crystal chip

our calendar is eternal - its days and cycles are set in astrological timelessness based on the revolutions of the magnetic fields planets the sun and the moon - 12 currents of electrical light force each having and producing its own unique mind patterns - these circuits are code and key to unlock the system and synchronize how we experience and access the function of mind to produce and connect to the conscious time field - each of the twelve reflect totemic tribal and cosmic components with their common origin to resonate into one ankh point for entry/exit and transfer - mind radio broadcasts 12 different channels - having a way to tune in each frequency with accuracy via the reflective thought process brings a multi dimensional understanding of all this being part of a magical universal movement in and thru time

nature pre-scribes all of the carbon units with a unique resonance and character to insure full bandwidth in revealing its program for developing planets and inhabitants - lending us mind and words to utilize its system of revealing - to experience understand and interact while carrying on the process

all of the natural environment including inhabitants use the monthly/time frequencies to accomplish the objective - it represents a means to know and see all of the unique vibrations coming together - opening portals for the exchange of life energy - to actually be able to have a unique personal position in this cosmic movement could only be a most amazing opportunity

72 mirrored reflections - put together they show a logical interconnection to this universal structure as the source we came from and are returning to - time and conciousness applied activate access to the realms and dimensional alternatives they collectively make possible

one never ends a #1 lesson because after it has taken you thru the mirror it becomes an ongoing navigational reflection

the mirror
synchronize transfer