this is where the cosmic lovers get a return on their planetary investment of intelligent life energy - the sephiroth which appeared in the rye fields near banbury castle in britain is where patriarchal aspect of the godhead put his owners signature on this planet thus ending the old world play - every single life form and person on this planet shares in this r.o.i. as the pot finally gets to see the potter - clay is earth fire and water - there is a magic solution - in fact magic is the only solution - where the pot can look back at the potter in mutual appreciation of their work

it is only when the scroll of your life has been unrolled to its maximum and mind is stretched to its outer limits of creativity that god feels it has got its fair return on its investment and finally says roll up the scroll - then both parties put their signature on the contract

it is good - the lord said when he saw the solution to the computer chip of genesis - you and me working as partners on earth...

viewed symbolically it is rather like tanning a hide - the neophyte is firmly nailed to the universal cross during the stretching process the initiate might say 1000 times enough enough - my mind can take no more - but the lubricant of divine love makes the hide very flexible capable of limitless stretch and amazing weight bearing capability

during this expansion period the mirror master comes to understand the red queen hypothesis in biology with its theme of faster faster little feet - for by the time you are off the mind-rack you realise that you passed the winners gate ten minutes ago - this victory is only fully visible by virtue of life's rear view mirror - during the initiation process the neophyte is torn between decisions of whether to hate or love the heavenly host via trial and torment - judgement on those who wrought this miracle is best held in abeyance until one is well into the retrospective look

in the invisible world these translucent hides are magnetically linked together to form one great geodesic sphere full of dancing psi-particles on their eternal star trek through the universe - this is like the neu bottle" for the "neu earth wine - this is the view from inside the new bottle of the hollow earth

humanity is one both in the disintegration and in the solution process - in that the faster I raise your level of consciousness with no strings attached and the faster you raise mind the faster the caring and sharing flows among all mankind - soon everyone on earth is travelling at light speed like a flock of white doves in flight with no hooks cages and no strings attached - and the flock of doves is one

the objective is to justify planetary bilan and to balance the books on the whole earth operation - in this context it is written that the last shall be first and the first shall be last - what an ingenious and generous god is this r.o.i. master of the universe

the light at the end of the tunnel intensifies - then, immediately before the final tachyon lightning exit the voyager begins to hear a ho ho ho effect within the deepest private cavern of his/her personal and most intimate i am mansion - this personal sky-mansion of the mind is one that each of us has built within - the crystal palace in metaphysics

this is the homespace of your private superman - the one that bypasses the intellect when he wants to have a private word with the mortal intellect - this is the one to one relationship with god that each individual person has within the spiritual mind - here safely stored away until the end of time is your very own hi-octane fuel tank - the place where each can turn light into weight into speed

god the joker has a wonderful sense of humour - very early on in the game we learn your sense of humour is the only thing that you would have left at the end of this cosmic education - humour is what transmutes negatives into positive - the more seriously you take yourself and the less seriously you take god and metaphysics the more the final joke is on you

the connecting rods written in these reflections are invariably accompanied by highly esoteric visual images which soften and clarify the text that is being presented - this is god the joker-lover teasing the beloved - there can be many screens in operation at the same time which at first glimpse appear to bear no relationship to each other till the penny drops then they all merge into one

god gets its return on investment through multiplication by division - to multiply a potato for example you cut it up making sure that each segment has a living eye - then you put it in the ground and let the elementals do their thing - the elemental process is limited by a certain set of laws of sun and wind and rain etc - the key to a bumper crop is perfect balance - too much or too little in the mix or poor timing has adverse results

this is a good example of how esoterics works - the picture on the mental screen is god in your own persona having his little joke with you in his own unique soft and gently manner - the man and the god get their emotional r.o.i simultaneously - that's the way the perfect process works - cut up into multiple eyes for reproduction and dissemination

the division between man and god is an illusion - the product of the prince of lies - divide and conquer is the diabolical strategy which opens the floodgates of ideological monsters great and small - once you start looking there is nothing in creation that is not god and the earth mother is the best teacher on how to perceive him - together they comprise the co-equal father mother one

these are the cosmic lovers - their divine love is the reason for creation - divine love multiplied in all their children - love is the r.o.i - love is king - the supra ordinate fact of creation - the moment man stops subscribing to the illusion he/she steps into the real world of beauty truth and wisdom and becomes a macro unit of their r.o.i - one with the mother-father - gods return on its investment is mankind risen - man alive - mans return is god walking in millions of guises and disguises here in the neu earth era - millennium

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