echo system

the truth feeds back an echo system - the ancient stones of the master architect speak to us in flashbacks - we can tune in their eternal message on our computer screen via an encyclopedia and grasp the pattern of the knitwork of the ages of man

cosmic desire is like a built in grid scanner - a constant observer (-1) in search of the next step towards the holy grail - this silent observer is yin - in the same way that scanning devices have been used to identify the movement patterns and habits of wild animals the cosmic observer scans the fabric of the web of human history - each act has a magnetic homing disk - truth both transmits and receives the messages from the geometry mathematics and the music of the spheres - this requires proper tuning to see and hear

the center point of the echo system - we are all individual personalities - but we have only one central core - the central sun - once any individual comes to understand the messages of his/her own personal echo system and sets up an intelligent response-echo there is an exchange of universal language on a scale of communion so piercing yet so subtle - as we know mental fusion with a higher being - this is how the elohim talk directly on the inner radio to the evolved human being who has passed safely through the stargate

habitat is the centerpost of each star ship - if the old identity structure can not support it - it has to be transformed - all life's knowledge cubed into a solid circuit intelligence unit with all the mirror reflections facing inward - this is called wavefield thought - a means to accomplish the task

the soul's grid scanner is a homing device which is constantly looking for a corresponding bar-code in the universal synchromesh - this is how the yin-yang universe is manifest - the crook and the flail employed to symbolize this process in the egyptian system are for fine tuning the antenna of each cosmic star ship

once the crook and the flail are synchronized which is the goal - the crook and flail merge into the symbolic mace the authority of thoth archetype of equilibrium whose icon proclaims that partiality is the abomination of a god - this symbolic mace which when placed on the altar-ego table of surrender to the highest authority proclaims the human and divine component of the one godhead to be in formal session as partners in the changeover - this is the foundation of the new covenant between the person and the godhead

it represents the ceremonial removal of the mummy wrappings of the god at the time of the coming forth by day in the 21th Century and restoring his/her eternal sensory system which has been held in suspended animation until the day of cairos - the gentle foreshadowing of science fiction gives only a clue to the tip of the iceberg of a cosmic drama beyond the wildest dreams of limited creative fiction

(+1)+(-1)=0 is a very simple truth to understand when you subtract the left brain complexity of the physics - this left brain rival can only operate through the five physical senses - it is an error to think that the events in your life are accidental or less than a positive expression of divine loves intent for your ultimate well being - all is relative

an invisible star-echo system now encompasses the earth in the form of super computer systems - starting with input from the ufo networks in which will be found the solution to all human woes - here the good guys (that's us and them) work to tune out the garbage the junk and the confusing trivia to reveal the jewels which are hidden beneath the shifting sands of time

there is a lighthouse-radar station like a revolving cyclopean eye with global ley lines placed in matter energy space and time for our retrieval-revival network to accommodate this turning point in human history where the human race is faced with the choice of evolve or perish

beam up e.t. on the changeover echo system - return home on a silent beam of light - the spiritual and physical locations of this primary magnetic lighthouse are the point - its calling signal is come home e.t.

inner radio is the 6th sense which receives and transmits through the right brainfield the right hand of god in metaphysics - the returning echo will ceaselessly strive to match the melody which comes from source - at (+1)+(-1) at pitch zero the spirit and the bride are united as one and the bride experiences instant rebirth into the yin-yang era

the cosmic phallus the universal conning tower extends like a sonar beam a million miles in length from the center of the universe (kore) heading towards planet earth - this cosmic function is sometimes called the ancient of days or zark awake - it is god taking on the challenger - mega-mind coming in a tidal wave of light coming to tear the negative backing off the scroll of human history and illuminate the consequence of service to the lie that holds humanity in a death grip

as the symbolic sun-moon concept constitutes the source of visible light and its reflection - echo system constitutes the returning resonance of the sounds of planet earth in great travail - sound is the ultimate weapon of release - for it was the sin of silence that destroyed the first atlantis

we who have completed our mind-journey from the valley of the shadow of consumption to the crystal cap of the mountaintop are often invisible - older people who have the secrets of illusionary black magic all figured out and understand divine Love is where its at - addictive consumption glitz and license is just a dull substitute

many are still trapped in the world of the lie and the illusion - that is the giant negitron which holds our star ship in its deadly grip - for 24 hours daily 365 days per year the pumping of the illusion never stops - it is like oil pouring from some derelict tanker into the mind-sea of our home and native land - pump pump pump - every day the negative ceiling drops - demons fears disasters of growing magnitude assault our planet daily and the compression tightens - these come from the black hole of our own creation

the tachyon flash of light that fills the cave is the bliss which overrides all other senses in its light-flash of understanding - the move from fission to fusion is instant

in yesterday's world the lie the prince of darkness stood before us in its full erection proclaiming temporal values to be supreme - this rival materialism is without true substance and can give no returning echo to the master megatron of mind - the living lie is a demonic creature placenta the anti-light force which feeds on gods life energy and commands man's intelligence into the service of the left brainfield of sin and stupidity which is death - 666 the number of a man has come up before the court of justice of some higher power than man - the judgement set is just like e.t. told adam in the garden - to become as one of us man must know good and evil - this is part of growing up - the elohim catch us in the ufo safety net just in the nick of time - a time known in the egyptian as the equinox of the gods

not i - nor i the global leaders cry - not i says the person in bureaucratic authority - so where does the buck stop - ladies and gentlemen of the e.t. community of planet earth the buck stops here at - i am responsible and so are you - and you and you - the dark night of the soul has gone on long enough - only truth has radar resonance - there is no religion higher than the truth

justice is the guardian of liberty - the icon carved in stone above our courts of justice - this is a lie - justice is bought and sold in the marketplace of black-prince $$$ in a caste system far more subtle and sophisticated than that of the untouchables in india - the steel beam of justice is bent and twisted to suit the situation - is it any wonder that the roof is falling in

in 1973 e.t. was setting up an echo system to foreshadow the upcoming sequence of events - the lighthouse would provide a radar system to enable the whole earth star ship to pass through into the new dimension - each reflection in the mirror has a specific resonance - some are more pragmatic some poetic some romantic - echo system is an action reflection - it runs the echo system which bounces around the world bringing light into the darkness fission into fusion - whether the returning echo says allah is great hail thunderbird greets shiva trembles OOOmmmm or extols the great white spirit or whatever - is irrelevant - light is one - god is the crystallization of the harmony of the spheres within the mothership where we come to claim our inheritance

we become the elohim's open throat chakra and feel their joy coursing through our beings as we do so - at last at last we are taking jesus down from the cross - at last love is able to express itself through fully conscious crystal microdots - for nothing can halt the tidal wave of evolution now bearing down upon this planet - truth comes like a mist but the love-beam comes like a streak of lightening - the guts of a god comes by the wattage of the accurate feedback on the illusion - it is easier to jump first and figure out the details later

we steer starship galactica by the echo-back of the stars or rather the star echo's that bounce back on our radar as we bounce light units - against all the stars we meet during flight - we feel the increase in the tempo of the times as all incoming echoes are bounced off our automatic radar - truth comes in three categories - spiritual truth natural truth and social truth - natural and social truths are subservient to spiritual truth which is divine love in action

all the people on earth are not alike even though they appear similar - they live on different planes of consciousness - some people on earth are robots of the old establishment - some have upgraded their identity bar-codes to graduate as super men full humane being status

your radar is the size scope resonance - the vibration per second substance of the auric disk of all that you are - for example - the reflected sound wave proclaims just who and what you are as each v=c velocity = constant - the speed of light or perfect speed in synchronosity with the infinite

the maturated spirit emits a star echo proclaiming loud and clear within the pure white carrier signal of divine love a particular rainbow identity shading of perfume and patina of their total sexuality - during life a person custom builds their starship or mansion in the sky in - my kingdom is not of this world - sell all thy worldly goods take up thy cross and follow me - this is the crux of the mystery of the rebirth and second death

in earth-life man is merely a ghost in the heaven above but a busy ghost gathering particles like a bird building a nest of love-strands of experience - or laying a nest-egg in the royal bank where moth and rust do not corrupt - joy bubbles have no resonance unless in orbit around the vine of ethics (-1) - so that in every moment the soul is building or bruising itself against the law - i know i cannot break the law only break myself against the law - heaven is the moral symmetry of ethics and hedonism wed in perfect harmony - watching the substance of the original idea swirl into matter is really quite something

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