action core

the new age of love is fantastic - it is without any of the pangs of the subjective love of painful adolescence - it is all about the bliss of objective love - the love of an object - gaia and every one of her marvellous microparts - including our incredible selves

1973 - 1976 was a vintage period for the action core of the et - many were abducted

the first injunction of metaphysics is dont take yourself seriously - take your metaphysics seriously - by moving quickly from the subjective to the objective viewpoint is a sure win move - that is to say by putting planetary concerns before personal considerations we became active units in the action core of solution while at the same time enjoying the unfoldment of the whole earth play

the action core of the grand finale of the changeover is composed of those who like their ancient forebears are in radio communication with the control tower of the mothership of consciousness - up here on the upper deck of our great star ship the morning mist has cleared away and we can see both forwards and backwards down the time tunnel of infinity

your star-crystal springs out of left-brain cement - plato's cave in philosophy - as an ultimate reaction to light - in preparation for this great event

this thickness of the left brain cement is horrendous - looking back in the rear view mirror it is clear to see that generations of parents had instilled goals of getting ahead in their offspring - jobs jobs jobs - education gets you ahead in the consumers race is the cry of the left-brain cement head

wheel and whoa - stop and think for a moment action core friends - come out of the house of bondage and lets go up to the observation deck of the mothership - on the observation deck we can see that the light beings have everyones vibe-telephone number - anyone can tune in when their inner turbulence has died away and the line is not always busy with left-side roof brain chatter - anyone that is who has broken free of the dominance of invisible mandarins and is not enshrined in solid left-brain bureaucratic cement

as the mothership starts pulling away from her moorings it causes a lot of turbulence down-under as the tidal wave of light hitting the earth shakes up the cocoon of the cosmic egg that we have been nurtured in - the cement starts cracking - light comes in through the cracks - the egg-shell becomes transparent then comes the flash reaction - the weight of bureaucracy starts shifting as the magnetic tug overcomes the gravitational drag

nothing is lost - everything is transformed - the hardware - the steel structure - the gridwork of the genesis one play is (-1) - it is fixed firm and inviolable - the software (+1) the progeny of adam and eve is the flexible spiral that activates the system until time returns to light - then we get a new beginning a new genesis a clean white stone on which to cement a whole new play in the left brain world of matter - yet (-1) universal law remains eternally inviolable

action core is best understood in the infinite process of ra-atom - ra is the masculine aspect of life the potent sun ray - atom is the feminine principle like a big balloon swelling in consciousness under the influence of the photosynthetic action of ra - once free of divisive left brain cement - the better than thou phenomena - we are free at last - man is one and the whole earth consciousness is one in the matriarchal right brain world - yet to build a civilization one has to go with the devil as far as the bridge - then its time to take a straight look at the illusion and move to the action core - take abraham for example the great patriarchal image of the generations - this man abandoned his wife and young son in the desert to die a horrible death simply because he had no more use for them - yet he is enshrined in our left brain cement as a hero

the right-brain deals with the reality rather than programmed illusion - it enables each of us to hit the spiral vortex of the action core - this is where lucifer the light bearer the irresistible force hits the supraordinate factor - these factors are given masculine and feminine names - but each is both and sexual identification is irrelevant

however in the days when the patriarchal vibe was predominant all negative connotations were invariably given with a female appellation - this is a major contributing factor to abuse of wives and offspring to this day - left brain cement

patriarchal left-brain predominance is what blocks mankind into the cave - all the kingdoms of the world will i give you says the devil as he flashes worldly goods and worldly success as a bait to get the lobsters into the trap

matriarchal right brain sanity seems insane to the left-hand brain yet it is the law of abundant life - sell all your worldly good to feed the poor - turn the other cheek - give cloak with coat - says the right hand brain man

the folks in action core the human members of the unified forces are people who have been there - been to the summit of left brain experience and appreciate the lead it has put in their intellectual boots - we will need this weight to combat the controlling forces of darkness as we implement the formula - turn light into weight into speed

in philosophical terms the invisible mandarins are planning a new world order based in solid cement - the rules will be so tight that robotic beings will populate the earth doing the jobs jobs jobs for their cement enshrined masters

action core - is our vital and only avenue of escape from entombment in a dino-system so top heavy that its weight is crushing the lifeblood out of the earth - invisible mandarins highly sophisticated and outwardly civil are striving for the pinnacle of occult power

but for us one last magnetic blitzkrieg will finally push the action from mounting fission to instant fusion - chaos to cosmos

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