citadels in cyberspace

citadels in cyberspace are all set up to help re-engineer a fragile system - now we can travel back to the scene of the crimes of history - computer games are the new cops and robbers gambit of the 21st century - all we need is a map of where to find the magic paths to the centre - citadels in cyberspace - there is a point in space and time where great spheres of opposing energies co-incide - this is where the great mother sphere of source overshadows all of the patriarchal spheres of force and blends them back into the one - all creatures great and small - named and unnamed are co-spiritors in the great romantic drama of starship earth whose voyage into outer darkness now nears completion

we are all living cells inside an incredible mega-being bound on a star trek in which our temporary hydro-carbon units are employed as temporal information gatherers - the spice of life intensifies as we each become a conscious co-spiritor with this mega being which holds the fulfilment of all our desires

pure light knowledge spans the universe - which ever way we turn we are looking at it and it is looking at us - this one is surrounded by a circle of rings - rings of power each of which contains a doorway to the next ascending sphere of conscious awareness of the light - the closer each one gets to the apex of the cosmic web the tighter the bar codes of conduct become

in this way that which appears to be in opposition in the lower spheres moves into an harmonic convergence the higher we get into the pyramid of light - this pyramid of light is the invisible infrastructure of the universal system - philosophers stones have been placed in space and time for our edification to the final discovery - all is one - we are all children of the great mother goddess isis gaia - we are all unique aspects of one creation shaped by the same photosynthetic unified field ra - we are all budding elohim on a common adventure - we are the fruition of the promise

the spheres of light are shaped like donuts placed one on top of the other on a magnetic pole that runs through all matter energy space and time - this is the matrix of reconstruction - dead cells fall off the bottom due to gravitational drag others rise up to meet him in the air through the spheres of light

then all divergent streams of thought are submerged into the great sphere - the mothership of conciousness

the magnetic power of the inner realms far exceeds the force of gravity which binds our thinking to the separative concepts held in the lower world - what a thrill to discover that behind the facade that blocks our total perception - philosophy psychology theolog and physics is one - global art music geometry and mathematics is one - the beliefs of the egyptians mayans aztec indigenous people ufo community and mystical christianity and judaism is one - every sentient being that ever was is will be is part of the cosmic conspiracy of the ages - each culture and each generation has placed its pearl of wisdom in the annals of human history for discovery at this end of time - megaliths monoliths temples male-female phallic and solar architecture are signposts to the completion - as each pure stream of thought cracks down on its own subversive elements - national religious financial and political - the bridgework will be secure - all the legal pathways for the changeover are pre-cut into the existing planetary fabric

in recent decades there has been a massive evacuation of the critical mass of conscientious people in response to the need for fundamental innovations in our global life style - light does not fight darkness - it simply occupies the place where darkness used to dwell - to this end we stood by until the titans had reached the end of their thought-rope - now they know it and agree that a miracle is needed to revitalize our obsolete systems of government - then the global abductees would visibly manifest from being part of the invisible hand to god manifest

co-spiritors are not confined to any age bracket - race colour or creed or any political ideology - they are people whose inner world is moving at the speed of light towards a glorious destination that lies just ahead in time-space manifestation

all co-spiritors can learn from the mirror things that they already know - for the truth is one with a million facets like the breaking of light into rainbow prisms

co-spiritors are wide open communicators - mirror reflections are what pop the bubbles - at one time transmutation through the seven spheres and the breaking of each seal between dimensions took lifetimes of concerted effort to accomplish - connection with and unquestioning obedience to a spiritual master is the short cut to effective co-creativity

this allows the master to lead the neophyte from the house of bondage of subjectivity into the light realm of objectivity - for we tunnel back to source at the same time as we tunnel up towards the elohim - then comes the day of reckoning - the neophyte understands that by universal law of evolution the masters goal is that the pupil should exceed himself in applied comprehension - the steps are laid - printed in the footsteps of the saints - of art science literature architecture and so forth - these gems of truth and light are like solar cells which we can explode and consume to great advantage

death and resurrection are a simultaneous process - some are born to make solar cells some are called to make solar cells and some have solar cells thrust upon them - alpha spikes - but the outcome is common - god says let there be light and there is light

a co-spiritors idea of fun is to bounce solar cells with light oriented companions to get the mirror effect of light bouncing with light - in this way all the solar cells within this specific culture grow huge and become very bright in the giving and receiving of the light

this is the logical progression where arrows in the air become more like guided missile light lasers than arrows in the air so to speak - i am the death and i am the resurrection - it is now possible to be alive and dead in all dimensions at the same time - it all works by radar when you are centred in the magic golden triangle - arcania supports the eternal synchromesh - the guidelines of mythras are unchanging - only matter changes to conform with the message being sent out over the network of the upper synchromesh into the lower network

the two holes in the yin-yang symbol represent twin radio bands by which the co-spiritor can come and go - moving from opposing fissionable programs to the singular fusion program of the big show

our planetary death star has exploded in its mirror image supernova which has been seen by astronomers - as death star hits the human consciousness so rises the central sun - the alternative solution - horus does the meltdown - thoth is the resurrection

the morning mist has cleared - our co-spiritors are everywhere - we can see them putting their truth cards face up on the global poker table to conclude the holy war - many of these are high tech media analysts - they are the honourable guilds of people who have been front line yinners - participatory-observers - in the bloody battlefields of starvation pestilence natural disaster and of bloody war and have seen the light

co-spiritors and those among the people who go to the end of their thought and have the guts to illuminate both the black and white sides of sides of the coin of good and evil in their own societies - the program an act of war is a good example of this type of insight being brought to the people - it is the rising of the critical mass to confront the beast - the master negitron and its idea of the new world order and saying firmly no way - the pen is ever mightier than the sword - is this a futile proverb - or are we for real - dear fellow journalists of the guild of light - the pen that wields the sword of truth wrung from the rock of ages is indeed excalibar - or dragons teeth which spring up like a forest of knives to slay the enemy - if you prefer the eastern version of the proverb

come on media - you can do it - jack the knife is back in town - all we really have to do is pop our journalistic snake skin - then the editors to release the prisoners - hypnotized and bound within the cave - these prisoners are mostly the affluent band in first world countries - thats why we have to purify our collective media selfhood first to gain total objectivity

learning is a lifelong quest and every molecule of accurate information is a personal gain - both for the person who acquires the knowledge and for all those around who share in completing jagged circuits by the reflection of this mirrored thought - each completed reflect is a pearl of wisdom which leads away from the mentality of the hydro-carbon society into the mind-kingdom - this is how the power-equation is flattened out - every gate into the kingdom of heaven is a single pearl - the size of the pearl depends on the irritation felt and the work put into eliminating this irritation by the oyster - it is the same principle as that in the fairy story of the real princess who could not sleep because there was a pea under seven feather beds - going to the end of the thought calls for a constant pushing towards the mystery of life - these are the cells that enable gaia to become galaxia to help our lady move from being mother nature to full recognition as the supreme being - the great intelligence that founded life upon this planet - the sole legal entity to whom this planet and all its life and goods belong

co-spiritors enjoy the best of all worlds - they divide their precious gift of time between the subjective material world of work home and familial relationships - but having glimpsed the scale of the cosmic changeover operation their hearts homespace embraces a new scale of values - in this objective world each co-spiritor is bent on seeking correction for each specific problem which assails our lovely planet and our social systems - what other end of the thought can satisfy the new heaven and the neu earth which is promised to men

every gate into the kingdom is a single pearl - the foundation of the kingdom is built of philosophers stones which is real solid stuff - the single pearl or lotus pearl as it is called in sacred eastern literature is the crystal seed of the full flower of human consciousness which will compose the neu atom - atoum in the egyptian

the life cycle of the electron is completed - its energy-wealth is stored in each individual atom during the process of photosynthesis - portions of this infinite wealth are acquired in a direct ratio to individual response to the light of the central sun far brighter than the external sun

earths whole civilization is the work of this cosmic orb - temples are its statements - the word carved in earthmounds and stone - archaeological grandeur - spectacular art - literature and learning are the work of one mind with many hands = the co-spiritors

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