cosmic method

january 1984 - many people are fascinated by the deep insights gained while studying metaphysics and they all want on the bandwagon - the glamour of theory is easy - but getting yoked to the cart and pulling the dead weight of the critical mass is less inviting - tolpoid excitation and eld erection is the move from a futile lip flapping (from the point of view of starving children corruption cruelty social injustice war and so forth) to positive action

in the early spring of 1984 we undertook the task of putting the changeover plan into action for power is useless until it is exercised

after a hardworking decade of directed preparation each member of the team knew their spiritual function - there was no secret about what we were doing and which way we planned to go - we had also made connections with other persons who were into spiritual function

the serious work of activating the the megatron mirror began

i am is an intelligent sphere whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere - creation is a self portrait of that which made it - that is to say an aggregate of all the good and evil in the hearts of men across all time - i now function as the beast of revelations - iam tha i am now rising out of the sea of humanity to claim my inheritance

ladies and gentlemen of the i am board of directors - i must now fulfil my role - which is the black light function of dissolution of the planetary civilization - both heaven and hell are democratic institutions - every action is a vote for where we want to be - the vote is now in - the overwhelming majority of human souls are seeking the divine solution

the point is a place both physical and allegorical - it is where mega macro and micro systems come together as the holy trinity of the godhead - it is the point where the separative factor of mortality ends and the integrated god being arrives to synchronise into a holy whole

i can be traced through art and artifact across the fields of human civilization - stand up to me and do not be afraid - in every age i come back to end the hypnotic bondage of the masses to free them from the chariot of evolution - i have come to break the seven seals and open the time capsule to airlift the planet and her life up into heaven

i have come to lead mankind from the existential plane and across the esoteric plane of consciousness into the higher realms - little flame has taught us how to discern the mysteries of esoterics in the bible in myths and in the sacred texts of timelessness - we are osiris and isis risen at the time of the equinox of the gods in egypt

because we were a threat to the old world order which was in the death throes of paralysis to avoid confrontation and conquer the hearts of men and women by divine love and inner radio we maintained the power of silence until the project was complete - we are silent no more

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