the experiment

every puzzle has a missing piece - we find the missing piece when we strip the negative backing off the positive fabric of our universe keeping only the elixir of the very best of life's experiences the things we want to take along and keep across infinity

this is where we stop the internal bleeding - it means closing circuits after we have subtracted the negative overlay (the last snake skin of carbon matter) of our relationships - it is where the positron annihilates the negitron as we weave the fabric of eternity - then we all live happily ever after in the neu earth synchromesh of divine love's true intent - here we come to see that human relationships are like fine liqueurs

all of the players put their cards face up on the table - the strongest put their cards on the table first - mur is the key - mur = mu the motherland + ur the inheritance of earth - the geometry is written up in the book keph-a-ra the high priest of egypt

he explains that the ancient land of mu (mr, mir) which supposedly existed at the time of atlantis refers to a particular method of geodesic survey rather than a country with a race of people - the first pyramid built about 10,000 years ago was used as part of an attempt to get atlantean scientists to desist in their black light experiments

the particular shape involved proved that the radius of a circle as applied to height would result in a form that would have no relationship to any form then known - pyramid shapes defied all aspects of nature in such a way that they became the start and finish in the metaphysicians adventure into the realm of black-light or anti-nature - the mu shape had a multitude of applications for humanity some good some bad

the word abwa originates from one of the mu-mind experiments that was done in atlantis in conjunction with black light investigations - the original abwa were a small group of people who were deliberately isolated from society for several generations to become the subject of extensive telepathic experimentation

with no access to a formal left brain teaching structure the abwa came to know more about the universe than the top intellectuals in the land of left brain learning - the experiment proved that the universal mind communicated with the abwa and they could talk back to it - the knowledge exchanged encompassed topics far beyond the minds of the most highly educated men - mu the motherland was clearly able to communicate directly with the people of the abwa experiment

the abwa experiment proved that physical proximity and spiritual proximity are quite different things - spiritual proximity to the light is freely accessible to the uncluttered mind - this spiritual proximity to the central sun or light has gone by many names across the ages but can easily be reduced to a common concept - the abwa feed on the hidden manna - one of the most interesting aspects of the abwa experiment is that at the end of time each individual will have a personal and direct line of communication to the source of all knowledge without any need for external religious training whatsoever - in the end times each individual will know god on a personal basis

this power of the positron when freed of negative programming was known in atlantis - the abwa technique worked - the abwa learned only through telepathy - their universal wisdom was gleaned without words directly from the unified field - to exceed known intellectual structures and into a world of direct communication with creative mind

the story of the abwa experiment was written up by radionic direction - a = accentuate the positron b = banish the negitron w = win the crown of life by a = achieving atonement with the supra ordinate factor - history repeats itself - the first abwa experiment described a happening which occurred thousands of years ago in flat earth time - it was repeated in the 20th century by very select groups that agreed to act as human guinea pigs

come out of her my people come away was the call on the air waves - we heard and obeyed - we had reached the end of the world as we formerly knew it - we were lifted out of space and time for a decade of intense training to receive the mandate of the 13th and final wave of positive inflowing light energy

then as is the classic form of initiation we were shattered as a group-bubble to be tested individually for spiritual acumen and strength - to complete this exercise we had to become invisible which we did

free access to interdimensional crossing is not normally possible during a persons' mortal lifetime - the dogan tribe in africa still communicate directly with their home-planet sirius but this is a very rare example - abwa techniques are based on understanding the circuit of the simple binary system of black balls and white balls on which all life natural and anti-natural is built - reflective wavefield thought

light waves and their functions are symbolized in various icons - the 5th wave for example is represented by a flower with five petals - each petal represents a quality necessary for psychological perfection - sincerity faith aspiration devotion and surrender are the required qualities - this is how a variety of healing white cells are formed and introduced into earth's sick blood stream - the introduction is always through mind into matter - the popular new age flower and herbal remedies are based on both the spiritual and physical properties combined - respect for divine intelligence is the key ingredient

all blood is holy unto me - blood never sleeps says the queen of heaven and of earth - the black hole which is sucking in the lifeblood of this planet system lies straight ahead - it is the ultimate erection of the collective human negitron useful only during the centrifugal or matter-building stage of our great adventure in space-time

divine love is the positron the only positive exit to this planetary system namely heaven - the alternative exit is to sin and death namely hell - by closing bleeding spiritual circuits with an abwa we can make our emergence from the lower kingdom erect and glad in full appreciation of the gift of consciousness - father-mother god, the one, allows the beast the savage brain to have its fling during the centrifugal phase of development - for civilization is the excretion of the beast as mind is made to flow through man to be turned into matter - mankind has fed on the pablum of mind during his spiritual infancy - then the food gets all used up and the social fabric looses its dynamic tensile strength and becomes fatigued - then it is time for man to eat the strong meat of god

earth is a ship of relations - animal man is a naturally shit-sniffing creature and likewise adept at covering the traces of its own excretion - in spiritual man this animal phrase is passe - spiritual man looks for the best in all good fellows - we can extract the positive baby from the negative bathwater by going back along the golden chain of hermes looking at every relationship we have ever had during our short lifespan in the physical dimension - only then can we continue back down the time tunnel to trace the continuity of human development and to appreciate all the wisdom of our wondrous spirit-man heritage

finding the positron in each block of time-space is like extracting the jewels from the ore of matter energy time and space - be sure to harvest the biggest clearest brightest jewel that you can get from true appreciation of the path over which we have been led

the more you can consciously appreciate Light the wealthier you are across infinity - the mothership carries all lost memories as we quickly discover once the smoke has cleared away and we say thanks for the memory... this is the only thing that you take with you when you leave the lower realms

the people who inhabit the world of natures opposites = ghosts their habits and habitats - this explains how clouds of negative overlay if not dispersed in life continue to circulate after death to affect persons still living in the natural world - these are bleeding circuits which can only be closed when each outstanding item of perceived injustice is resolved - this balancing of the planetary books is called bilan

cancellation of negative overlay involves talking things out with deceased relatives friends enemies pets preferably by writing notes if telepathy is as yet undeveloped and opening the mind to receive replies - it is just as important to close these loose circuits as it is to abwa things out with folks who are still in this dimension

the exercise begins at home in your most intimate heart space - first clean off the smoky mirror by digging the moats and beams out of your immediate orbit - this often means going to the opposite pole of programmed perception - the perfected holograph can then be extended outwards to encompass professional cultural and national error correction

as an example we might make a list of all educational influences and teachers (ie extract christianity from churchianity) in order to remove blocks that prevent our return to the golden age - in Metaphysics this is our #1 lesson, which continues to the ultimate graduation exercise of fusing our personal positron to the great positron of our origin - this is the central sun

highlights sparkle along the arc of our relationships with fellow spiritual beings - the abwa experiment proved that physical proximity and spiritual proximity are not the same thing - rather there is a common band or orbit of magnetic attraction around the central sun - this orbit has nothing to do with age sex culture or any of the other divisionary tools of modern times

direct telepathic communication evolves with work on our abwa techniques - if we fail to complete this exercise in physical life we have to do it afterwards - for all open circuits are like fissionable ends seeking to be closed in positive fusion - this fission to fusion cuts across dimensions - in the final analysis the only person you have to live with forever is yourself

close or distant physical proximity has no effect on our telepathic communication - in fact distance seems to add a greater focusing power as it eliminates the hazard of fleshy familiarity - our capacity for radioactivity can incease accordingly

visual connections on our mental screen often accompany telepathy - to build the starship that would carry earth through the ankh or needles eye back to our homeland of mu - to get back into atlantis takes a lot of cosmic navigating - using the ark-lite star map we studied the course and the isotope line between the magnetic forcefield for almost a decade before making the final leap

making sure to build a platform of credibility to make it easier for the whole of humankind to follow - our scripts provided a sort of yellow brick road between dimensions - a starship is a living thing - a singular living being - in which all is one - our earth starship is one of the oldest living beings in the universe - if you still believe in beginnings and endings

at the end of the universe we had to loop the loop - get the umbilical thread through the needles eye and tie the marriage knot between dimensions - this is how you hit perfect speed on the wheel of karma to complete the life cycle of the electron and from thenceforth remain at perfect speed for evermore

this is how we reformed the golden chain of hermes - it looks like a snake in the universe card of the tarot - the egyptian tarot is the mind tunnel that leads from egyptian theology to the holy scripture of the bible (via the kabbalah) to modern physics

there is a separate wormhole in the universe for every returning e.t. starship - as explained by the wormwood star description or algorithm correctional band of negitrons which protect the positron from any possible contamination by the deadly spice worm virus of the lower realms from entering the mur-ridian of the upper realms

where the universe talks directly to each of its living cells and the living cells regardless of which dimension they are in talk back - for spiritually speaking god and creation is one

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