the great day is come - the supreme experience for both god and man - this space is just a vague sketch in the revelation storyboard to allow for a crowning achievement by civilized man - let us join together to create a fit celebration for god on earth to open a millennium of progressive euphoria - it all comes together in one vast miracle which embraces the desires of every living creature to be in total harmony with the original intent - all other concepts of celebration pale beside this event yet all can fit in to the neu earth storyboard of how we exited the cave and entered into millennium

a single solution - available to all

the curse is ended - star gate 12.12 is open - great pearly spheres of magnificent translucent cultural diversity are flung out from around our ladys waist like a flaring skirt of helium balloons - gaia twirls with ecstasy in the dervish dance of galaxias embrace - come celebrate millennium

roll back the scroll of mortal misperception - the gap between worlds is closing closing - 12.12 seals the gap between +1 + -1 as the snake bites its own tail and it all comes together in one brilliant tachyon flash of light - so much for gravity - we have reached our fixed point of reference - i am zooommmming back to infinity

at 12.12 all vertical pillars line up to become one great central shaft both telescopic and microscopic - step into the observatory onto the elevator platform and away we go - up the spiral staircase to the throne room - this fixed universal reference point is the centre of the universe - this is paradise regained in the eternal state of undivided mind

honesty is the fulcrum of the changeover - 2 + 2 = 4 not when there is anything more to add - but when there is nothing more to take away

truth is the only way to overtake the curse of the babylonian woe of greed and deception that has been visited upon earths common people across the ages - moneymongers have consumed the wealth and abundance of this planet with cunning psychological trickery and imaginary bits of paper - zenith will guarantee that the money-curse will never strike this earth again

the earth is the lords and the fullness thereof - from henceforth the crown has the sole right to print and mint money - all other currency is invalid - a professional god authorized the storyboard production -1 and proclaimed it to be good before pressing the a-z-tec button - the project took off with a big bang once the a-ztec cosmology of the creative intent was complete - the circuit from fixed reference point a to fixed reference point z = +1 + -1 =0

although the big bang sent billions of pieces flying through the air like ping pong balls ejected into a centrifugal orbit each bit was marked each had a circuit - each microchip of singular divine mind had a homing device a magnetic umbilical cord to lead it from the patriarchal explosion to the matriarchal implosion - this is the one move from fission to fusion - for i am ra the fiery core of every atom - atoum in the egyptian - the central sun - the lord of light

the cosmic harvester is like a giant magnetic vacuum being passed over the fields of planet earth to gather in the harvest - it classifies each flower by the fragrance of its open blossom or lotus pearl - oh how sweet it is to be harvested

all cultural streams are living organisms - all living organisms have a vote in our theocratic democracy - all life comes from the one - all life returns to the one - for the unified field of life is a single figment of divine imagination

we are magnetized back to the fixed reference point upon the completion of our evolutionary journey into matter energy space and time - we welcome enquiries for each person on earth is destined to become an agent of change

mans coming of age leads into a new heart to heart relationship with god - the force of displacement is the weak magnetic force the force of entropy - the strong magnetic force is the force of stability - it intensifies to equilibrium in growing magnitude to become the unifying force of cosmic quantum upon the completion of the life-cycle of the electron - consciousness

the children of light pass through the ankh into the age of reason - it is a realm of pure delight - god individualized and packaged in multiple forms both animate and inanimate

the final qualifying mesh to pass through the 7th initiation is like a lake of burning fire which consumes all carbon based impurities - moats beams etc - then mu expands like a blown-up balloon - upwards outwards yet inwards at the same time - in an ever growing complexity of intelligence as the harvest web ripens

the path is guarded by the brotherhoods black and white with the crook and the flail - this means that the selfish are in darkness while the selfless see in brilliant light - it all implodes in synchrony in a quantum wave function a qwiff-pop in metaphysics

hasnt that last 26,000 years of evolution been a riot - isnt quantum consciousness grand - what will the cosmic lovers think up next - reflect on the wealth of experience we have gathered as we pass through heavens gate out of the lower regions back to magical world of undivided mind

the entry price into heavens gate is a single pearl - to get from a - y is comparatively easy - to get from y - z to complete the a-ztec cosmology band is more tricky - one has to go right back to a day one of earth memory and replay the tape in reverse - for except ye become as a little child ye may not see the kingdom of heaven - now each adult can peel off the snakeskin - the negative backing or mould in which the crystal pearl is formed - no longer can the princes of babylon clamour for my pocket book and my mind space by promoting a false sense of self-esteem - the merchants of babylon owe an awful lot of back taxes to the tree - for it is written power drawn from the tree of life at any of its points must be replaced by the surrender of something of equal value to that which is received

the one lets the cave man go to the end of his carnal thought to gain some sense of self worth - more for me and less for you is an obsolete thought of imperialistic babylon - decades of political of deliberation end in deadlock - we are ready for the total solution

the mills of the gods may grind slowly but their milling is meticulous - they come for the harvest festival - the planetary cream of wheat - this season of fruitfulness has been 26,000 years in the making - by their fruit shall ye know them

ego the father of carnal appetite - the sacred bull in the egyptian - is satiated and exhausted having completed its run - so lets perk up our pixels into our erect and glad transformation formation

turn around brighteyes - look backward to see forward and you are through the mirror - the exit to the lower regions is in the future-past - you can take nothing with you across this heavenly arch - you can only send your treasures on ahead - for we came naked into this world and naked we leave it

at 12.12 ancient calendars converge - the mayans have a written history that goes back 12,000 years - modern satellite photos reveal trade routes and a coastline of the world before the great flood which inundated the continent of atlantis - the inca and aztec can take history back 38,000 years - back to the days before mankind was punch-coded into the illusion of genesis 1 effect and put into a time warp

time is light - when the mothership landed in september 1973 - we passed through the time corridor back into mu where we were then transported into the future about 10-20 years ahead of everyone elses time - because time is light - the light intensity involved thrusts one ahead in time

a round spiral staircase leads to the mothership control tower - the reflections in the mirror duplicate that spiral - this was totally mindblowing to the mortal intellect but so much the better - passover is easier that way

are you waiting for god or is god waiting for you - the aboriginal people know the great spirit which underlies all life and all matter - time is what it takes for the child to come to know the father

psychotronic warfare rages in the world below the abyss - we who have crossed the great divide are the messianic host busy building heaven on earth - we are tearing down the social barriers which hold the mass-mind in bondage to the titans - this is the finale of the great battle of armageddon of the titans vs the gods

just as the air is the atmosphere of the body - so time is the atmosphere of the mind - who owns your time owns your mind - own your own time and you will know your own mind