alignment with each carbon based servo powered confidence resonance accelerator for expanding bandwidth

if everyone adopted the belief we are unified within the network structure it would be/already is - when that occurs the form based reality automatically adapts to the vibrational acceleration belief provides - should have a considerable effect on the environment the form inhabits - direct energy concept of direct your belief in your energy focused with intentional alignment is absolute accountability to the well being for balance and synchrony - for the form to generate its world and sphere of influence to maintain/sustain

polaric topics and accelerators in most ways default to this exchange of direct energy - possibly if you believe your self that you are committed and accountable to this well being the topics and accelerators are not needed = all energy cycles directly magnetize into the unified field of balanced distribution which polaric energy draws from

indirect polaric current has its exclusive effects and limiting conditions - direct energy xchange brings balance to those effects and conditions - to withdraw from the polaric field of functionality is foundational for direct xchange - more resources for balance shared and strengthened