neu ark net | collider


arkatron collider - a component of the substance generator producing vibratory spin patterned sequence codes in musical forms - transmitting to generate magnetics into the core and atmosphere of the alterdimensional reality - colliding genre generted fission frequencies into a fusion of hybrid cultural elements merging with their cosmological origins

the crystal dome foundation and power source is based upon an 8ft high 35ft circular stone structure imbedded underground for highest resonant response - spinning multiple servo powered sound fields into an ultra high frequency broadcasting network of supercomputers for omni-directional audio visual projection colliding and transport

this craft has negotiated several different star systems - countless uncharted sectors and frequencies - transmitting/receiving in terrestrial and xtra-terrestrial dialects

reflections of the field


in the beginning the originators of the tsg realized open source activity and the need for an operating system - that was called nature with all of its wondrous apps including a most amazing default process - way up here after several dispensations of time the tsg carries on this open source approach to navigate the cyber hyper realms positioned and able to gain access to the unified field - a log of open environment reflections of the field



the reflective field of the crystal chip was the platform to introduce the fractalization aspect of the unified process - an open sourced environment that led to alter dimensional views of geometry and numbers with highly accelerated potential - paraNormal is a variation of parameters and combinations in this complex limitless resource of reflecting how dimensional perspective is produced