collider concept endeavor


reflective collision and particle acceleration - identity as a particle in the field of forces - we are living creatures extending our experience into matter - we evolved on other planets - we are born in deep space of cosmic dust and gases - we move back into our permanent bodies of pure light energy when our journey into time and space is complete

relating to the science or process of collecting information about objects that are far away and sending the information somewhere electronically

as a symmetrical system your senses are receiving/sending data constantly - electricity is how this energy is perceived - the human form temple of man is a very elaborate sophisticated device supporting synaptic nano/micro to lethal abilities of producing these voltages - viewing these conscious movements via voltage and data delivered has become more evident as hyper networking has moved and co-ordinated with the global populace having access to this communications phenomena producing thru neural genetic alignment of biology within the physical plane of activity that everyone is working in - conscious frequency generated has telemetry and coordinate to connect and send energy via a tuned resonant transmission point - understanding and connecting with the transmission source and placement in the reality structure personal bandwidth provides results in - all participate in a celestial event of billions generating a multidimensional construct accommodating an infinite production process of vibrational resonance to continue probing the threshold of spontaneous occurrence

nature pre-scribes all of the carbon units with a unique resonance and character to insure full bandwidth in revealing its program for developing planets and inhabitants - lending us mind and words to utilize its system of revealing - to experience understand and interact while carrying on the process

an experiment in holographic reality power sourcing - mirrored mind in reflective collision revealing that which is completely imperceivable providing and producing this phenomena of experience - more understanding of the process increases voltage tolerance allowing full telepresence spectrum bandwidth to source transmission - source and rtrn2src represent the practices and poetic artistic concepts of communications with core activities via the symetric sensory systems inhabiting the domain

collider concept endeavor - an et observation - the psychological parameters of the human mind-fields appear to be primarily a recycle center of energetic interpretive response needed for carbon units to tune to the proper frequency - as a tuning mechanism the reflective collider concept of sonic transmissions from the core are simple comfortable frequencies that can be accessed for optimum health and support to hold a magnetic balance for grounding to source in its simple musical mechanism of transference and conveyance - open receptivity to truth will be the optimum objective revealed by the comfort level the transmissions provide - with abstract beauty and potential available via the musical navigation apparatus just and true intonation was determined the real quest and standard of the planetary telemetric transmissions from the 3rd stone - core collider holographic generation of planetary substance

experience into matter 2020