enhance the truth
yes - the ultimate outcome is good - yes there is no opposition or resistance involved with this empowering education accessible by all

in regards to -- how these organic movements effect the over-all re-alignment of a massive psychic distortion about nature and just how much balance it always provides -- if the simplicity of this has a psychic weight that is still too rapid and would result in open acceleration capable of overwhelming the transitional movements that are occurring --

it all starts wth progressive adoption - since it is not for gain or at the advantage of another most aspects are well within a safe verifiable realm

sensing this type of openness and its regulation as a key in unleashing the psychic dynamics capable of shifting dimensional perception -- the selective hypnotic avoidance to correlate all of the problems and atrocities to media controlling of foundational functions that largely make up the body of communications/power has a position as a revelation mechanism - the ability for an individual to use the media mechanism to xorcise their notion of self power over others thru communications has been reflective on the process to say the least - xperience is the true source of knowledge - all the focus and coverage for a stable base of peaceful activity had been declared - the free-zone reported this and has turned it into reality -- the impact this info power has had on a world wide awareness of just how much sinister xaggeration it takes to influence a reality of perception in the psychic pool of media morphogenetics lead to several years of disclosure which continues to add depth to most every aspect of media transfer that occurs

- think of its effect

what part is the telephone .... why .... most of what is occurring is in the form of tele-phone-vision connection - note the line between tele-vision and tele-phone no longer xists the unification of a full telepresence has created its effect - sound + vision progresses to full telepresence via remote electronics

open communication is full broadcast power to anyone that can creatively use it

de-regulated from licensed control of the devices and resources that allow it to occur within these dimensional parameters of residency

the organic relationship with nature as the guidance and reverence/reference system providing the desire to discipline suggests barriers can be reduced drastically with the awareness that most seem to be positioned to communicate the truth of their situation even if its a lie ..... from a media point of view comprehensive studies reveal the info growth of the topical spectrum is near indescribable while at the same time easily verified with logs of a brief fifty year hyper-dimensional study of creativity that via telegentics has revealed time circuits capable of sustaining atmospheres with magnetic field effect resonant unified thought transmission highly resourceful for coe-operational achievement in relation to integrative natural adoption and practice of a clear channel communication that everyone understands - loves to xperience + most are in total awe of the natural higher creative reflections it provides

due to electricity's current manifestation - consciousness - is remote non local to an actual relativity that reveals - with no survival loop interjected in the power and communication apparatus most psychic speculations would have no basis - simple open communications would solve all imbalance with the truth that limited survival lifestyle due to regulation of natural resources has reached the point of obvious visibility - these things are relative and simple and they are the solution - psychic-ally weaning from the mechanism used to create this survival loop $$$$ is occurring - it is peace - anyone can achieve peace in understanding that all institution and communication via licensed controlled survival circuits are tools to reveal this balance of elementals ... consider there are quite a few life forms all drawing power - sustenance from this system as they produce for it ... getting the creative sektors of the psyche to a fully integrated communication xchange on the glorious achievement this is - how each and everyone is involved while having a truly unique signature to differentiate code - be creative - patterned progression of the neu-tron bio sync-lok

there are many forms of communication - neu ones with alternatives that have always xisted - harmony frequencies most tune into while sweeping the spectrum of telegenetic broadcasts capable of opening time tunnels for enhanced viewing - this has nothing to do with any government religion license or law it is the persona sensory organic translation overlay in synchrony with eternal universal rhythms

being in unity - we are - otherwise its speculating that the whole of our parameter is more or less than this organic guidance system has created = a re-mark-able working model that is open to individual interaction

the logic of peaceful perception via acceptance of response-able focused interaction has proposed a next step as well as the next view of where all this x-tended sensory communication has transported these vibrations to

knowing how much openness there is to enhance just about anything - asks - why not start with your most available resource - the truth

the process is fully detailed available on-line encoded in the media spanning the networked domain arkitectures -- its design is self sufficient - as far as accessibility - a capability for any individual to be well on the way to understanding and adopting whatever level of sovereignty desired - simple honest verifiable truth

its all in your mind - are you at peace - honest

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