theory of herbivores and timelessness

if one looks through the superficial overlay of history to see the timeless sacred continuity of consciousness, one can see the common threads knit thru all transcendent visionary wisdom...

benjamin franklin - albert einstein - buddha - leonardo da vinci - plato - socrates - dalai lama - isaac newton - pythagoras - mahatma gandhi

to become vegetarian is to step into the stream which leads to nirvana - buddha

one is dearest to god who has no enemies among the living beings - who is nonviolent to all creatures - bhagavad gita

many many people wholeheartedly dedicated to making other people do things they didn't want to do... an entire system based around dominion and power over others - are we not men - are we men or mice

natural logic works - man was given a good supply of force - yang-ego drive - the lengths to which thought-energy-generation could be increased to satiate its curiosity were impressive - light began trickling from streams and rivers to climax in a cascading niagara falls effect - mice in cages peddling - being fed like-dislike droplets - little wheels constantly churning - planning on how to over-ride or kill meeker specimens - like like - me a better mouse than thou sensation - cunning metaphoric mice use the lie of democracy and peace to justify the constant production of death weaponry - yet these bear the vampire icon - vlad the impaler - i am death in modern disguise.... the fourth horseman phenomena

nature had no complaints - her concern was to keep her kingdom supplied with the power needed for its maximum technical expansion - to till the ground for future generations - we are the chosen generation - certain key finger signs hold great gnostic interlink significance at this time in relation to the egyptian heirophant and the modern christos - they are great for silent identification purposes at rally sites in cyberspace on tv or in print

deity - seven planes of wisdom beyond nature - having made nature's domain self-governing could intercede for His spiritual children, only when they were smart enough to reject the drag of carnal domination - this - by learning how to use their extra-sensory powers of extended galactic perception we can see how time returns to light

as natural instinct is controlled step by step - so the spiritual self comes more and more into its own glorious ascension - the more one evolves the more one realises how much more there is to be evolved - across the magnetic fields of infinity - the more one evolves the more one appreciates the innate riches and beauty of universal law - it is worthy of our innermost and undivided attention

the strict discipline of discipleship involved in developing the inner power is mild compared to the strong meat in the neophyte's universal law examination - it is based on the golden rule or perfect star seed it decrees that those who give back more than they receive open the heart valves for receiving more - that is good natural economics - casting our bread upon the waters of life automatically opens return circuits - herein the glory of natural logic being consumed back into divine law - it is romantic beyond all lesser romances - true lovers united - mind awash with the crystal realization which exceeds all anticipation - a unique tailor made and marvellously equipped crystal scull with a full telepathic mega tronic system built in to each individual wavelength

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