energy dance

in order to maximise our human potential e.t. taught the energy pattern for every day of the week - work smarter not harder was their instruction - divine love is a consuming fire - it burns all negitrons in its flight path - then it fills the parched soul with the water of life as the promise of eternity is fulfilled - and what a promised land it is

once through the mirror we see that it is the actors who sit on the right hand side of god meaning on the far side of the mirror in the great white throne room not the audience who still sit on the left hand - to this end - i would rather you were hot or cold - the lukewarm get spit out - as being of no consequence in the energy dance of life-Sperm be it be with the black light jinns and demons or the white light of the angels

earth is a luciferin planet - every molecule dances to his yang-tune of primal energy - the force is with us of forward thrust - a starship in the process of becoming and integral part of the fleet is driven by such comets known as zeitgeist - each living soul is yoked to a star or to the chariot of the gods pulling the fabric of the illusion in one or the other direction to external gravity or internal magnetism

being born into sin means being born into the ordinary world of chemistry and chemical warfare useful for building a civilization deadly if the mature spiritual being cannot overcome through the alchemy of the implosion

the city of angels is no misnomer - it is the worlds greatest negative jinn factory - this type of chemical warfare is guaranteed to collapse a civilization from inside the structure - like woodworms, as in the wormwood band - hollywood and its glitz is the h.q of the kingdom of lucifer which subsists and thrives on chemical excitation via expelling vulgar toxic fumes into the planetary noosphere - there are of course notable exceptions

poison mind gass as expelled from the anals of hollywood represents a war against nature - the hollywood jinn factory (black light) controls the minds of the youth of this planet - they are being fed from the Lower bowel which is an ongoing trend in modern entertainment - it is designed to dehumanize the specie - to turn them into mindless robots with mindless responses to the challenges of life

the war against family values is a war against the foundations of civilization a war on relationships - to break the parent-child relationship is a corrosive crime against all humanity - human beings will become rootless like ships that pass in the night - many have left the mainstream to take this solitary path - is this good or bad or is there a middle pillar

this is what the revitalized energy dance is about - solutions - real issues in the real world - getting rid of the toxic energy fumes and setting things right... as true men now require

los angeles is the throne of black magic - black light - animal sensory excitation - magic is pure science applied to a specific end - if the end intent is common good it is called white magic - if the end intent is destructive it is black magic

during the energy dance that old black magic weaves its spell - it can make any change it desires to occur in conformity with its fiery intent - it forces the race of mind and matter to its ultimate conclusion by setting itself up as a reflection of desirable values which are bright and glittering in order to found a global religion in which strictly physical qualities and chemical excitation blocks out real human values

call now - use your credit card to consume more and more - do it now - is the repeat hypnotic suggestion - keep up with the joneses - hollywood is largely responsible for the meltdown of ethical values and moral disintegration in a monkey see - monkey do world - its sick value system not only disintegrates the fabric of north america but of the motion-picture consuming world

it is imperative to understand that the light is merely the veil of the black light of the illusion - white Light is the life-germ it travels like a virus - you only get to keep it when you give it away - it is vital then to turn his/her back to the light away from the effect to probe into the darkest recesses of the cave to pinpoint the cause - and to complete each circuit of thought - this is how passion becomes transmuted to compassion - how glyphs of light and darkness poleshift between worlds

go with the devil as far as the bridge - then turn to face him and kill him dead with the wooden stake of the solar cross driven into his heart - like his predecessor vlad the Impaler, the original count dracula the modern vampire feeds on innocent virgin blood - let him be hoist on his own petard - for the morning star is rising in the sky

yet lord lucifer - the lord of light sets the beat for the energy dance - his major role of honourable opposition fills the up front centre in the spotlight of the whole earth play - yes the devil is king of the world - yet lucifer is a pitiful dual-purpose character in many ways - the epitomy of the divine drama the ultimate concept of laugh clown laugh through blinding tears - as the energy dance moves to the speed of light we break through the time barrier in a tachyon flash of light - light-fission is ripping through the old world fabric - the flame is whipped by the cosmic winds the zeitgeist of our times - blow wind blow - the old facade is shaking - the tower is falling down - it capsizes under the assault of the human will to right as each person exercises his/her divine power - o elders of our sacred land - arise and claim us from the dead

the hypnotic dance to the completion of the script is fuelled by the notion that chemical sex and love is one - in truth one is the animal in momentary heat and the other is eternal and infinite - womens lib is doing a great job of sorting out this massive misconception - man makes gods of form - sky gods are made to function - the world that fashion designers create is without cognitive consistency - it is so far removed from normal reality it is driving nice young people out of their reasonable minds - lucifer is characterized by every form of commercial media - he is the archetypal charismatic principle and a bit of a ham - he plays to any bunch of boobs he can find to lay his hands on - like the pied piper of hamelin stealing away innocent earth children into his dismal dungeon and making sure his staff get overpaid for doing it

in the final act we see him in his role of shiva - dancing on his devotees like grapes-of-wrath in the wine barrel killing them with a single tachyon-flash of light - acting out the perfect american one man hero - we give him full credit for having done well with the portion of life energy allotted to him - (+1) is a single verb or action principle playing through many macroparts - no wonder black magic is the fastest growing religion in the world - the energy dance is fuelled by virgin sacrifice - women in africa deliberately have babies for the purpose of diabolical sacrifice - in america the pace is faster so the blood turnover needs to be a bit more speedy - to the indigenous people there is no more succulent dish than unborn moose-meat - lucifer thinks the same about human babies - blood is compost for the tree of life

like all gods lucifer is impartial - chicken passenger pigeon calf lamb human any specie will do - the end result is common so there is really no difference - the luciferin archetype wants to rape the lady - the god-bridegroom wants to marry her - which leads to high noon on main street and the moment of the silver bullet - who are you betting on

every move ever tremor of the energy dance is enacted in matter - this is gods way of getting the law of life into the hearts and minds of common people

we can follow the path of the luciferin energy dance from the old world to the new - los angeles was set up by artists practises of the 19th Century when poets and literary genius took drugs and so became the leading lights of their society - this stream of luciferin light migrated to the city of the angels - so that in the final act of the whole earth play - hollywood can whip off his black robe of death and desire and have the last word as is written in the satanic oath of the classical medieval great grimoire

we lucifer and all beforementioned and following spirits swear to you to almighty god through jesus christ of nazarus - the crucified one our conqueror that we will faithfully perform everything written in this book also never do you any harm either to your body or your soul and to execute everything immediately and without refusing

here we match the energy dance of creation - who shall be saved - as many as become one with the energy dance and can dance on the head of a pin - the fissionable issues that are tearing the fabric of our human civilization apart multiply with the speed of the centrifugal energy dance - then suddenly fusion - we are dancing on the head of a pin as the potency of our projection equals that of the potency projected by the one

metaphysics is a veil-word for white magic - first you set up the geometry the square the round and the triangle then we listen to the music and dance - its all in the quiver of response from each molecule to the energy dance of the universal phallus

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