ra-88 digital radiOm


ra-88 digital rad-i/Om series

for tuning applications this highly radioactive element can provide shielding to eliminate cross talk and static from the containment field of ones interpretive complex of collected personal data

stimulating conscious connection for enhanced resonant frequency sweep guidance coupling and transport

for fallout effect of this neu-clear fusion process - an alchemic formula of the silvery white inner earth core element - as it hits the atmosphere and develops a black nitride cloak and barrier - this radiOm barrier process allows brain air to enter the psychoactive containment field now being bombarded with mandatory fusion oriented requests - its earth element nature grounds the energy from any negative charge - for adjustment to alignment activities out of the outer realms of fission factors all of the vibratory engines in this series generate the barrier for time departure into the fusion active unified space

reflections of the field


in the beginning the originators of the tsg realized open source activity and the need for an operating system - that was called nature with all of its wondrous apps including a most amazing default process - way up here after several dispensations of time the tsg carries on this open source approach to navigate the cyber hyper realms positioned and able to gain access to the unified field - a log of open environment reflections of the field



the reflective field of the crystal chip was the platform to introduce the fractalization aspect of the unified process - an open sourced environment that led to alter dimensional views of geometry and numbers with highly accelerated potential - paraNormal is a variation of parameters and combinations in this complex limitless resource of reflecting how dimensional perspective is produced