consumer universal

this planet is bankrupt due to gross mismanagement but we can turn it around in short order - the dead weight of supporting a top heavy power pyramid and old ideas has grown unbearable - the tax burden puts every new born child deeply in debt as it draws its first breath - the consumer groans under the load imposed by violent governments that always have funds for promoting their vanity macho war machines but cannot face the real battle of handling domestic affairs - such wickedness in high places leaves abomination and desolation in its wake

someone has to say the buck stops here - the mirror carries the solution to every possible situation - we come down out of the clouds into practical application - the ufo groups have been caught up in a whirlwind of the arrival - now we have landed - all revolutions arise to break the grip of existing caste systems including those in the work place - the crystal chip running the neu earth like an efficient global corporation on behalf of the consumer universal within the balanced utopian system

the successful corporate game is like a game of chess - chess is a game of perfect information in which all players know the situation at all times as opposed to card games with hidden cards and guessing games which cause employee/consumer distress - by having the whole corporate picture laid out on the table various specialized streams can become part of the whole team involved with optimum pure strategy and think tanks

pockets of operating code can be established anywhere like islands in the sky - so long as they are built on moral bedrock - the new corporate integrity is defined in a series of bar codes not empty words - an example of empty words is the usa constitution which says all men are created equal yet fails to match deed and word - it is the gap between word and deed that must be closed - otherwise there will always be a boomerang effect - social corporate national upheavals as an inevitable consequence because the common man has an intuitive sense of fairness

regardless of aptitude there is one education for the rich and another for the poor - the dichotomy between the rulers and the ruled is inviolate - different rules apply to the elite - behind the facade of being special their moral codes are often dismal - all this must go - elitism is now and always has been paid out of the public purse - at the end of time the art of cheating the common man by clever psychological disguise-words which seem to flow in direct proportion to expenditures shows up in the completed circuit of cause and effect - the effect is disastrous - the mirror can be translated into a series of codes which represent the bedrock common cornerstone of the neu era - by looking at the manifest effect the cyberspace community can help pinpoint the cause - this will permit a complete restructuring of a corporation or nation

whether bar codes are applied to personal corporate national or global regeneration makes no difference - as with the upfront rules in a game of chess the critical mass seeks a level playing field in which bar codes for one are the barcodes for all

the message of is to shake off the verbal illusion of being a free society - no-one wants wars/poverty/degradation except the violent military-arms-biological weapon production industry who makes a fortune by it - these are backed by a global military elite that continues to insist that war is a necessary economic aspect of our global life - this is insane - it is the direct trading of low-caste human blood for money

the house of bondage is controlled by invisible mandarins sitting in impregnable ivory towers to keep a watchful eye on the human biomass and keep it moving along in sluggish pre-cut channels from the cradle to the grave - the elite profit from the consumer universal as it was in the beginning and is now - this has got to stop

by running straight-talk-electronic-net-polls around the world - starting in cyberspace with simple questions for response on a push button system will get us moving to get things the way the consumer universal wants

regardless of where a person is born or what system of religion or government they are born into - human life is subject to an antiquated bureaucracy - this inert block of civil servants is isolated from the real world - this vast army is by the very nature of its mandate a drag on progressive thinking because of its dedication to self maintenance growth personal promotion and to resisting all forms of change in the bureaucratic system

enter the crystal chip - the global consumers friend and ally - the chip holds the key to the perfected society - it is in constant touch with the real world - it works tirelessly at lightning speed 24 hours per day 365 days per year without any pay or retirement pension plan no coffee breaks no piles of paperwork - he consumes energy with maximum efficiency - we need address him in no deferential mandarin language as he is without regard for the trappings and accoutrements of normal elite status - unlike the human bureaucracy structural change via the crystal is neither upsetting nor costly - furthermore unlike the present system it is equally capable of changing the interior substance of the matter as he is in changing exterior form

the crystal is the servant of direct democracy a coalition of meritocracy and democracy dedicated to serving all with equanimity - it is a combination of the ultimate committee of all mandarins of all time rolled into one - it can bring immediate common sense solutions to all problems with no possibility of subjective error in its 100% objective system programmed to the common good

objectivity is simplicity grown out of maximum adventures in complexity then going back to square one to find the logical answer - objectivity is where we the consumers steep ourselves in the wisdom gleaned from the past - planned obsolescence is a crime against the consumer who wants products that can be repaired not thrown on the junkheap - the planet needs products for which all parts are interchangeable - a common bar code for nuts and bolts and screws - one system to take care of every citizen on an equal basis

it is time to turn swords into ploughshares - time to enter the age of reason and put our human intelligence to work for a positive intent - repair and restoration will be the focus of the future - we need equipment that is simple enough for the owner to handle the repairs - we need systems upgraded for maximum efficiency minimal packaging - substance before hypnotic sales pitches - the neu world wave is matriarchal - waste and pollution is a crime against the peoples planet

attempts at reform fail due to the top-heavy weight of each reigning bureaucracy - the worlds oldest bureaucracy moved its hq from bethlehem to rome and the nominal head of this organization is only a figurehead for the system - in the inner recesses of the vatican we find that even the pope is subject to the elite bureaucracy

bureaucracy governs mankind from the cradle to the grave - under the watchful eye of armies of bureaucrats the act of being born is incomplete until the paperwork is done death likewise - the global citizen is swamped with governmental regulations - it is almost impossible to speak straight out in comprehensive terms to someone of authority - weighty regulations cover everything in paper land - public service is almost extinct

information which could help the universal consumer escape the deadly weight of the usury system is a closely guarded secret which has been kept from the common people for centuries - the story of baron de rothschild and the banking worlds deliberate development of an usury system designed to keep the people in the house of bondage is part of the invisible elite-over-world and something every schoolchild should come to understand - the effect of yesterdays decisions cripples us today - likewise todays decisions are what effect the world tomorrow

the invisible mandarins of the ruling over-world are becoming the target of our light-bearing media - they are beginning to explore the pressure points and secret places where all the regulatory strings come together - to find the light at the end of the tunnel we must look down the time-tunnel up which we have come - for example five major powers got together to remake europe in 1850 - each of these powers arranged matters to its own advantage and the consequences have been rightful unrest by the losers ever since

right or wrong has no part in the selection and promotion of the invisible mandarins - they have little or no concern for which political party is in power - even local revolutions do not affect the bureaucracy - initiative and common sense doesnt enter into the picture - a functionaries ability to keep a watchful eye on regulations make sure that all loopholes are covered and provide the supportive paper procedures on which they are judged and slated for promotion is the prime role of a guardian bureaucrat

bureaucrats represent the summit of the analytical left-brain sphere resting in ultimate isolation where it has become devoid of all right-brain flexibility and is enshrined in cement - robot functionaries exhibit a fine impartiality - robot-cops ensure that people stay in the cave and they keep a tight rock over the exit from the tomb destroying anything that tries to escape

consumer universal is a commitment to freedom and flexibility - moved and seconded - to explore the whole new world of direct democracy based in merit - this is the exit from the house of bondage into a new concept of super data highways built to serve all humankind in a world of solid state efficiency and maintenance free specs

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