you cant take it with you you can only send it on ahead so we did - for a nation is known by its art, which expresses its science and philosophy in terms of beauty

there is love and there is love - divine love seeks to bring all life to its maximum potential - puppy or mortal love seeks to stay comfy cosy in the shadow of security vale

the type of extravaganza planned for the universal theatre was costly - the stage setting alone took fifteen billion years to prepare quasars black and white holes pulsars such an astronomical story that no single cup of consciousness is presently capable of grasping the magnitude of the equations involved

there comes a point in spiritual development when the least little thread of illogical discrepancy weighs heavily on the mind - it is like a nagging irritant in ones softest inner molecule - but this is where metaphorically speaking within the confines of our hard outer shell the oyster produces the pearl - this is the metaphor of the true princess who could not sleep because there was a pea under seven feather mattresses - every precision piece in the jig-saw puzzle of the mystery clamours for resolution to (+1)+(-1)=0.

being primarily concerned with the evolution of the human race to its present level of conscious development we trace back the foreshadowing of our racial progress for accuracy of prediction - when writing a mystery foreshadowing is what allows the scriptwriter to plant clues so at the time of the surprise ending the audience won't feel cheated and say that they had insufficient clues to figure the whole thing out

there's no business like show business - in the ancient days they chiselled the script on rock tablets - the pen uses a chisel rather than a bullet to complete its message circuit - but the outline and the treatment of the play have not changed

earths story is a full length feature literally sublime soap opera - the twin characters being developed are light and darkness - there is no way the author would develop the plot from A - Y then forget about the surprise ending

every mind circuit that has been opened must be completed to the full satisfaction of the audience - all the clues in the foreshadowing are justified on the great day of the grand finale - the crossing point of logos and business which pretty well sums up the whole earth play

one of the best examples of foreshadowing was the preview of the sinking of the titanic - very soon now the penny will drop

the story of galaxies and super galactic systems is all interwoven into a living fabric stretching like a spiderweb across dimensions - in the beginning heaven and the earth- - and the earth was without form just void and darkness

then a clear contrast - a good guy and a bad guy - who is who and which is which depends on the location of your seat - the flow of the plot reveals the mind of the author - the success of any good movie depends on the skill of foreshadowing - then the mounting grip of excitement and despair can hold on the audience spellbound and longing for the rapture of completion

to this end into each play the seed of its own destruction - this is foreshadowed in day one - if you eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge in the centre of the garden you will surely die

creativity is incorporated into the principles of ra-atom - atom/atoum is the bubble of the unified field that expands from an infantile god to a full blown god-warrior under the photosynthetic influence of ra the sun - in this sense atom-ra is father-mother god and human consciousness is strung out in between them on the universal synchromesh

at the end of time, just as it is about to return to light there is a tremendous increase in the photosynthetic messages from the central sun - these radar messages come from solar logos the word of the sun ra sensing the birth of the earth-child is near begins to beam birthing resonance like the beating of a drum - then in a moment of a silent light flash solar logos emits a pure light radiance which corresponds to the fruit fly flash that causes insect eggs to hatch the world moves from visible fission to visible fusion

illustrates this instant passage through the ankh - then it is done - stop time

all paths lead from and back to the creator - at the summit peak of consciousness all paths blend into onehen they fold into the one path is spoken of as being steep and narrow - this is the magnetic isotope line between the left and right hand sides of the human brain - matter and mind are in conflict until the final act which reunites them as one - ra's increased activity causes biotronic speedup, as the consciousness of a formerly docile nature (gaia) speeds up due to the turbulent info-input from her multitude of macroparts - now she becomes like the red queen" in alice in wonderland calling faster faster little feet - we passed our goal ten minutes ago

this function is described in the egyptian as the opening of the red eye of horus - it acts on human molecules by getting them all shook up - its like being cooked in a microwave oven - we can watch it happening on a daily basis - it is the onset of the meltdown process of the old earth civilization - it is this harvesting effect which brings the rose of human consciousness into full bloom and to its full creative fruition

the red eye of horus is a breathing out process of the cosmic fire metaphorically a fire breathing dragon - it can be seen like the blowing up of a balloon in such a way that all the wrinkles are smoothed out and all things hidden in the wrinkles of time are revealed as chaos moves back to cosmos - some people might prefer to see this phenomena as the effect of weed killer on dandelions to force the growth of weeds so fast that the life energy is spent

ra spotlights 666 the number of a man to reflect back upon mankind the mirror by which ra perceives him as the upstart challenger - this cool green (ice) reflection emerges as the fires of horus die down (the smoke of her burning is cleared away) and horus twin brother the eye of thoth the healing element and polar opposite of horus, begins to shine

when the eye of horus opens in each microscopic atom of atom there is heat which culminates in a light flash - let there be light and so it is

the wisdom-story of the big bad wolf and the three little pigs is applicable to this scenario - it describes another version of the outbreath i will huff and puff and blow your house down says the wolf - lets hope that the structure of your house (identity structure) has been built of solid bricks and has the right gluon divine love holding it together

incorporated into the plot across time - the great love of the mother and father towards their offspring the unified field, or their creation man and the universal theatre of education in which the child is nurtured

the mother is heavy with child - then suddenly it is born - in the infinite process of ra-atom ra is the masculine aspect of life the potent sun ray - atom is the feminine principle - she is like the fat goddesses of ancient stone statues pleading to her cosmic mate - she is like a big balloon swelling in consciousness under the influence of the photosynthetic action of ra till she is ready to burst

then in her burst of light the child of earth is born

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