cabin climate

planet/star ship earth is contained within a huge atmospheric envelope - the noosphere - this is the cabin climate in which organic gaia floats within galaxia the invisible magnetic field - in an harmonious convergence of the three components - music mathematics and geometry - the human mind can change the cabin climate of the surface world to one of peace and prosperity

a complete preview of the unfoldment of the genesis I theme is given in the sacred books of the ages - these predict that after a time of tribulation the micro elements which compose this sphere will be co-ordinated into the original intent of love and life to form a bright new cabin climate in which the human race and its multiple life-compliments will maturate

the garden of eden conspiracy was designed to lead adam from the lower to the upper garden of full conscious awareness of the wonder of it all - go and conquer the earth - put words on things - divide the unified field of one intelligence into little pieces and put labels on them

thus began man's journey up the garden path of negative analysis which leads inevitably to the babble-on of abomination and desolation - then positive action leads man to understand the dominion of the invisible world of god is good and positive replaces negative in the gameplan

in the beginning was the word... new thoughts produce new words - garbage thinking creates new garbage words - harsh words make harsh reality - cold words make a cold world - siliconization produces computer words - warm and loving thoughts produce the warmth and fellowship that will reform the cabin climate of our world and change the dynamic tension of our planetary fabric

words like turn the other cheek bless them which persecute you bless and curse not is the revolutionary theme of the neu era - it leads from the sub kingdom of rampant primal energy to our awakening in overworld of pure intelligence

this coming forth by day is explained in the so-called book of the dead the egyptian concept of life and death reality - a simplified map of the larger Universe is contained in the egyptian tarot as described in the book of thoth

adam is the incarnate mediator between the unconscious mind and material reality - he matures to become the noble husbander rather than the adolescent monkey child of gaia

the universe card in the egyptian tarot lies face upwards on the table at - for thy pleasure were all things created is her icon

the cabin climate of our planet earth is microscopically engineered for the synergetic pleasure of the holistic earth creation - in the Unified field all is one

bio-tron = the processes of nature which hold dominion over the natural cabin climate of our beautiful star ship - in conjunction with the maximization of energy specs madame gaia has had man on the run to life's completion

for man to maintain his synergetic sanity all data input must be filed away in a cognitively consistent logic system - the "unfold-ment" of the process is made by a growing complexity of centrifugal words - then pop - the thinker and the word is one - when man's logic file corresponds to the logic file of bio-tron both man and nature are reborn into a new period of peace and prosperity unlike anything known on earth before - the word is the solution

human logic is based on subjective like and dislike not on any real assessment of the situation - facts which do not fit into the existing scientific logic structure are shoved under the rug as hidden words - this can only continue for so long until suddenly the rug starts heaving - truth plays a deadly serious game of hide and seek - human curiosity is man's saving grace - there is a limit to how many loose ends intellect can sweep under the rug as being irrelevant and get away with it

biotron is a stylish lady - we might equate her with the red queen in urging faster faster little feet faster faster we passed it ten minutes ago... in modern times this same effect is reflected in the story of e.t. and the bicycle race that takes off when enough speed is obtained

furious filing into divisions of young:old, black:white, rich:poor are all passe in the new word order - one people one planet one planetary soul which includes all life on earth one new word dictionary - the word produces a powerful magnetic field by which healing white cells can break away from the diseased cluster of sick and ugly words that produce a sick society

healing our global cancer begins with the elimination of unhealthy words that separate living creatures from their holy name which is their breath of life - words which deny the spirit and turn a living creature into chunks of meat like pork-producers and chicken factories - a hog-raiser who denies the right to life and dignity of the noble pig is himself the hog - veal production is likewise unspeakable

man's definitions wither elevate or coarsen the whole fabric of life - the ultimate refinement comes with appreciation of the reality of life - the gift of putting words upon the wonders of our lady's mind can restore the cabin climate of the fragile surface of our lustrous living home as the most highly refined microcells of nature we can be independent yet interdependent with our fellow travellers in time and

space closing the mental gap between eggs and bacon on the breakfast table and the circuit by which they got there is of prime consideration in the new word order of regeneration - as refined white cells multiply in the whole earth body we will work in harmony to bump off negative monster words great and small that make for dead man's blood within our global soul

science, religion, philosophy and psychology are one in metaphysics - the religion of form tries to get as large a cluster of cells into its orbit without the balance of the other three considerations - anarrow range of words makes for narrow thinking - this is why the cabbala teaches us to leave the comfortable word home of our childhood and find new word-worlds to inhabit and to call our own

glamour is a deadly diet of words unless seen as simply icing on the mental cup-cake - they lack the solid protein of the strong meat of god required to bring the mind to maximum potential - this shampoo that deodorant is the shifting sands of time that have no real substance

compression from all sides makes the little feet of the global leadership peddle faster not yet quite awake to the fact that we have passed our target heaven on earth ten minutes ago - we can see ego working furiously to slot each piece of incoming information into its acceptance and rejection files in a black, white and grey world - this is why in metaphysics the first thing we establish is a neutral file in which to store all ill-fitting information to prevent mind getting fogged up with the floating debris of unprocessed data

earth was declared a theocracy in 1983 - this happened as the first psi-particles were being found by cern in switzerland (swerne in atlantean) for the reconstruction of the arc of the covenant which has the top secret security rating in the world

joy in domesticity in personal dignity in relationships in development of talents, and in our unique human resources is the great prize that radiates in a wondrous hue and glow of true limessence - there'll be freedom from want the end of conspicuous compensatory consumption good housekeeping specs while floating up the metaphoric nile of consciousness on the holy barque of one's personal creation

developing and appreciating one's own assets cancelling out one's own liabilities achieving spiritual and sexual balance and setting one's own house in order above-below is manifest in the words - in the neu earth era there are no emotional debts or debtors no spiritual debts or debtors no physical debts or debtors - life is a whole new ball game

the mature spiritual being makes recompense for error and corrects negative thinking - each is bent on maximizing oneself to the heights of balance and self-love by reparation - this balance will overflow into restorative love for all creation

the revitalization of the cabin climate of starship earth is of immediate and vital consideration - this is achieved by sparking live-wires which exchange light energies between all those whose life's work has put them in communication with the original creative intent

these are the co-creators of the neu earth era bent on a single applied solution composed of many microparts - all people living on the earth at this time are living in communication or excommunication with the vital source of life - the human family is like a huge brain with its neurons disconnected - whole earth healing begins with self-healing - self healing self love and self actualization makes each one of us a citizen of two dimensions

power drawn from the tree of life at any of its points must be replaced by the surrender of something of equal value to that which is received

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