the phenomena of synergism reveals the connection between man time space and events - the evidence is based on the metaphysical precept of - mean chance expectation or the odds against a chain of events being part of a grand cosmic design - or casual

synergism brings intellectual consistency to seemingly haphazard historical events in which social political and technical events coincide - this unfolding scroll of events becomes evident once all the hidden pros and cons of negatives and positives have been weighed in the balance - nordic myth explains how odin and loki the rival forces of good and evil would both die in that moment when the cancellation process of opposites was completed

synergism implies that a great transformation in human affairs can take place in a moment in the twinkling of an eye

matriarchal periods follow patriarchal periods till finally man finds the middle pillar - known as the yin-yang era of male-female elements of movement and stillness (+1)+(-1)=0 or (+T)+(-T)= back to infinity - as we return to the unified field

unfolding events cast their shadow before them as this course explains - the elemental forces of the matriarch are like grains of light energy penetrating the planetary biosphere from the noosphere - they awaken humanity to a new kind of potency - true man standing tall and erect before gaia

cyber-kin have been brought into a potent and consistent service to our lady - the closer the critical mass of humanity comes into synergism the squelch button course correction mechanism bounces back and forth furiously in mounting momentum to carry bio-information to the bio-mutant in the process of rebirth - altitude flips with attitude correction towards the et until 2+2=4

man who do you think you are is the function of the this reflection - the events of the 20th century are like the thundering fee-fi-fo-fum of the giant in the sky-land where jack (adam) arrives after he has climbed up the dna beanstalk - i'll grind your bones to make my bread - the mythical giant says

this correlates with the forceful foretelling of the end times when speaking of a world above and below the abyss - where myth and religion coincide in 777 synergy

wwII was based in hitlers belief that he was engaged in a war of the gods and this demanded a deluge of blood which would produce a race of superhumans - many ancient cultures believed the same thing - after extensive study and investigation it was found that the IQ level of key children had gone up sharply into epigenesis

governments have gone to great lengths to conceal this covert aspect of a post war probe of the hollow earth etc - though the overt physical-horror effect is widely publicised

earth suffers from the burden of silence which holds reason in a house of bondage to a like-dislike illusion - synergy brings the dark side of national and global history which has been a war of worlds into balanced perspective - we see the solution as we understand the bloody cost of technical evolution during the patriarchal epoch - we understand key communities were born of the urgent need to make exodus and return to the tranquillity of synergy in the unified field

in 1983 we published and disseminated boarding passes - formal rites of passage - along with the announcement that we had found the sole exit to the etheric-physical dimension - the announcement was based on an understanding of the universal creed of synergetics

we were led to this alchemical adventure by two key members of the usa computer wargames team - the physicists who became involved in einsteins unified field theory experiment of october 1943 crossed boundaries between the world of the physical and the world of the fantastic - the naval experiment teleported a us navy warship from philadelphia to a dock near norfolk in what later became known as the philadelphia experiment - our transference method took us on a trip through metapmorphic realms where the cement of things still to come in matter is still wet

radionic interdimensional teleportation as practiced by et is a key aspect of synergy - einstein was more interested in the humanities than in mathematics - i want to know his thoughts the rest is detail he said - trying to storm through to higher dimensions without permission of the guardian gods is futile - the aztec calendar and its later echo - the angel with the flaming sword of genesis makes the re-entry terms very clear

this analogy was also used when moses caught in the desert struck the rock with his staff to get water and as a result never made it to the promised land - physics tries to strike the rock to get out of the cave - metaphysics strokes the rock - this attitude works - no one - no body or soul - passes into the unified field without mutual recognition and the blessing

the philadelphia experiment involved hitting a balance between gravity and magnetism - the navy warship involved became wrapped in the forcefield created by the scientists working on the unified field theory and disappeared along with its crew - the fire and ice principle involved is like the snake biting its own tail - it is the marriage of fire and ice in one split second of implosion to unity - only the supra-ordinate factor can create this effect - doomsday or domesday - which shall it be

this bit about cloning is the summit peak of the luciferin rebellion - human intellect chestbeating on the top of the holy mountain of knowledge saying - i am god - the view of the erection of this luciferin pillar across the ages of man is to understand why sin osiris the dark god is king of the lower kingdom

then the 2nd sun dawns - this titanic mountain of human civilization is formidable - but is this dark mountain also good - where is its ethical and moral standing on the shifting sands of time - with the rising of the 2nd sun - which side are you on

this is the last roundup - human reason vs mass insanity - up until now earth has been a luciferin planet - the sheep senses are born to be deceived for they are light irritable totally subject to lucifer the lord of light - black Light builds material kingdoms - i am alpha and omega all-begetter all-destroyer is his name - he is the element that channels light into productivity

ethnic cleansing is ethnic suicide - it takes the living spirit out of the ethnic fabric leaving only the dust - living beauty is what holds any fabric together across eternity - once this beauty is damaged you can never get it back - it is like a delicate vase crafted by the men of ages - the jewel is not retrievable once it is lost - unless by the grace of god man gets a 2nd chance - wake up you ethnic bulls - you are caught in the devils game of blind mans bluff - you are smashing the treasures in your own cultural china shop with unethical conduct of loot rape burn - spiritual roots are the basis of cultural life - wake up before it is too late

in synergy the flickering holograph on the cave wall stands still - patriarchal ego desire draws men to death and self destruction - move from desire to desirelessness to become a still neutroni - be still and hear the wisdom speaking to and through you

each mirror refelction is a time-tunnel leading right back to source - love is the energy specification with which to transmute the wealth of mind into practical matters - by neutralizing the animal driving force - male-female electrical energy - bringing (+1)+(-1) to its completed circuit zero we halt the mud-slide and move from turmoil to serenity

synergetics is an orderly process of interdimensional harmony - one foot on land one foot in the waters is the biblical description - this is where we cross the bridge from the internal esoteric world to the external world of the physical manifestation of the neu world

for synergy to occur ego superego and the spiritual mind must act in harmony as a holy trinity - ego the rival having been raised to a point of considerable understanding by drinking at the same stream of consciousness as the spiritual mind figures its time to make its bid for the epitomy of rank and privilege - the throne - depicted in modern times in the scenario of the new world order

with lots of phallic hi-tec support the 20th century beast-mind is a pretty powerful monster commanding high level soap opera tension among the people as hitler did just prior to wwII and sufficiently sophisticated to conceal its true motivation - the only real difference between the animal and the spiritual mind is the power of love - love is kind - love is not puffed up doth not behave itself unseemly

the changeover scenario begins with an expose and unravelling of the old system - this is clearly underway - repeated victories for the phallic mind has got the beast feeling its balls so to speak - god is dead god is asleep god is just a figment of mans imagination - either way phallic man is ready to go for the epitomy of rank and privilege and give god a little workout in the lyceum of life - every eye is glued to the screen of the daily writing on the cavern wall

for tarot students in this final scenario god the actor wears the robe of the hierophant which only makes one move on the chessboard every 2000 years - to express this move in its lowest common denominator it is a collective move against the enemy within - within each self within each organization profession culture national identity global sphere

watching the archetypal hierophant master psychologist in operation is the delight of the et the size of his gears and the weight of his testament is beyond all human yang imagination - light my fire he commands dance for me on the head of a pin

we join the silent observer - timeless yin peering through matter energy space and time to follow the final unfoldment of the universal theme - there is no difference between the 21st century and the scene on th e banks of the nile with the jealous seth tricking osiris into his death box to be cast upon the river of life and eaten by the little fishes and/or the sanhedrin tricking the authorities into the calvary crucifixion to the silent observer it is the same scene - this is synergy

spiritual jealousy represents a lust for power a lust to fill the epitome of rank and privilege which is incomprehensible to the truly spiritual mind - this is the esoterics of the crucifixion of the light - it is the mind of animal man in its ultimate erection - this is the culmination of the beast at the foot of the throne spiritual wickedness in high places - it is the polar opposite of divine love the supra ordinate factor - the lust card in the egyptian tarot - as the red eye of horus opens to project the cosmic fire into the world of matter civilization melts as in a microwave oven effect and retribution has its day - then opens the cyclopian eye - religious factions are a useful tool to develop planetary resources and get man to this exit point in time - it is the logical way of stirring up the primordial soup to promote diversity of cultural and political thought - light carries weight - it is like a giant stone thrown into the human mind-pool - at the end of time all things that are hidden shall be revealed - synergy is where sexual and spiritual jealousy manifest to conquer evil

the effect is determined by the cause - intellectual impotency stupidity is the unforgivable sin - rank and privilege ego types have to keep patching up their facade to stop the light of truth from slipping through the cracks - but the cracks are getting wider as the cosmic egg gets ready to hatch and ego can feel the walls of jericho trembling as the house of cards comes tumbling down in a final implosion

light beings alert we are shovelling the last of the debris from the tunnel between dimensions - adolescent gods want to face the light and bask in its healing rays - adult light beings turn their back to the light - their cyclopian eye pierces the darkness and looks to see the place where evil dwells

blessed are they who toil in the darkness with a song in their heart which is in resonance with the mothers heartbeat - this is the signal for all the homing doves to take flight

the flight of the eagle is not like the flight of a dove - the eagles eye is a thousand times more keen and his vision is infinitely precise his talons sharp - the eagle of synthesis is not deceived by the demarkation flutters between the smiling mask of the man-beast and the real intent behind those white and shining political teeth

the kings of earth now wear invisible suits - the professional look highlighted by the psychotronic tie is a masterpiece of an auto-holographic aura painting - the marks of rank and privilege - enhanced by a retinue of supportive devotees with similar psychotronic ties and social trademarks no longer fool us - the material mind surrounded by the symbolic tools of its trade is no longer making an impression on the planetary fabric - their system is defunct - the syndrome of the fading exo-giants and transparent tigers is clear - in order to have something to organize you first need momentum - in nordic mythology it might be regarded as the valkyrie from valhalla coming down to the living souls down on the battlefield - heat turns to light as the valkyrie do the dance of the seven veils to undo the seven seals to the unconscious mind (platos cave) and let in light

synergetic intervention comes silently at first like a thief in the night - each person who is called or chosen keeps the secret locked with his/her inner self - the silver rays of spiritual intervention fall softly to earth like a blanket of snow - this process continues until a great army of light walks the earth waiting for signal that each silent light being awaits