pivot point

all magical (metaphysical) work involves the uniting of the microcosm with the macrocosm - 666 involves an implosion through the mirror into 999 where evil reads live

the human race is engaged in a war of worlds - arrogance causes failure to recognise the initiator - force - the primal energy of the sub-specie before super terrestrial intelligence takes over

we can analyze the game by using an a, b, c, d, 4-point reference system - it is easily done on any home computer

(a) science - (b) religion - (c) psychology - (d) philosophy

the force of anti-nature upon source - the virgin natural world

(a) the spin factor of these two forces is in opposite directions - centrifugal and centripetal - (b) all religions include guidance from extra terrestrial intelligence in their creation myths - the astrological knowledge contained in religious architecture (male church spires and female domes) can now be matched to modern scientific knowledge in a binary 1 + 0 system

(c) reflects the maturation of the specie once the great industrial psychologist of force completes its agenda

(d) only the myth is real as we come to realize at the end of a philosophical extravaganza which (b) calls the wormwood band - we must rescue science from scepticism - what (c) calls the spiceworm - or hells own worm (a) might think in terms of photon light particles born as the result of a collision between an anti-electron (positron) and an electron - this split second collision causes the two particles to destroy one another (odin-loki in (d)) - the resulting mass of this collision is completely converted into energy that registers as photons or light particles - this brings man into the photon energy age (a) or the second coming of the light for (b)

(c) can show how subhuman man has been psychologically manipulated by non human entities by his biological drives - primarily his sex drive as accurately predicted in the hieroglyps of ancient egypt (b) calls this sky-earth type of procreation the sons of god coming down to the daughters of man (a) might note statues of the fat goddess of history who depict this in stone

(d) philosophical drives compete with biological drives in the maturating human (b) calls this to he that overcometh the crown of life shall be - but only philosophy can tie all the loose ends together without cultural bias - all philosophers who have prepared themselves are about to win their philosophers stone as the force condenses the whole underside of human history into a nutshell and we finally get to see what (d) calls the underbelly of the beast

the global establishment is the last to find out about the planetary takeover due to the superior strategy and tactics of the invading army - et - the elohim took over maturating humans who were ready to eat of the strong meat of god - the terms were stated by (b) st paul

(d) believes that all philosophical myths (virgin birth - moses in the bulrushes - the golden calf - physical ascension of the body) contain an essence of truth about events in the garden of eden which forbade man to partake of the fruit of evolution - it seems we either die or become as one of us

(d) provides a spotlight on (c) when viewed from the (-T) retro time perspective - idyllic happiness at work and at play is a healthy state of being - all stress is caused by the function of the force and the bloody trail of biological disaster (abomination and desolation in its wake says (c)

(a) in biology this pressure is known as the red queen hypothesis - as explained by (a-c) in alice through the looking glass - it explains we have to burrow deep beneath the trivial surface world to find the covert explanation - back into (-T) or retro time

the lower kingdom attitude is - these ufo-believing types are crazy - if we pretend ufo's are not there perhaps they will go away - and/or what capital gain can we derive - the result of this cowardly tactic - is the takeover of large segments of the human population - these spread sheets are strung out over internet - countless files on the a-b-c-d aspects of this subject

the overt ww2 story has been replayed thousands of times - but no one ever speaks of the covert ww2 story - and the most recent overt outcome - cloning

(c) in psychology - the force is the natural male human drive to be top dog - and king of the harem as is reflected in sharp cars and shaving lotions and natural science videos - the natural female response is surrender to the top dog element as in primitive times this would be the best provider for her young

(c) the top dog element is necessary for developing prime sperm to reach the natural summit of the specie - but top dog is not bright enough to see the circus master - caretaker - the great industrial psychologist - manipulating civilization with international dog races born of great penis images shooting off - like rockets rising from the biosphere into the void of the noosphere - each of these big cocks have a tattoo on them indicating which stable this top dog comes from - young pups in the inner cities do the same thing

(b)(c) the gods seem to think dog races are the best surface sport - and are a great way of ensuring the death of the planet when the dogs run out of elbow room and like cows and other lesser animals anti nature resorts to keeping one bull for artificial insemination

this is where the top dog emerges triumphant as a role model in a test tube - and the force has no need for natural men and women any more - expert scientific cloning could produce a slave population of low consumption and high productivity with none of this absurdity about free will and human equality

(d) many have seen this system being used in the star ships (d) et states that its lost its natural reproductive capacity - and must go out to conquer other planets

(a) (b) (c) even the herbs of the field (tobacco coca leaves etc) have become enemies rising up to conquer psychological man especially those in the inner cities of the first world nations - the economic social and medical stress impact of this aspect of the anti nature war is incalculable

the pivot point is where we make the flip from 666 evil to 999 live

turning light into weight into speed is the name of the game - weight comes from eating the strong meat of god - light is transmuted to weight not by the knowledge of the paradigm of good but by the knowledge of the paradigm of evil - at 666 the pivot point we get a handle on evil - then we pull back the joystick and our victory roll is where we loop the loop and pass back through the ankh

learning the a, b, c, d's of max II will be fun for all - at 666 the pivot turns - the wheel of karma is balanced - our work is done - stop time