimination have been practised right across the ages of man - these provide an exquisite study in discrimination - although the techniques grow more sophisticated with the passing centuries the practise remains unchanged

the compression of legitimate dissention within a fouled up system can only go so far then it explodes into revolution - ask any tzar or monarch to verify this boomerang effect - we turn the coin over to see what goes on behind the closed doors of a growing luciferin civilization we see what has always gone on in the relationship between the powerful elite the force and their commodity the common man - this is how in knowing both good and evil we become as one

shattering the infrastructure of one's most cherished beliefs about justice democracy national pride etc. is the painful growing up phase of adolescent god-men - cutting new paths of free thought to an unknown destination hardly qualifies the thinker for success in the modern popularity contest - this is the meal of bitter herbs for the digestion of the strong meat of god - the climax of this classroom known as the initiation - awakening the dead

it is in standing with your back to the present and looking into the black light of the whole standing record of human history in all its depth and complexity that we see the chains of events that have brought us to this day - this is what makes our mind a fully fledged member of the unified forces

most of the worlds leading black hole scientists acknowledge this effect - but it is only visible when the neutron star which we have now become is coming back into earths' atmosphere after passing through the ankh - in retrospect the initiate can monitor the details of the specific stages of initiation on a personal (subjective) and global (objective) level - these correspond to the five symbolic stages of initiation - religion and science was the same thing in atlantis - the basic stages of initiation - birth baptism configuration crucifixion resurrection and ascension correspond to the life cycle of the planetary electron

this is the time when all things hidden shall be revealed when the facade of false righteousness is shredded when the whited sepulchres of the ruling elite spew forth their putrid secrets and the house of bondage collapses like a deck of cards - the tower card in the tarot illustrates this theme - the power-tower topples under the uprising of the spiritual elite wielding the sword of truth crying let there be light - let us awaken the dead

a study of the esoterics of the egyptian tarot and the book of thoth is a great way to consolidate one's universal perspective - the black arrow in the tarot represents the consolidated evidence of the existence of a fully conscious evil empire marching across time; knowingly mesmerizing and manipulating common men across the ages to perform its will

it takes courage to wield the black arrow and high intelligence to find the prime target in the underbelly of the beast - decades of persuasion and shooting forth of white arrows by the global peace community trying to persuade the beast to do the right thing have been futile - human reason has slid off the black magic mind like water off a duck's back - this tremendous compression of the critical mass gives rise to the new age vigilantes and fringe groups pushing for solutions to specific social errors

the emergence of the light forces of the unified field represents a death threat to the obsolete establishment - we have spent decades monitoring all kinds of black arrows that have come flying our way - each arrow ranging from a crude bludgeoning of the psyche to a highly subtle scenario. we have accumulated reams of data on the arsenal of arrows encountered

but with the mirror shield in place negative assaults are powerless to penetrate the human spirit - working at the speed of light the adept is quite capable of catching each destructive black arrow in its flight and reversing its course - by careful organization we have been able to turn them into tracer bullets by which to identify the source - this is the secret of the boomerang effect

the warrior catches the black arrow in flight and reverses it to rebound on the perpetrator without any shade of heat in his/her own magnetic field (aura.) - once we learn to turn the other cheek we are on your way

the boomerang effect takes different forms in different countries - but whether by the bullet or the ballot the revolution is on - in the moment of decision no matter in which field you happen to be standing, you either is-is or you ain't-ain't on

in physics this is morphogenetic resonance is the cancellation of the duality and double standards which have plagued mankind since day one

roll up the scroll - battlestar galaxia has her gunsites loaded and aimed directly at the now exposed underbelly of the beast - for her starlog of sins has reached up to heaven - the life cycle of the planetary electron is complete - we are at war with iniquity and inequality the deadly enemies of light and life - this crippling foe must first be identified and overcome on a personal basis for the first enemy is always - all ways within - the enemy within is the rival the challenger never resting day or night to accuse the almighty one of neglect or impotency - ego fashions a god from the threads of its own imagination and by its own standard of conscience

thus the illusion of iniquity worms its way across the ages right to the very core of the golden apple of the gods - then we come face to face with the ineffable one

games played by the rival are intended to flout its potency - its capacity to turn light into weight into speed - this is the human backlash for the measure of a god is understood by the size of his/her balls and the atomic weight that they can apply to the planetary fabric

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