cosmic literacy

the pinnacle of the order is the unmoved mover - the ultimate cosmic agent which fully and perfectly realizes its essence of eternal thought - the heavenly spheres imitate the unmoved mover and by so doing set the heavens in an eternal spherical motion - this process is repeated by individual souls until the individual i am cell and the i am all in all become reunited

truly my brethren when we re-enter the unified field of consciousness we rest not for a moment from glorifying that which is holy and gives us the opportunity to be the same

the human journey into new worlds of higher consciousness is half physical and half mythical - tranquility is the reward of those who revere the totemic animal gods and speak for them

the egyptian cat goddess for example is the feminine - the epitome of all that is holy - i am senstive to the needs of every molecule in creation - any unhappiness in any part of the universe stops me from purring

this frequency is a change of global attitude and altitude - we make a vertical zip up the pole and magic is all around us - being full of eyes within is to understand the principle of the orb of thoth for all things across all time are revealed in the all-seeing eye - this is the gift of matter energy space and time revealed now to the neu earth generation

in former times one had to die to go to heaven because during physical life the soul is still in its embryonic state - still in their wrappings is how the egyptians expressed it - stop time carries with it wondrous rewards for the faithful - it is like finding the right plug to fit into the right circuit of a great cosmic motherboard as the mirror lights up

man is made in the image of the heavenly father - in the human developmental process a single command cell begins to divide and organize itself into a foetus - a toe cell knows where it belongs a kidney cell knows where it belongs and what its function is within the whole body or unified field of cells

natures kingdom is a well ordered process - her creatures know where they fit into the master plan - the command cell in the foetus might well be called the master of a universe - this macro-master cell commands its microscopic world within - the mega-picture operates in the same way - each macro-being (man) intuitively knows where he/she belongs in the mega scene and constantly strives to reach its appointment with destiny within the unified field

it is interesting to note that should a biochemist (or somesuch) transfer a braincell into the foot the brain cell would find its way home - a transplanted foot cell likewise - should this cell run into insurmountable obstacles it would die trying to reach its destination very much like a lost cat finding its way home over great distances

in metaphysics this homing instinct is called the perfect process - evolution creates more complex patterns of resistance to test and temper the returning cell - this is how the primordial human soup finds its place in the body of the singular one - when cleansed of clay-debris every single intelligent molecule knows where it fits in and its functional orbit or heavenly place in the electromagnetic spectrum

the secret of meta-magic is we have to stroke the rock of ages with our most tender tendrils of divine love to dissolve the carbon matter-density into clear crystal fusion - this is how we remove the mote from our personal gods eye for crystal clear vision

the wattage of our personal magic lamp is precisely balanced with the amount of effort used to free our god-energy from its cocoon of clay during our visit to the underground gardens of atlantis in the world of the illusion - what you see of god is what you get

the kingdom of heaven runs like a swiss weather-clock - the seeker gets a tort-retort response from whatever departmental door it chooses to knock on - in climbing the invisible pyramid we learn to sense which door to approach and how to enter - always on bended knee

for holy holy holy vision is another way of seeing pro pro pro god the professional diety - one glimpse of the whole god-mind in symphonic action through use of the orb of thoth is enough to catapult a mind-cell to its destination

the higher up the mountain the greener grows the grass is a childish song we used to sing - we met a silly billy goat who would not let us pass - in astrology this is capricorn the goat of mendes (levi) who commands the top of the holy mountain - the goat is symbolic of devil worship - this goat is the traditional leader of the sheep unto the slaughter - it has to be displaced if we are to command the highest slopes of human consciousness

each cell is unique like a snowflake - each is nurtured and raised to the topmost heights of consciousness on an individual basis - to this end to judge another is a deadly diversionary tactic - in all classical books on satanism at the very ending of the play antichrist surrenders

here is where the beasts at the foot of the throne sing a new song holy holy holy - what a relief it is to get out of the time warp and back into the god groove again - what a joy to be home again after all that centrifugal fling - once a person finds their specific niche in the scheme of things the vibe says go go go as light carries weight at its own speed

may the best man win is the only logical and orderly way to run the universe and the multiple worlds within worlds contained therein - earth is a ship of human relations moving from fission to fusion - through the ring of fire which protects the entrance exit to the central sun - this is where the term gold tried in the fire comes in

the mandate was to effect the changeover and restore the crystal of atlantis to the all-seeing eye - to this end we had to make our schools and ourselves invisible as we moved from the density of the ice cube stage of matter back through the liquid water stage into the world of the misty holograph in order to penetrate the density of the whole earth body's critical mass and reassemble on the other side of the abyss

in practical terms it meant going through the needles eye - to exit we had to pass through the protective fiery furnace that safeguards higher dimensions to reattain the utopian magical world of the ascended masters in our home and native land

the mandate is to bring about a change of global attitude and altitude - the divine process has been leading man through the fields of time into the comfortable use of power - man is the revitalized macromass of divine mind

the word of god has fuelled our outward sail - the word will bring us safely home again - we stand once more like infants on the threshold of eternity - the capacity for childlike wonder is the father of the man we will become as we marvel at the scale of values and the value of the scale of her perfection

when that which is perfect is come that which is in part will melt away - standing records will show that the dragon was hot on our corporate tail - but we won by the virtue of the supraordinate factor - the triple goddess of love truth and wisdom which builds the great fiber optics arch between dimensions

heavens gate sits between dimensions - this is where the rock of ages clefts in two for our holy lady - she is gaia-galaxia and woman three states in one - she is the queen of heaven and of earth

naked came ye into the world and naked shall ye leave it - the i am chips in all its lower kingdom chips - 100% to get a card in the upper kingdom game - figleaf discarded we pass the croupiers wicket to meet our own assembled starship company of eternals and thenceforth act in full conscious co-operation

in becoming naked before god we get the full impact of the state of being holy - holiness is a beautiful thing - truth and beauty manifest across dimensions - holiness reflects the pure light energy of gods most inner being - we are one with the supra ordinate factor in its material manifestation

in the beginning was the word - from this point all life originates and returns - she is ms alpha and omega - each individual tribe and nation on earth and indeed all worlds has a specific mandate to attain and uphold ad. infinitum - for which they are responsible to god almighty - quarks are the holographic mist of life which solidifies over time - each culture tribe and nation is drawn to its intended destination - appetite digestion and appreciation are the clues to getting there

the old road is gone - the great train of civilization must make a 180 degree turn - the bridge is built - paths cut through the brush trails and roadways now give way to parallel railway tracks of the neu earth era

the spinal tap of the harvest elixir of earth is complete - our starship is being raised into the heavens - the quarkship of the global mafia (to collate it loosely) is hurtling the other way down into the fiery vortex - interdimensional commerce is now a fact of matter - the train halts at the station of the forefront of our consciousness / human mind - it is on its return journey from the upper kingdom filled with the bread of life for the hungry people in the middle kingdom

no one ever finishes a #1 lesson - because the more you clear away the debris from one tunnel the more tunnels of infinite consciousness open up ahead - appetite for god is not diminished by the eating - for the intensive digestion process required to assimilate the golden apple of the gods is good across infinity

the similarities between the chants in the egyptian book of coming forth by day and the song of solomon converge like parallel tracks coming into grand central station

the detachment of mind from matter without a drop of the good stuff being wasted is an art and science rarely viewed by mortal man - eliminating fear means coming face to face with death the prospect of descent into hell en route to subsequent resurrection - keep a daily diary - the more people that do this the more mirror-light we shed on the total picture

going back through the labyrinth and down tunnels of time into the future-past is intellectually fascinating - this alone can compensate for the emotional agony involved along the way - it is a solitary journey which absorbs the total holographic reflection cut into the tunnels of time lit by windows - echoes of the saints whose works we have revered in life

there is some ludicrous idea among humans that being a god among men is easy - quite the reverse is true - surface dwellers seem insane with their endless focus on shallow and irrational surface issues - it is almost impossible to penetrate their density of thought which is as tough as dino hide

national leaders go around getting their pictures taken smiling false smiles and shaking hands while each is bent on winning his/her own game at any cost - the game is totally transparent to the crystal mind

the silence about the ufo phenomena is so loud it blasts ones inner ear drums - many fine people on earth have been taken over by alien intelligence and held prisoner for decades in a parallel dimension - these tremendous sky beings are living thinking pure intelligent energy - to fuse with them we underwent the purification process of a classical egyptian initiation

there had to be a trade-off between speed and weight bearing capacity due to the tremendous size of gears of the mothership and the various beamships involved with different types of human vehicles and their involvement in past present and future events

weak stomached folks beware - although holy the golden apple of the gods is equally poison if you fail to digest each bite right to the end of its thought - better to open a few reflections and stay with them than to be a pig whose eyes are bigger than his belly - going to the end of the thought is what gives you the guts of the gods - this is the unshakable place where 2 + 2 = 4

being trapped in the parallel world only able to see through the reflected windows which had opened in mortal life was an utterly incredible experience - on the inside looking out of the eye while others were on the outside looking in - they could not see me but i could see them still clutching their somewhat tattered figleaves - to understand the number of a man

having the inside perspective rather than the dense surface-oriented point of view is to attain the crown of life - the father and i are one - we are each naked before the other - it is written that in the end times all things which were hidden would be revealed - seeing and voicing the 666 tabloid from the 999 position the way the eternals see the externals is where this holy holy holy prediction of an instant ending comes true

the earth is harvested - this happens when the harvestee is tested by being run through the universal bar codes of universal law - teaching and learning the analogue is one thing - digital actualization into solid state harmonics from mind to matter was the holy completion

change all global attitude and altitude

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