atlantean era

in the upper kingdom we see that only the mythical battle for right is real - the youth reasons his way out of the social tendrils of his socio cultural house of bondage seeking his true manhood - awakening youth examines all cultural influences then makes a critical review of his/her nation-state heritage and its history of violence against one planet - one people prior to his/her return to the undivided state of mind we call atlantis - this is happening at light speed as hands begin to link around the world

the exploration of the labyrinth of one's house of bondage is our famous #1 lesson in metaphysics

the third eye which was developing in transcendent human people is able to interpret with 20-20 vision in the rear view mirror of life - since we brought star ship earth back through the ankh which is what we came for 1973

to show the world that the violent world order was resisting evolution - resistance to love has plagued our civilization across its years of struggling towards the light... arrogance is a futile waste of life energy - if nature runs out of this vital substance it will be the death of all life on earth

1989 - performed the act of atonement - this opened the first trickle of healing energy which now gushes like a spring river after a long winters night

a mirror reflection is a completed circle of spiritual-human thought - it is the measure of the stature of a true human being - going to the end of the thought is as the snake biting its own tale - the holy city then is a solid state of mind - the solid state rock - atlantis

two egyptians standing in front of the pyramids saying - do you ever think you're being watched - applies

we reached the atlantean era after having synchronized the content of the left brainfield/right brainfield by cancelling out all negative attitudes towards the one - thus god and goddess wed at the dawning of the yin yang era - we shared the 20-20 infinite vision of the cyclopean eye and how our paths must run to full completion of the artwork - the 3rd eye the spiritual mind's eye the orb of thoth

the atlanteans are back silent no more - the response was incredible - it was as if a huge boulder hit our world containing all the negativity of all time - but when digested we are able to turn it into pure kryptonique - the juice that runs the star fleet - the digital spread sheet fills reams of data of every shade imaginable to finally sort out the two balls - black and white

how sweet it was to be back on the holy barque continuing our eternal voyage up the nile in full cosmic consciousness yet with all the creature comfort of the 21st Century - this is what we came for this is what we got - the stop-over that neat little time-warp was worth it don't you think - from now on citizens of atlantis we just had to sail along with the mothership all updated to computerized maintenance free specs run by persons skilled and thrilled by a specific assignment built to match their avocation

but by atlantean law (universal law) you have to come back for the people - nor could you ask any other to do that which you had not first done yourself - doing it is the easy part - explaining the technical detail is far more complex - but such is the work of the word of god

atlantis is the transparent universe - atlanteans are known as the beings of the crystal skull - the mirror will fit over you with a magical skull cap

surrender to a higher form of consciousness and an infinite scale of values - yinners are winners - the christ-light is was and always will be here-now - light is love - it is the supra ordinate factor - the everlasting principle which proclaims - i am the rock of ages is pure light - the eternal crystal of atlantis

light is not bound by form or creed or any religious or ideological fences - intelligent application to any path of knowledge brings us together - time returns to light at the end of its objective - light follows a thought-path which winds through history right to the heights and depths of consciousness to reach its full potential when cleared of all divisive debris - good and evil is one - let black and white chips flashdance to the needles eye the life-death point of relativity - this ankh is the place to which all else is relative - it is the new genesis the new beginning - as the god-man approaches this crystal city the mists of time roll back and time returns to light - to reach atlantis it is best to time travel down two opposite sides of any coin sorting out subjective interference until the two opposing ends meet in the middle of that weird wave we call time which is full conscious awareness of all that is and emergence into the eternal now

the atlantesn era is a state of growing vitality expanding dreams across infinite new horizons - it is the time whose idea has come - trains of thought filled with sparkling people arrive daily in this promised land - these are people who have gone deep into the mind - beyond the overt scenery to investigate the covert situations that give rise to daily news reports - they have explored the invisible forces that shape world opinion and events that affect the front parlour of the global scene

to roll back the scroll of human history one first has to loop the loop - our metaphysical society was the first human engineered starcraft to synthesize with local natives of the region - as a highly advanced civilization we checked your preferred methodology for transmigration - landing as e.t.'s we are here to save your small planet without starting a cattle stampede

our method is to get the most advanced native earth people into the upper corral by luring em on with a pail of their favourite oats - we are not caught up in lower kingdom power games - god thrusts its crystal of conscious awareness into the dark void of the cosmic womb making it pregnant with potential godlings - these microdots are then magnetised into the mosaic of new life patterns

the mothership is also known as thunderbird - 1993 was the year of the thunderbird - here to proclaim first nations right to land - there is nothing to fear - we could have destroyed your small dark planet long ago if we came for any cause other than truth and love and wisdom

the judgement is finished -in the neu earth era meritocrasy counts - spiritual and natural merit forms a hierarchal pyramid of the cream of the earth crop - it will employ the best of the best

in atlantis higher education is a lifetime occupation - we have an unchanging school system worked in such a way that every child of six years teaches a child of five years of age all he knows - and the five year old teaches the four year old and so forth - this is done primarily in mime conversation and with artistic exchange

atlantis is a place of ultimate and unlimited discrimination of good better and best - the national pastime is to pinpoint any jot or tittle of criteria that may, or may not be out of place in a perfect society of balanced body mind emotional or spiritual health and wealth

the holographic vision of things yet to be in "time" are being brought to pass on earth here-now

earth is the lower schoolroom of the gods - the underground gardens of atlantis - lifelong education is a fact of life in all dimensions - in atlantis all teachers were required to make themselves available in night schools such as presently exist - these were open freely to all who cared to come and listen - money, as such was not required but each student in the academy of atlantis was responsible for digesting and expressing everything he/she knew in word thought or deed

when we come down from atlantis to the operations deck of the mothership in the lower kingdom it was a khe moment in infinity - our homespace awaits - time is held in suspension until we return from duty in the biological world... and move back to the atlantean era

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