crystal seed

the crystal seed is the prototype or exempli of perfection for the next generation of god-men and our voyage through neu-era - the crystal seed is a yin-yang male-female unit perfectly balanced at zero - this completes the evolutionary circuit of adam and eve - the yin-yang crystal seed is the interlock of souls upon the climactical completion of their evolutionary journey - this union is based on common orbit in relation to the light - it totally disregards form or external circumstance - physical proximity and spiritual proximity are two quite different things - it is the spiritual mind that keeps each crystal seed in orbit

as we discard the negative dross the perfect crystal seed is born in each of us - this is the seed which is magnetized towards its starships company then to its soul-mate - the seed is composed of the very best in each of us - it is born of a spinal tap of human excellence

across the ages there have always been those who have chosen the alternative life style by dedicating their lives to inner values - these produce the crystal seed for each succeeding generation - the seed is formed in the same way that an oyster produces a pearl due to irritation in its most tender molecules - there are things to be put right

the crystal city of atlantis is built of such crystal seeds - they grow in you and me - the crystal seed has been known by many names across the fields of human history - the lotus pearl the rosi-cross the crystal of atlantis /the mirror

in a world where all things work together for the common good - the crystal seed is our neu dna bean - the ultimate condensation of all we have learned which unfolds in the golden city of the neu earth era

every few billion years the tree of life produces a crystal seed that contains within itself the bean of all intelligence that has gone before - to carry superior consciousness into the next stage of journey across infinity - this was known to the ancients as the egg which emerged from the mouth of aumn-knepth

the crystal seed in each of us is a minute reflection of the image of the parent - this crystal seed from the fullblown rose of human civilization is the harvest of the gods - one perfect seed is all the elohim needed

to this end there is extensive gardening involved to bring the rose of consciousness into full bloom - it takes a lot of compost which is derived from the condensed data at the bottom of the bottomless pit - the invisible hand has given a big shake to our collective cocoon - the harder he shakes the more intense the fission - then the seed pod bursts under this intense irritability to light and out come the silver seeds of neu earth man

each neu earth era personage is unique - no two seeds are alike for each is a unique reflection of its proximity to the central sun - rejoice - we are one because we all have the same parent - this is the completion of the theory of relativity manifest in matter - we have moved from nu-clear fission to nu-clear fusion

the big shakeup activates the i am presence to cleanse every cell of my being - the seed pod is also the snake in the garden of eden eating its way across time - external processes and internal processes are reflections of the same concept - the crystal seed of earth is a duplicate of the basic law but with its maximum extension in matter energy space and time - the crystal of atlantis is reformed in the compression process as the ore is crushed and heated in the fire - its physical reflection corresponds to the mining of diamonds

the crystal seed of the neu earth era lies in state on a ruby red velvet cushion - it represents the crown of life for every living human being regardless of dimensional status

the idea that the dead are dead and the living are living is entirely dependent on the observation deck you happen to be positioned on - the soul is the crystal seed - the infant on the threshold of eternity waiting to grow and learn the precepts of the upper kingdom as an eternal sovereign being

abortion below reflects abortion above - homosexuality reflects the winds of change and the loss of the distinctive sexual roles formerly allotted to reproductive family relations - all illness in the flesh reflects the dis-ease of the spirit - the ecstasy of reaching spiritual maturity and practising its concepts will soon bring health and wealth to our global community

time polishes the crystal image of an event to a brilliant lustre once it is lifted out of the clay of physical action - it then reflects the intent and perfect integrity of unconditional love

the invisible pyramid of the neu earth era is built from the cornerstone down - the great white throne is a reflection of the law of merit - merit has to be the cornerstone of the cosmic kingdom - and indeed of universal law - for it is the law of merit that safeguards the tree of life across infinity to ensure that the single crystal seed which is replanted in the heavens is the very best that star ship earth had to give

as one perfected man and one perfected woman are blended into a single being this marks the advent of the yin yang era

the law of merit is universally accepted as the summit of human perfection - it is the war of worlds completed - the 144,000 global persons who first make it through the ring of fire which surrounds the central sun are by the law of merit appointed as members of the zodiacal hybrid

shiva dancing on the dead bodies of his devotees is quite the war - it brings about the dissolution of all former cultural national and political structures as well as minor monarchies - i came to separate families christ said not to unite them - this clearly explains the need to come out of our wrappings and break the physical umbilical cord in order to rise into orbit

the role of high technology and extended communication among common men was to fill the promise that the meek would inherit the earth - all people have an equal opportunity in this regard

the global soap opera is the proving ground - persona is one thing - god-head function is quite another - our reflections from the rise and fall of the royal soap opera monarchies shows that the purpose of royal families is to be immaculate

the image makers - those who define the dynamic tension of the external world fabric - have become obsolete - my word shall not return to me empty is the summit of universal law

we who have learned how to break the law of gravity access celestial wisdom - we are now able to free ourselves from the house of bondage in naked and open communication about light and life

the neu earth child is born - the tree of life is all lit up - like a giant pyramid which extends across dimensions and which is built from the top down, not the bottom up

the mirror has done its part - the rest is up to each individual to close all bleeding circuits in the mind and to resolve all conflicts with the inner child - the inner chief and the inner lover - my word shall not return to me empty - this is the summit of universal law - it activates matter so that matter becomes like living brushstrokes on a piece of art work - pictures are painted on top of the other on a single canvas - time - when the excess paint is wiped off the finished product we can watch the fabled rising of the phoenix from the ashes of the old world

therefore take this key to the bottomless pit - messianic man is a master of the neu earth sciences - each design comes with its master access code to your unique place - each silicon chip has a matching magnetic circuit in the ultimate computer

the mills of the gods which grind up the universal substance for consumption by the conscious human mind - once understood it becomes inviolable - it is cognitive consistency ad infinitum - the summit of universal law - the word of god is the crystal seed from which springs the tree of life - again and again and again

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